Thursday, September 24, 2009

Officially Missing You

Hello blogging world. I actually went job hunting today. YAY. I feel better about myself. Now my boyfriend is standing next to me reading this and it's very weird. Oh and Maia came in breathing up a storm. Umm I don't have much to type cool videos to show..or picture. So yeah....umm...

I love my boyfriend very much. =) I miss him even though we stay together. We don't hang out as's just like a bland we're just there. We havn't talked in a long time about anything, we havn't kicked it freely, we havn't just watched tv's crazy. So I just wanna say how much I miss him =( We co-direct Meccamee that's a bond?! Haha...but it's a have to thing...and theres a freakini grasshopper on the floor! EEEEP! Nasty. Well i'm pretty bummed how our relationship is...but it will get better in the is the hard times. *Maias pushing the grasshopper with her nose hahahaha so damn cute* Ok anyways! Ej Barba, I miss you so much. You're my everything but I may not show it. I love you in your army uniform. I love your smooth body. I love your cute ass smile. I love how you feed me. I love when you make your sad face and squint your eyes. I love when you pet Maia haha. I love your routine in cracking your back. I love your crooked tooth. I love when you sneeze three times in a row. I love/hate when you pick your nose randomly it's too funny. I love how you always go online and go to nicekicks/kanye blog/pickyourshoes/music sites. I love how you love me. Baby I love you! We're together and that's all that matters. Even though you check out other girls it's ok! lol. Futcher. I'm getting sleeping. But I miss you so much my love.

Night niggahs!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Meccamee Company Class

Yesterday was Chris's class! Sick wid it..Loved it! Mase-Feel So Good


Friday, September 18, 2009

Sunshine Turned Into Rain

So I'm typing this crying my eyes out and I can't see the keyboard that well. I'm really sad cuz I don't see my boyfriend as much anymore. I'm stuck at home doing nothing but reading, watching tv, internet...yada yaa. No life. But today I was really excited cuz he was home the whole day. & he asked me if I wanted to do something tonight and I got really excited/happy! Even if it was like chillen in the backyard or some caca like that. I didn't mind I was just happy. So I asked him if he can take me to Adonis' house at 9:30. He said yeah. Then he forgot he had this army meeting thing at 6...and I got sad =( Understandable...and he was hinting that Daff should pick me up. whole mood changed...not mad or angry at all...just really sad. Right when he left I started crying hysterically...=( I'm still tearing. Oh well...another day the same. It's ok I'm used to it. I feel really down right now...and I hate it how I don't have a car to go anywhere to escape from here. It's like I'm a prisoner...but not in a bad hostage type of way haha. I guess I'm just going to keep on reading Eclipse. Actually gonna eat...I'm really hungry =( starved actually. Then gonna get ready around 8:30 or when Daffi calls to tell me she's on her way. Have a great night everyone.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Ej & I tried to collab...but we failed. We are teaching tonight our we doing half of this song by ourselves and then half of it yay!! =)but boo! damnit we suck. Practice is going well...hopefully next week will be the same! and the next! and the next! booyaaakashaaa!

here's our new team =) 09-10
(minus a couple of people)

Oh and here's 08-09 team...

yadada yee!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

R.I.P Patrick Swayze

I forgot to post something about this...I think it was September 14th he passed away. He was in one of my favorite movies "Dirty Dancing" with Jennifer Grey. Ughh I love that movie! Good job Swayze for that one.

i need to find a new video -_- that ugly blue thing wont go away haha


So I was twittering, and sLikd asked if I heard his album. Honestly I havn' I went to his myspace and started listening to his music...and I like it! I suggest you download it...I don't listen to hip hop as much as I used to but maybe it's cuz of all this mainstream bullshit. but sLik, big ups to you! Click below to download his album "Summer Vibes". Also Nique & Chedda are featured ( in the album. Enjoy this mixtape!


So just to add this..Nique's album "Framed & Unfocused" is dropping this October..(Yee October birthdays!!) So look our for that =)

I'm your biggest fan..

