Saturday, December 20, 2008

I want a straw hat dot come!


Go check the vid Ched made =)


I love this black guy =) && come home safetly pleaseeee!

Work is a drag, but making that money finally. I wore heels today and my damn peets hurt. Nicole, Jayce, Gigz, & Jenise are over right now and there are like two different conversations happening and what not here haha. It's jayce & nicole, then gigz & jenise, then just ME. Haha what a loser I am. Listening to ska music by myself singing by myself -_-. Haha umm. Christmas this year is going to be gay =(. My first christmas "alone." Well going to get some sleep soon cuz I got work tomorrow. Then I'm off Monday YAY! Finally. OH I can't get to Meccamee Christmas party! I'm so sad! I work till 10:30! && It starts at 5! Damnit. I'm upsettttt. Ok bye blog!

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