Sunday, December 28, 2008


I don't have a title for this blog. Haha sooo! I called off today, cuz I'm hung the fack over. I drank too much jack -_- since *Groove. I didn't realize I was taking huge gulps of that shit...until I felt it creeping up. Fuckkk a drunk night I thought to myself. THen BAAAAM it hit me like a shotgun.

SO I'm sitting here in my room watching movies & ish with a broken hip, well not broken. But I woke up cuz I felt so much pain on my right hip but I just thought I slept too damn long, but it was 7:30 in the morning! So I just ignore it hoping it would go away when I wake up. Then I go downstairs to get water, and I can't walk. Wow. I was limping and I know I looked pretty dumb ha. I really don't know why my hip hurts so damn much. =( Ayeee yi yi. I don't know how to stretch it either. Hmph. It's pretty damn cold in my room too. Yadada.

My Grandpa calls me today (mom's) and wished me Merry Christmas right, and if you guys know my grandpa, he cannot hear for shieeet hahah. It's so frustrating, yet funny at the same time. If you guys know my family too, we always make fun of him. Ayee forgive me God. Haha. It's just funny! OK ANYWAYS! So he's like "why don't you call me?!" I said I didn't have his number since I lost my phone, and he's like "oh you want my number? here here" so I tell him no I don't need it since he called me and I'll save it. Then he's like "you don't have my number?" so I say yeah i do! Dangit. THen he says "here's my number" hahah I'm like laughing on the phone not knowing what to say, so he just tells me his number. Then he goes "who do you stay with?" I told him my friend Jenny. He's all "Johnny?!" I say no JENNY my friend. He's all "Who is he?!" Hahaha I say my friend JENNY SHe's MY FRIEND. and he's all "Who's Johnny?!" I'm like yelling and talking so damn clear so he can hear me. I said Jenny my roommate. He's like "Who's Johnny?! A Dog??" AHHAHAh. I just gave up and hung up -_- Called him back to try to start a new conversation. I thought it was the funniest thing.

I feel so relaxed right now, I don't know why. Just a day to myself, on my bed in my hoodie and bball shorts. Mike just came in to check on me. Haha. Blahhhh. I'm just in a blogging mood since I didn't have time to blog about my week. So let's clear my mind.

Hmm the same. Ha. But when I go visit my Uncle and Chanelle, it's not the same. Obviously. But when I walk in, I get a different vibe, it's not ALL THE TIME. But numerous times already. I just feel awkward sometimes when I'm there. It sucks but hey, just gotta get through it and get over it. Love them no matter what.

Geezez I'm watching Grey's Anatomy and I'm crying hahahaha.

Mcdreamy for sureeeee. Ohhhhh my lantaaaaaaa

"Maybe we like the pain, maybe we're wired that way, because without it, I don't know...Maybe we just wouldn't feel real."

Oh wow. I like that. Ok anyways UMM what else what else what else.

siick. hahahah

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