Oh Lady Gaga...I'm stuck on her Paparazzi song! She's def one of a kind with her mind blowing outfits...damnit. Well I loved her performance...I can't wait for more to come! She has a nice voice too...oh you amazing woman...

She's also on the Manila based Status Magazine.

Monday, September 14, 2009

What to Do

So I just did the Meccamee sign in sheet and tried to do the roster but I'm a no good with Microsoft Word...cuz I'm dumb haha. Um VMAs was great entertainment last night =) I enjoyed it. Especially Lady Gaga and Pink's performances. Oh Kanye...da hail. HAHA. UMMM!

First prac of Meccamee is tomorow night and UR is tonight for SIO 4. Whoop de dooo. I don't feel like paying that much money...damnit. Faak dat.

My tummy hurts and I don't feel great. SO yeah...that's it

Saturday, September 12, 2009

She got FUNK

So I just want to show anyone who bothers to read this my top picks of women who have mad swag. =) Just my opinion so don't hate knee grows!

1. Janelle Monae

2. Santi White

3. P!nk

4. Lady Gaga

5. Karen Orzolek

6. Maja Ivarsson

YEEEEEAHHH! Bad ass women geezez. Why am I blogging so much today? haha geezez.

Random picture of my Day!

Charlie Chaplin on the set of "Pay Day" 1922

Ears ears ears

So lately as I've seen and read...Ears are trendy in the fashion world. Haha pretty cute/unique...I would rock em if I can pull em off...

It's cutesy in a way hehe =)

but not as cute as...

MAIA!!!! hehe =)

Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm a Hustlaaaaa

SOOO! I don't wear HB anymore but I really really really really really really....REALLY want these Hellz x Reebok collab releasing in Sept!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone plz somehow buy em for me...thanx. HA...whatevv but check it's black leather! =)


Monday, August 31, 2009


So I am now living at the barba house for a bit till everything is back on track! It's like my third day here...Emma and Ej are at school.I believe Emma is coming home soonsies =) YAY! We are starting p90x tmrw!! Since we failed today...

OH! a couple of us girls went to RA last night...Stefan was spinnin and he told me Ileri is GORGEOUS! hahaha..Well our waitress was a BITZ. LOL! She came for our drinks, and then she didn't come back for like 15 minutes...da hell! We was hungry! SOOO she finally came ordered...and Nicole was all pissed haha. She was horrible...never asked if everyone if they were ok. So the bill came and we all paid..and Nicole decided to put a shit load of she came back and looked around like a "wtf" face lookinass..and she was all "What do you want me to do with this?" & like we all looked around and she took the bill. Another person brang it Ileri asked for the manager...cuz she was just giving stank vibes the whole time haha. Oh gosh those girls lol so hilarious. Ileri talked to the manager...we have free appetizers next time =) LOL. Then we walk out...and start doing random shiz...hehe. Dance in the parking lot...Bern & Nicole were jerking hahaha. Too funny. Then called it a night =)

UMM! Meccamee auditions were dope. Ej & I taught. Good turn out. Can't wait till SATURDAY! Mini show! Yee!

Oh everyone I'm having a "debut" for my 19th birthday! LOL Daffi and Emma are planning it out for me. So random! A random decision at Cane's lol. It's going to be at the Barba Residence...October 10th. YAY! I love it..Thank you Daffi you're the bestest friend. =)

OK that's it ! Oh and..


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So my trip so far has been fun =) First day Emmanuel, Dee & I went to Huntington Beach. THe boys boogie boarded in the was too cold for me so I just layed on my towel. The weather was beautiful. We were there for a couple of hours..then we left to go to McDonalds to wait for Eman's lady. Met her and shes cute hehe. So dee & I drove home to Aubrie's. Her parents were extra nice to us =) Cooked us breakfast and errthang. SOO! I got a free's kinda janky but it works for now =) Thanx Jenise! I bought a memory stick for it hehe..

