Friday, December 12, 2008


after jens birthday dinner (12/10/01)everyone went out to tryst nightclub while nicole and lexx were too young to attend the after funtion so lexx asked nicole "hey what are you gonna do" nicole replied"i dont know i guess just go home" then lexx said" i want to come but im scared of your parents" then nicole said "dont be....were going to my house done!!!! " so the whole time nicole was wondering ride situations because she went with ej, jane, and ellis and knows lexx doesnt haave a car...and come to find out lexx had jens car because jen was gonna crash at lexx's after so they jumped around like retards all the way to the futchin they leave and drive to nicole's house listening to neyo..lexx wasnt used to the sensative brakes so the whole way home they were frailing!!!(jerk..jerk....slam your head into the dashboard lol)..(IM OVER THE 3rd PERSON..[nicole p.o.v]) then we were dancing hardcore in the care LIKE ITS OUR we arrive at my house and we go in my room....then she was looking at my pictures and decides to ask about past relationships then we were just reminicing and being totally emo..i was telling her stories of my AMAZING ex and how cute he WAS and how sweet and thoughtful he WAS!!then she was talking about her boo thing and how sweet and amazing he IS!! we were just in aww at the stories and stuff....totally emo right...lexx kept saying "aww you guys were cute im gonna cry" BAHAHAHAHA shes so she calls her love and talks to him and misses him after just seeing him( then suzie (my best friend) rolls up and tells me that shes already officially married....WHAT THE then i was so emo wen i got back in the room to lexx being a retard we were like futch it lets watch funny stuff on you we watched charity fall off the NEXT bus...then we watch scarlet take a tumble (remix style) then we were watching how much lexx matured from her dancing and is amazing..even though shes always been we were basically emo then after we couldnt stop laughing ALL NIGHT...and when i say we couldnt stop laughing i mean we couldnt breathe status(NEVER A DULL MOMENT WHEN WE'RE TOGETHER)...then at 2:37am lexx gets a call to get jen&leaves to get jen from tryst :(



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