Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Wow another year has gone by so quickly. It's so damn crazy! Tonight I'm having dinner with my Aunties, Grandma, & my mom. Baby is coming to dinner to meet them for the first time. He hasn't even met my mom yet. 2 months seems fine to meet my family =) Last night was the Meccamee Christmas party and it was pretty fun. I gave boyfriend his present and he likes it I hope. He likes his hype beast presents. Haha =) But yeah, it feels so good to give. Finally have money for myself, and to take care of my loved ones. I'm just taking advantage of the hours I'm getting since Tia & Jen are gone. Cuz I know when they get back, not as many hours for meeee. So 2nd job is going to come to the rescue. Ahhh anyways!

Christmas isn't as exciting this year. Midnight mass tonight @ my church with Mike & Jenise. Then Merry Christmas with my roommate and best friend from Cali. I'm thankful I'm not completely alone, but yeah. I just want to do the whole family tradition thang with the nice dinner, Christmas Vacation movie we always watch, open up presents at MIDNIGHT, ya know?!I'm going to miss that this year. Usually i'd be in Cali with the Flemmings. Ahhh it's ok there's always next year. Well I'm going to get back to Grey's Anatomy. Yassss!

Merry Christmas everyone =)

UPDATE! Christmas DAY!

Baby bought me an iPod touch! yay =) my dancer lookin ass finally has one. But umm, I'm at boyfriends, in his room, fiddling with my iPod. Hmph. Ok I don't know what I'm doing tonight but it's either I go to movies with baby or movies with my mom and family. I don't knowwwww!! Yadada! I love you Emmanuel Mones Barba Jr! Haha. You're gross =) Umm that is all.


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