So day 2! I hung out with Jenise and my two best friends from I-Poly!!! Elizabeth and was toooo much fun! Jenise loves them. && they love her. We were just laughing so damn much the whole time. Went to Fuddruckers=BOMB! Then we went to Velvet Room, a hookah bar. It was cute. Met Eli's man. He's super nice!!! Payed for our hookah =) Awww. Then they dropped me off. Then I went with Dee to get McDonalds...and lemme tell you. Dee is a garb driver...HAHA it's so funny thought. He went to make a u-turn at a RED LIGHT and a car coming had a green light...but the car with the green light Dee just slowly was hilarious...omgsh we were cracking up so baddd.

Day 3! Day 3 damn an adventure haha. Guppy Tea House in the morning with jenise. BOMB. Ate strawberry banana shaved ice. YUM! Tried to finish it but we FAILED. Then to Puente Hills Mall in Rowland Heights. That's the spot everyone went to in middle school to meet up with their lovers behind their parents back haha. THENN!! We went to my grandmas house =) She was nice to me. She got AC installed in that joint! Finally! GEEZ. Bob was happy to see me too =) Gave me a hugeeeeee hug. THEN I copped a few records from there lol. Good seeing them. THEN we all went to Westfield Mall. Ha...tried to kill time before 6....We were all just acting stupid and being bored. Jenise said Dee & I act like a married couple cuz we fight a lot haha. It's funny though. Dee and I are like siblings lol. We make Jenise laugh so damn much haha. "BRING IT!" hhahahaha. HM. So after Dee & I went to Huntington Beach for $5 taco night! haha it was pretty good. We were singing random songs on the way there. "Okay okayyy okay okay...okay okayyy..okaaay okaaaaaaaay...okaaay okaaaay!" hahahaha. over and over and over. Oh gosh so funny. He thinks I have weird music. "What do you call this type of music?? Alter-NAtive?" Wth Dee..hahaha. So we treat...then went to Downtown Disney. We parked so damn far damnit. THEN! We walked around...many inside jokes...laughed...he bought kettle corn..yum..I bought a cute stuffed animal of Minnie =) Like those soft pillow things! So cute! Then we watched the firework show! He felt like crying and I did too haha. Gays....Then we tried to take pics on the "California" letters...failed. Camera is retarded. Then we walked back. HMPH! Then home skee =)

Ok I'm going to call boo boo stain cuz I miss him a lot =( I wish he was with me...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

back to LA!

So i'm waiting for laundry to be done then Dee's gonna pick me up and then to....LA! OH what?!?!?! Shit i'm so stoked. I feel like I'm going to Disneyland. I just wish my boyfriend can come...that's the only downfall. I feel incomplete when I'm not with him....=( I'm super bummed. I love you so much EJ! I'll be safe don't worry.

I was at work for 10 hours today. SUPER EW! It was so boring. Booboo picked me up =) I gothappy when I saw him walk in. Awwww. I love you boo! SHit! SHIT! hahaha. I can't stop thinking about you...He's the best man in my life...I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. Well I shall blog about my trip to LA. =) I don't know what to expect....We staying at Aubrie's it's about 40 minutes from LA. I can't wait to be back home...

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Damnit I miss blogging! I missed out on so much to talk about it kind of sucks. WELL! Jenise Torres was here for like 2 weeks! =) We had mucho fun watching every movie in the universe...I rarely worked so I spent a lot of time with her. She came to our rehearsals, she came to our shows, she came to this that this. Didn't even complain. She had guys all over her. Haha jk =) But yeah! We went to Eyecandy with Jen, Miki, Thug, & Jaycestine. Dude one of the best nights...We were all dancing, Jenise getting it from a niggah, lmao. I went up on the mini stage thing with Justine and Jenise, people were taking pictures hahaha. So funny. I came down and people were like OMGAH YOU'RE SO GOOD! lol dude it's just having fun hahaha. Then Jenise and Thuggie got carded lol. So we left to go to Centrifuge..Butta was workin...I was bored and wanted to go home cuz I was paranoid LOL. I ain't gonna lie shit...HMM!

Dancing is going well I guess. I'm going to start teaching at The Rock next week. Every Wednesday at 2:30 for 3 months. We just had another shoot for the Dance Adicktion vid. We did a rock piece and my neck hurts now. Aaron choreographed a piece and made his own looked pretty good haha. Ummmm auditions are coming up! 2 weeks! I can't wait. Yadada yeeeeeee. 2 performances coming up I believe. Not too excited for that...

