Monday, December 8, 2008

Once Upon A Time

There was a girl who was very very very very H-A-P-P-Y.

So, Ej and I were having a couple of problems the past days about where we were at. I mean everything was great, but we had a few bumps in the road. I'll leave the rest between him and me. Anyways, Nicole and Emma came over so Nicole can cut my hair, and Nicole goes, so you're coming over when we're done. I was like what I am?! She's all yeah! You didn't know?! I was like wth haha. She told me I was going to come over so Ej and I could talk about our situation and take care of it. Then Ej would take me home after we talked. I didn't REALLY want to go cuz I didn't know what to say to him about everything =(

So we pick up Ej from Nicole's then go to his house. First us girls were looking at Emma's old pics with Nam, cracking up cuz Emma was so embarassed HAHA. Shit was so funny, just thinking about it is making me laugh. ANYWAYS, so I go into Ej's room, he asks how I'm doing. Good blah blah, then he takes me home. We get in the car, and he stops on this street where there's like some bridge connecting one side to the other, wtf DUH lexx that's what bridges do! or I don't know what it was haha it like connected one street to like this other place idk. Then he goes, "Ready to do something random?" Haha I was like wthaaail are we gonna do. So he takes my hand and we walk to the bridge. Plugs his speakers into an outlet and plugs his phone into it. I thought he was going to like show me a piece he finished or something haha. Then he says he wants to slow dance cuz he never slow danced before. Corny! But so cutesy! It was like a damn movie. So perfect, and cute. He puts on Musiq Soulchild-Don't Change. His favorite Musiq song I believe? And yeah, we just dancing, talking, and he looks at me and says "I love you..." I almost cried, HAHAH! I was like a fuckin bitch, all gay and shit. HAHA. Don't hate! When it happens to you, you'll feel the same way! Haha =) Then he asks me "When was you and your ex-boyfriend's anniversary?" I said sometime in November. Then he says "Do you wanna make today our anniversary?" THere I go again, all ready to cry. HAHA! He asked me to be his girlfriend =) Oh how cutesy. December 7th, 2008. His favorite month, my favorite number =) Haha i'm so gay. geezez mutha futchin caca.

Crazy how 2 years ago, we used to talk. && 2 years later, we are together. It feels almost complete. Unfinished business for sure. He takes care of me like I'm his princess =) He calls me his angel. He always wants to make me happy. He always makes sure I'm ok. He still loves me even though I smash on him at dancing. Hahaha! Jk. But I'm not ;) He always tells me I'm beautiful. He supports me 100%. He's my confidence booster. Man IDK. Haha. I thank God he brought us back together. <33>

Oh you so cueeeez. Only the beginning my love =)


  1. shistaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar im happy too haha im happy ur happy n if ur happy that im happy cuz yer happy then youd be happy cuz i was happy that yer happy :) get it ha

  2. dusfaaidgasfadfiasgi!!!! (: a-freakin-wwwww. hahaha. thats so cute. you guys are so cute! you know what that means now.. double date at jenniPHO! haha. i miss you lexx! i cant say it enough!