Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Form LV

So tonight is Form LV's debut performance @ Studio 702. I can't wait to see what the boys came up with for Prelude which is this weekend in SoCal. I'm proud of them and I heard nothing but good things about this set. Way to rep Vegas boys.

Practice is from 10-12pm tonight. So I will update when I get home =) Have a nice day everyone!

UPDATE @ 3:11am!

So, I'm just sitting here, can't sleeep, watching Grey's Anatomy. We did our set 2 at a time, and Ej and I went first. Haha =) Smashed him. Haha jk! I thought we looked good dancing together =) It's like a friendly competition. There wasn't much to be critiqued about though with us! Like little things like too early on this lift your arm higher on that, and that was it. Hmph. Yay teammm!

Grey's anatomy is so damn emotional. Holy shizaaaaa. I'm sitting here crying a storm. HAHA!

Interview tomorrow @ Pea in the Pod, and helping Jen tomorrow morning with her dance for Rascals cuz she has to submit it Friday =) I also gotta call Pac Sun, cuz they called me back too. Yay for interviews! =)

I LOVE MY BEST FRIEND. Not enough words. Wthh. Daffi! I don't know what to say, but fuckkk! Even though we don't spend a lot of time together, I think about you all the time! And hope everything is ok! You're my futchin momma/sister! Momma Daff! HAHA. I love yooou and I'm so thankful for you to be in my life. As my ride to die sister. SideKickInCrime. BFFFFFF. Beautiful lady. AHH. Ok enough, I love you ya bettchhhh!

Goodnight World! GOTTA WAKE UP EARLYYY facks

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