I'm moving back with my mama. Starting in September =) Hopefully she can help me out with certain things. We shall see. I don't really get along with her. BLAH!

Boyfriend is great. Going on 9 months. Yadada. Um he took me scootering in the park...I don't know how to ride that thing without being scared...what a big gay I am. We saw 500 days of Summer, took a nap in the park. UM! Idk..Love you boo. He's at work right now and I miss him dearly..I love you so much Emmanuel Mones Barba Junior. I'm going to marry this man guys. No doubt about that. Jenise told me " I really want what you and Ej have..." And that got my attention. We have something special and real. No matter how much we fight, it's always going to work out. I love you my baby =)

Ok I don't know what else to type. I just wished I had a laptop so I could keep up with everything going on. Dangit! Ok good day!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


How are you guys doing? I miss blogging for sure so what's new?! Hm I'm planning to move back with my mom or uncle's. HOPEFULLY. If not then I'm screwed haha. I'm taking a big risk quiting Metro so I can pursue my dancing...Oh lord. It's hard hustling to dance though. I'm waiting for EJ to get off work and I'm bored outta my mind! GEEZ. Ok well Idk what to type just wanted to say a quick hello there!

Meccamee has plenty of shows coming up and festivities. Auditions, Juice 2, performance at a Hookah Lounge, Meccamee's first company class, BNP performance...GEESH! Super excited though, it'll be a fun week. Well I'm off to prolly watch a movie or sleep. BYE!

Daffi I miss you and I hope everything is oK =)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Meccamee Company Class

Hi guys! So my boyfriend Ej's gonna be the first to teach class! Yay him. You'll like his piece it's really fun. So come take! Come support! =) I love you boo do work.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

White as Milk

Hello again. So last night I couldn't stop crying because my stupid car situation. One fuck up and it just throws you off. But my boyfriend heard me out and tried to calm me down, kind of worked but I'm just so upset...Today I talked to Auntie Angel and she told me everything will be ok and to hang in there. She said she'll help me out and i'll just pay me back little by little. When I got off the phone with her I just cried and cried. Happy/sad cry though. It made me feel a lot better. My boyfriend has a loving family. Ok I'm going to get back to being a lazy bum and watching tv and cleaning up the kitchen justa little bit. Have a great day everyone.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hampton Inn

Hello there! So rehearsals have been alright haha. I love the dancers im working with here. They are so funny haha. So i thought I was the baby of the group but madi is 15!!! haha. wtf. Just found out right now. Matt and I so far got our own room. Kym might come and stay too. We have a few outfit changes and I hope I have everything. Right now Matt and i are talkin about Michael Jackson. Im getting sleepy haha. Ladies have to wake up at 530ish. gettin our hair and make up did...start at 8am. ok ill write about how it goes as soon as i can :) goodnight!!

booboo i miss yooou! :) goodnight

Sunday, June 28, 2009


so today we started rehearsal formthe video reel. learned 3 pieces. first was ditch that by joelle. girls and guys part to it. hate floor work damnit haha. then while the guys were learning their part, we learned our girly sassy piece...damn them girls get down on their freestyle lmao. me and guelia are nonghetto freestylers. its a cute dance :) ripped ha. jk. um then the audition piece by busta. g-summin? inntro some bboyish floor work in the beginning...then the dance then the partner part. i was supposed to be with matt but im too short haha so im stuck with tal. then girls piece return the favor by miss keri babyyyyyyy. yadada. our hair and make up gon be done did up diggity shizzz. haha. yay. k sleeeeeep

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

home alone

Blah it's so lonely. The whole day was a drag. Slept the whole day, then had work at Metro from 7-11:30 closing with steve. Went by pretty fast. Hmph...Oh I just wanted to show you guys this video by the Peaches. "Boys wanna be her" I've always loved the song but I never seen this music video. LOL I was at work and was like wtfack! You crazy bitz. She's still sick though..

