Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ya betch!

So Nicole down there, HAHA. What a big gay! LMAO. I love you ya betch! Long ass blog entry about our nothing to do night at yo house! I had so much fun with you btw! I almost cried from your CUTE ass stories! Wahh many more nights like that to come =)

SO ANYWAYS! Today, picked up Jenise from the airport!!! Ahhh so fun and nice to have her here again! So we go to Jen's appt, && Jen & I take the car to get us all food. I'm driving on Spring Mountain, terrified of all the damn cars AHAHA. Made like 500 U Turns! LMAO. It was so funny. Then we eat, then to PRACTALS! Hahah short for Rascals Practice as I would say. Iggz. Baby was there already =) Then we stay there for a bit, then take Jen's car to Town Square. I tried finding JR a damn present. NOTHING THERE. Damnit. Ugly sweaters I didn't like. Or I didn't think he would like it! I'll find him something cutesy. Then back to Rascals. Then HOMEEE. Jenise and I chill for a bit then Johne picks us up around 9. Damnit took forever hahaha.THen to Kae's Rascamee get together thang. It was fun. I rolled up in sweats. YASSS. Stayed there tilla bout 1ish?! Then baby took us home.

We got home, and there were people at the house, little kickback thangy going on. I forgot everyone's name. Haha but like Justine, Erika, & Kimi were there. With a bunch of dudes upstairs too. So Ej, Jenise, & I are just in my room watching how good Ej dances. Aww my baby is soooo goods! Wahaha. But anyways, he just left, Jenise is knocked out on my bed, and I'm up blogging! Oh wthaaaail! I'm waiting for baby's call so I know he's home safe. I got him mad today =( I'm sowwwwie!!! I got ihm made futchin TWICE. Once for...yeah....HAHA. Then another time cuz I was scaring him. About someone being in his rear view mirror. HAHAHHA. So cutessss but sorry for scaring you ahhaa. He was all "I gotta drive home alone!" Haha. Oh geeezez. SOrry baby! It's YOU AND ME. OK?! You know that. I'm with YOU and you only =) My ferrrFECT boyfriend you. Okaaaay. I'm going to lay here until he calls.

Oh bitzness went out on a date today! OH MY LANTAAA! WORK BITZ! HAHAAH. I wanna know details girl shiiitz. Ok I'm done ahahhaha.

Goodnight!!! <33


Tomorrow is me & Erika's *groove class.
Studio 702
7 dollaaaaaa for more details

& I love my boyfriend.

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