Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Knee Pads

So I was on the phone with my one and only Emmanuel Mones Barba Junior, and he was just telling me how difficult it is to find me a Christmas present. Haha, then he says "What do I get you?! Knee pads?!" Haha and I thought it was sooo damn funny haha. AHH! How much I heart you EJ! You make me so happy in ways other people can't. Haha " You should blog about this" Lol niggah I am! Ahhhhh.. <33

There's nothing to really talk about today, Meccamee practice was the same as always, we just blocked today, since Jayce isn't doing the show. He couldn't get Saturday off. But our tech is Friday at 2 o'clockkk. Half an hour tech. GOSH DANG that is so long for a tech. Then IDK. Show on Sat =) YAYYYYY! We are accenting red this peformance, and I don't wear red dangit. Hmph, Mk! Oh no more photoshoot as EJ tells me. Thank goodness. Haha.

I had my job interview at A&F today, went well. Then I have another interview on Thursday at PEA IN THE POD. Cuz of Jen =) $10.00 an hour! Wthaaaail! I'm taking it! Hopefully it works out! Yay =)

You know what's crazy?! I've had this blog for A YEAR! I can reflect on 2008 by reading my blog entries. Drama, blogging drama, slutsos drama, REGGIE DRAMA, haha! It's crazy cuz I don't worry about all that unnecessary shit now. Yeah I'm stressing about other shit, but it's not stupid shit like before. I'm so proud I surround myself with the right people. I'm so proud I took Reggie out of my life. That was the biggest pain of my life for the longesst. SHIT. I look back and laugh at how stupid I was. One of the most horrible, fucked up, guy I have ever met in my life. No joke. I'm not being rude, it's the truth people haha. I never thought I would be over him, geezez how good this feeling feels. Ughhh no more school right now too. That was a big stress too. But I should be going to schoool. =\ It's ok I'm still young. I have time, but not that much. Yay =) Ok I'm just in shock how fast this year went by! 2009 already?! YASSS!!! Haha.

2009 is my fuckin year =) Yall watch out.

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  1. aww i love you alexis =]
    yay i like you & ej! ^_^ makes me haaaapppppyyyy! seriously.

    i hate your txt color being grey on a black backgroudn... SO HARD TO READ! but i still read anyway. love ya again bestie/skic