INteresting huh? Haha. Today a work this guy was buying stuff for his daughters and son. It was really sweet. He even showed me pictures. Beautiful children by the way, on his way out, he shakes my hand and says "Thank you so much for helping me you are so kind for looking at my children. You are so sweet and kind." =) Made me feel good. Cuz I am a nice person. I am a nice person. I am a nice person.

Well I'm at home on Mike's laptop studying my denim. I wanna try to become a denim expert LOL. I just started Metro and I wanna get on that denim damnit. Ha..

I'm lonely without you.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

oldies but goodies

so man oh man. last night was too crazy for me. im an emotional wreck right now. (im on my phone so if there are any typos i apologize) ej and i are going through tough times right now. im too sad i dnt know what to do. i dont know when everything will be back to normal. i dont even wanna speak to him today :/ its not my fault i feel the way i do. u cant judge me...anyways enough about that drama.

i hung out with lo yesterday and we were just talkin about all of the good times we had. from meeting him in front of the house, to nights at jackies, to chillen at my unclez haha. man oh man. and jonathan called me today talkin bout some stuff. tellin me to go on saturday :) also mics haha. dude i think the old crew misses each other! we all wanna start chillen with each other again. even reggie was kickin it lol. but theres a bbq at mics on sat :) and we all goin. anyone can come!! off saturday too cuz my manager gave me the day off :) i need a relaxin day like that. im excited...

but on the bad side, i got work at 7 to close and im not gna go watch transformers tnite. first of all too crowded...and my boyfriend wanted to watch it with me but he cant wait lol. prolly gna watch it this weekend by myself cuz ive never done that before lol. i know im a loser but id like to do it once ha. ok my elbows are out :)

God bless :)

Monday, June 22, 2009


WEE havn't blogged in forever! I'm using Emma's laptop because someone spilled water on my laptopo! =( So I'm going to invest in a new one. Yay...What's been going on lately guys? Hmm well!! So far, I'm working two jobs. I just started Metropark about 3 week ago, going well =) Ppl are nice so far, hopefully it stays like that. Pea in the Pod is still going great. Love working with those ladies. Ummm I booked a gig doing a hip hop video reel. Pays $415. We start rehearsals next week. Matt, Dee, Kym, Jawkeen, & Tal also booked it. Along with about 3 others. All dope dancers =) It's a sick team we have ha. Everything financially is turning around for me. Money is just coming my way and I can't wait to start saving again.

I saw Reggie Darlene and Jonathan the other day at Fashion Show =) It was actually nice seeing them. Hope all is well for you two and Jonathan keep your head up. We are the same damnit. HAHA. LION KING MUTHA FUTCHAAAAS! lol.

UMM! EJ is well. Going on 7 months.

The Thackerville house is losing a member =( Our beloved Jane Kim is moving out! I'm so sad..but she'll be there all the time! Hehe. Love you and will miss you Jane!

Meccamee party is on wednesday and hopefully I can make it =) Miss the fam.

I'm drinking a red gummy beat smoothie right now and it's so bomb. But white is still better haha. AHHh i'm going crazy it taste so yummyful.

I'm going to have a fantastic day tomorrow!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Just got off the phone with Ej. I wanna go on a date again...I have much fun. I looked up if there's any concert shin digs at HOB but nothing interesting coming up. Well, there's Eryka Badu and Pat Benatar that interest me LOL. Anywhoo

Check it

That guy...too mahtz. Haha he's so interesting his vids always seem to make me laugh.

anyways,gonna nap before I pick Jen up from work. Then MCME tonight @ 8. Boo...HOO! love you & God bless =)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

*Groove's 3 Year Anni!

Today Today Today!!!! =) 3 class workshop! COME COME COME!

hope to see you there! =)

Friday, May 15, 2009

This is cutesy

this video is cute =) WATCH IT! & Enjoy

Also I heard they shut down The Belmont Tunnel in LA. I was reading this on Shake The Hand haha.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So my title is totally random, it's because I see two of El's toys here and they both Batman toys. Hahaha. Ileri is coming over right now so I can teach her my part of closer. OH good practice last night team! Really productive =) GO Mcme GO! We all jogged yesterday too! I walked lap number 5 futch that lol. HMPH! Today will be great aswell I feel it!

