Sunday, December 14, 2008

*Groove w/ Lexx & Erika

Class was fun, not many people but still fun. Haha seeing all the boys worzeee it out =) Yay boys! My baby ripped. So proud of him. My gay boy. I can't wait to get the vids up so you can see my boyfriend dance my style =) Haha but we taught to Goapele-Love Me Right. We made it up in less than an hour, and taught that in less than an hour. HAHA we had so much time left. Geezez.

Ummm let's see what is there to blog about. Oh my lanta, CRANIUM last night! Hahaha was toooo mahtz! First we made up drinking rules.

Rule #1: Whenever Jayce says "Straight from the Bay" we had to all yell bay and whoever said bay last takes a shot.

Rule #2: No cussing! 1 shot.

Rule #3: Whenever Erika put her finger on her nose, last person has to take a shot.

So we had these rules while playing Cranium. We had 3 teams, Erika & Jayce, Justine & Jenise, && Mike & I. Haha. Mike and I were on a damn roll HAHA. When we did Enegizer Bunny, I didn't know we can futchin talk! HAHA. We just had so many moments that were hella funny. Like all of us would have our finger on our nose, and we would be lookin at Jayce and he still wouldn't notice hahaha. THen I couldn't draw a watermelon with my eyes closed. haha Jenise has a video of that one. But ahhh it was a nice night. My ideal night of not going anywhere and just chillen playing games and what not haha. =) Good good good good good night!

I guess we are going to church today yadada!

Update latuhhh!

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