Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So this Friday, one of my closest friends EVER IN THIS WORLD, Jenise, is coming to visit me. She comes like every year or when she can come out here to visit me =) Mainly always in December for sureee. But yeah! I'm excited! We grew up together, danced together w/ my uncle, went to the same elementary school, our families are so close, we always slept at each others houses like we were sisters. Got into fights like we were sisters and what not haha. I have to pick her up at the airport on Friday @ 10am. Damnit making me wake up extra early HAHA. Jk. But yeah, we've been friends since we were in elementary school. I was in 4th grade? && she was in 5th?! We've been close ever since. Now that's true friendship people geezez. Hahah jk jk. But ja monnn! Friday come to meeeee!

Today I am having family time. Taking freaking pictures though -_- Then dinner for Chanelle's birthday =) Yayyy! I think she's turning 30? Or 29...Idk which one. Haha I forgot =\ But I know it will be fun, it's going to be my Uncle, Chanelle, Momma, && little Ej. I gotta say, us 4 always have fun with each other. All of them are so outgoing and hilarious when we always go out together. It feels like I'm out with a bunch of friends. Weird, but it's koo. So I'm looking forward too tonight. I'll update about it tonight when I get home.

Update @ 2:45pm.

I was browsing around on everyone's blog, and I came across Erika's.
Read her blog entry from today, December 10th.
It made me cry.

&& visit this page after and just pray for him and his family.

Thank yooou

Update @ 1:00am.

So TODAY! My family picked me up, && we went to that Magical Forest thing on the Charleston CSN campus. Omgsh lil Ej was so cuuuutesy! He was all wondering around all amazed by all the xmas lights. Little guy is so big now! But awww I was so happy to be with my family =) We rode on the train and the carousel! I felt like a little kid. We were all taking pictures too together it was so fun. But oh my, it's FREEZING COLD.

So after, we go home to sing Happy Birthday to Chanelle. Turns 29 tomorrow the 12th. So check this, I made this "memory jar" in 1st grade for my uncle cuz it was like a little Father's Day project...&& I says something on the front like "Whenever you're feeling down, reach into the jar and pull out a favorite memory of you and me.." Some little cheesy cute thing like that..& inside are folded papers with memories of my uncle and I like "I remember when you taught me how to ride a bike.." Stuff like that. SO! My uncle made one pretending it's from little EJ, looked like the jar, and said the exact same thing in the front. I was eating at this time, but Chanelle started reading it and I looked up right away, and started tearing up haha. Then inside were little folded notes from EJ's perspective like " I remember when I first started walking.." Little cute things like that. Chanelle was all crying, and I was crying, ahhh it was so nice =) It's so funny cuz I made that for MY uncle =) Which he STILL has today on his work desk. I love it!

OK TOMORROW! I have to go to Pea in the Pod for more paperwork @ 12. Then I'm meeting Jen up to help her find a fit for tomorrow. She turning 21!!! Watch out! Then back to my house, then drop her off at fashion, then I have to go sub for Mike's class @ 7:30, then to Bahama Breeze for Jen's dinner! But I'm not eating. I'm broke for that! HAHAHA. Then I have to pick up Jen at Tryst, drunk ass most likely, then she sreeeping over!

Ok night!

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  1. Thanks woman, for spreading the word. Means a lot.

    And congratulations, nice to see you that you're happy with this one.

    OMG WHAT THE, the word verification is "BUTOrs" that's a funny ass word tho!