It's futchin hard to type on this keyboard holy caca. UMM I just baked cookies and I freakin burnt them. BOO! I jogged again today, this time in the freakin heat..never again. I'm waking up for reals when EJ wakes me up. DAMN it was hot out. I need to go to the gym. I actally want to go swimming. Hmph whatevvs.

I have nothing to type about today. Damnit...ok my NEXT blog entry will be something worth reading for reals this time! Ok back to doing nothing...since I don't have a car to drive =(

Monday, May 11, 2009

I miss blogging

So finally I blog again. Ughh today was rough. Didn't get to see my family for Mother's Day. But Happy Mother's day to all the mamas out there =) Umm my family knew how I felt, Chanelle even called me and totally knew what I was talking about. I started crying because it Ej was next to me wiping my tears away and cradling me like a baby and rocking me back and forth. My spoiled ass -_- I love him he takes care of me. I got upset with him before that cuz he was so demanding about taking the shit out of my car, and I just felt like that cuz it was hot out, just got home from work, and had some fam shiz on my mind. Sorry baby =( We're ok now. I miss him so much right now...OH he totally just came over too without telling me. I was all downstairs and someone doorbells and it's him =) He knew I was mad so he came over. He left around 10...Love you papa.

Body Rock is coming soooo damn fast...This week will be interesting without Master Ellis to guide us ha. But I know we will get shit done. Critique is what we need from each other. Honesty and Respect...YADADA. Love you MCME.

Um I can't sleep right now =( How is everyone doing? Hello to my new fellow blog members! I get to read yalls blogs now! Exciting..I'm a blog freak damnit. Umm I kind of met Ej's cousins this weekend. Hung out with Daff & Matt. Told ghost stories with Ellis downstairs lol. Too mahtz. Went to Shannel's lil shindig. Greg & TIm are too mahtz. Love them though. I'm hoping to get a 2nd job. I'm waiting for my dream of dancing my life away to come true. I want to be a postisve person. I want to run every morning until Body Rock. I feel fat and ugly so I'm motivated to run so I can look sexy for my boyfriend. Lol. I hate my hair right now. Work is whatever and my manager stuck a sticker on my butt today without me knowing haha. Ej & I are going on 6 months of happiness (exclude our fighting lol) Damn baby almost half a year =) yay! I'm going to marry him. Jen's guinea pig died today. Aww RIP Killer =( Ej's turtle died couple weeks ago. RIP Squirtle baby. Ej's graduating next month yay! So is Arvin & Chris =) Yay! I miss my Grandma even though she's mean to me lol. Damnit what the hell am I typing?! Just stuff that comes to my mind...Ok my next blog entry will be something worth reading I promise...Goodnight! Love you all!


Saturday, May 2, 2009


Long time no blog!!! haha. well i'm at the barbas house cuz they were setting up the garage sale for tmrw. i had work from 330 to 730. im pretty tired cuz i was out running errands since 9am. didnt get to nap so i might knock out after this. umm

right now meccamee is all thats on my mind right now. we have a month left till body rock and a lot of stressing is taking place. i have my own opinions though...ill provably type about it on my laptop since im on my phone! im real tired :( i wanna sleep i got work at 9... boo!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Electric Feel

SO here is my Rebel Dance Company Class @ UNLV. Made this dance up an hour before and on the spot. Crappy but ehh. Groups 1, Groups 2, Boys, Girls, & SOlo. Enjoy =)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Crazy Weekend!

