Friday, December 5, 2008


So today, was a lovely yet sick day. I had my interview at Pea in the Pod with Nikki, the lady I met yesterday with Jen. I believe I got the job =) It sounds gooood! I'm so excited. Finally! Ughhh success. Thanx to Jayce though, with his guidance in my life! I wouldn't be getting things together if it weren't for him. Um, I had my interview, and she wasn't even writing any of my answers down, haha she was just all "These questions are so stupid.." haha and we were just talking about how she used to teach back in the day. But she asked about my availability and all that yada yada and asked how many hours I prefer. I don't care! Anything would satisfy me!

Um I did that dance promo with my Uncle today. Learned his choreography and he had to record it for his video. =) It was fun. Got paid. Yadada.

Today at practice, we worked on facials. I suck, but when I get on stage, HUGE DIFFERENCE. Thank yoou. Haha. We had to have partners, and show emotion to our partners, mine was of course Ej, and I couldn't look at him. Haha I just couldn't. Shiiit. But heeey I LOVE MECCAMEE. We doing Battlefest 360 in February in San Jose. I'm super excited, but we have nothing yet and it's like months away! Haha! FACCCK Mk.

Tomorrow or today I should say, is our tech at Del Sol HS @ 2:00. Do work FAM!


  1. So... If we get to work together.. Wait, excuse me, WHEN we get to work together... Will you dance with me in the fitting rooms?! (: teeheeee! I LOVE YOU LEXX!!!!!!

  2. i still hate your text color. -_- lol love yah!