Monday, December 22, 2008

Pea In The Poooo

So many times I heard people say our store name when they passed by. Haha I love my manager, she's so crazy. Well, work was pretty slow, had like a 2 hour rush, need to get my UPT goal up -_-. I learned a lot this past week too. Well today was just blah, closed with Mary and we were just chatting about random things. I was helping this lady out, when I see three guys walk in, and I didn't pay any attention first, then I see one peeping at me through the clothes, and it's fuckin AR hahaha. Ar, Johne, && Aldrin haha. Crazies. Then Jayce & Jenise came in. Then Reggie stopped by. Oh I feel the loveee hahaha. I work tomorrow 12-8 so I can't go to dinner with my familia tomorrow =( My grandma is in town too. Blahh.


Baby is back in town. I'm still upset I can't go to Meccamee XMAS party. Like I really am upset. Damnit. Ok well I'm going to get some sleep. I'm a boring person now, work, home duties, then sleeep. What a fun life hahahaa. I don't feel like going out anymore. Ok back to Grey's Anatomy.


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  1. a pea in the pooo.. i'm still really excited i get to work with you! (: see you soon lexx! I LOVE YOU!