Oh my I have not updated this shizz in awhile! Damnit. I had so much to say and I don't remember everything! RENO was amazing of course. Had too much fun. Went clubbing with the fam. Buzzin. Ej's cutesy self dancing for me =) This black guy complimented him. Awww good job baby. I got pulled over driving up to Reno. Futchin shizz. Ellis drives fast. Matt drives slow. Jay is an idol to many. We ripped. Bonded. And just had fun! Damnit I love our fam. OK UM

We just recently performed with Super Crew on Friday =) It was a Fashion Expo thaaang. Non paid but it was fun! We danced on the runway and it was small. Hella laughing and shizz. Seeing Ellis DOING WORK while doing Make It Hurt hahaha. HAHA SMall note *Jane comes home and ELlis goes...why are you and lexi matching?! LOL. Sorry it was funny.* THen after the Fashion thang we went straight over to Pulse! TO support our Rascals! Also FormLV & Hi-Fi LV! Good job to everyone!!!! Greg you're sick damnit. Mike my roomie I'm so proud of you =) Rascals WTFUTCH. Hard work paid off for them for sure. Geeez. Surprised so many people =) Yay! Then after after party at the blue diamond house.

Then Saturday! Gogo gig at PH! For Hawaiian Tropic Fashion Something. IDK everything fashion this fashion that. There was 8 of us we danced up in front of the big tvs and it's all hella hot up there! Haha...Jane, Jen, & Emi came to support us =) Do work. It was hella fun though. =)

Um Ej! Thank you for being the best boyfriend a girl can have. I caught him worried cuz he couldn't find me =) Cutest thing. And it was the best feeling. Haha I LOVE YOU. He always wakes me up by kissing me and saying he loves me. Saying I'm so cutes and what not. I'm all grumpy in the morning but I do love it haha. He always opens my car door for me. He bought me my Reeboks =) Thank you again. I love em. Always does things for me. Like I'm a handicap person who can't do anything. haha =) I had a bladder infection the other night, and I tried sleeping and ended up crying and he held me in his arms saying it would be ok. I had to pee like every freakin 5 minutes =( so he stayed in the bathroom with me until I was ok. I know this is gross but this is my blog so gefff if you dont wanna read haha. It was like 3 in the morning, I was in pain, and he read me a story. A book I had when I was younger too called Love You Forever. =) He even took me home cuz I was in pain to drive. & I was sleepy. & he had school in the am. THat meant a lot to me =( I love you so much my Emmanuel Mones. I can't wait to see you tonight. You're my world.

Friday, April 10, 2009

8 hour shift.

Freakin felt like forever today! I was alone from 4-9! Slowest day at work ever! I was laying down in the fitting room staring at the lights. I was attempting to draw lindsey lohan. LOL didn't turn out lookin at her AT ALL. Cuz in my Nylon magazine there's a page of her FACE. I tried to copy, but it doesn't look a thing like her. HAHA. I'll post a picture. Um my feet were hurting cuz I was just standing there. Geez i was so BORED. Daffi, Johne, & Eman visited me. I was all drawing and I hear thuds on the window. I look and there staring at me hahaha! Made my day though! =) I miss you best friend. I love you best friend. & I need to see you best friend. DAMNIT! Wtf who doesn't see their best friend?! That's just wrong! =)

I'm going to Reno tomorrow morning, or I should say this morning, we leaving around 9. I just started my laundry, I found my Meccamee shirt, and Um yeaaaah! I'm debating aboutthis Michael Jackson audition. It's experience man! I wanna see what it's like! I don't even mind if I don't make it. Just experiencing that would shit make my whole month. =) Christian offered to fly me out there cuz he wants me to do it. JANEL damnit offered to drive me out there! Roadtrip lookin ass. Awwww =) Almost made me cry! We havn't even hung out since like last year, or two years ago, and she still loves me. I really appreciate much. You have no idea. =) We shall see though!

Ok I'm getting sleeeeepy! I'm just listening to my old school music tryna stay awake. Ya diig?! SHIT. ok I'll update in a bit. or when I get back from RENO.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Michael Jackson

So um got an email about Michael Jackson auditions next week for his tour in EUROPE. They are in LA and I want to go. We have this Miss America pageant, and futch it's just so much. I don't have the money to drive down, I don't have the car to make it. Haha fuuuck. I want to live my dream, but I can't just yet. Fuckk Michael Jackson TOUR?! 2 year contract! +80,000 for a year. WTF?! hahahaha. Oh hell no! Damnit. I'm sitting here crying and I have no one to talk to. I'm waiting for Jen to get home damnit. OH ALSO, I got an email from some casting director saying he wants me to audition for something of his. Cuz he saw my pictures and dancing vids, ok wth...wants me to drive down to LA friday. I go to Reno though. && once again can't afford for myself to freakin make my way down there. Blaaaaah! Ok i'm done. I cried home like a fag. LOL! But I'm ok. =) Just had to let it out of my system!

I made my goal today at work, my UPT is almost a 3.0. So work is fine I guess what a good start for the month. UMM. I picked up my hours too =) I think 4 more hours than I usually had. I'm currently listening to Daft Punk. I'm sitting in my room. I was seriously sitting here in my room just staring at my Rebel Without A Cause poster since I got home before I started typing this madness. I almost started crying again -_- until Jen called me and told me she was on her way home. Yay. Ok I need to get up and do something before I lose my mind.

thaa: I just never been treated like that before ha and it still hurts not gonna lie
urxxiyo: I know =\
thaa: yes out of anyone I know u know ha

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Be Positive

woopseez : lex.
ishlurxxxiyo : jay.
woopseez : you love me right?
ishlurxxxiyo : i do love you
woopseez : how long have we known each other?
ishlurxxxiyo : 2 years already dude
woopseez : exactly...

2 years geez what the. Haha thank you for always listening to me. & I'm here to listen to you too =) Hehe.

Anyways, just trying to be positive through this whole thing. If it works out, then it was meant to be. Right? Correct! I'm just sitting in my room, listening to my 80s music, about to get ready for work. Booooo work! But yay, relaxing day. Yesterday like NO ONE came in. Piece of poo. Whatever. Then I have practice tonight, geez yesterday jesse taught a girls piece. Kicked my no ass. Couldn't even breathe damnit. Haha! Out of shape for sure my fat ass damn that cruise! LOL.

Oh I talked to my bro this morning! I miss you athanator! =) Next weekend we have a play date I believe. THis is his words of wisdom to me haha.."Don't cry over any guy.." Haha thanx fool. "I'm your boyfriend for the week!" Lol this niggah. I heart you man. Finally gonna hang out soonsies.

Ok time to get ready for work. PAYCEEEEE

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lounging Around

So I woke up because Jane asked me if I needed to fix my closet door, but it was fine. But then the fixer upper dude asked if he could come inside my room. Half asleep I said "YEAA!" and he was all up in my closet. I was confused hahahah. But whatevv, weird morning wake up huh? Haha. OH! Also at like 7 in the freaking morning Jen calls me, I hear my ringtone all loud "99 Red luft balloons!!" then I answer haha. Once again half asleep, I'm talking to her, I believe she said she wanted me to go with her to get her oil changed. I said YEAH! But IDK what happened after that one.

SO I make myself a quesadilla and I go with Jen to Target, Ross, Styles, & Payless. We saw some cutesy things. Jen bought a cutesy Betsey Johnson purse. I might buy these cutesy heels that were 15 bux. Herra cutesy. =) But we shall see. I love my Jen! I work with her, I live with her, I freakin see her everyday. Almost everyday I should say. She's like my long lost sister. We like a lot of the same things, we always make fun of each, she always has my back, takes care of me, always asks if I need anything. What a nice girl =) I love her very much. & I'm thankful for her. I LOVE YOU FOOOOOOOL! =)

So today is 4 Months for Ej and I! Aww Happy Anniversary boo boo! You're the best! I wish we can go on a nice date or something, but he has work till 6 and I work at 5! Then tonight we have Meccamee 9-11. Boo! But whatever. I love you. Hopefully we can go out sometime next week. Idk! Yadada. Many more months to come for sure my handsome black boy. Yass! <3

Hmph. I have to get ready for work soonsies. BOOOO! & Tonight Jesse is teaching. I think. Geeesh. Ok I'm outs! Love you & God Bless!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Barba's Plus 1

So our cruise trip to Ensenada was really really fun! It was an escape from reality for sureeee. Got a lil sea sick but that's ok! Crazy how we were in the middle of the ocean most of the look out the window and sea nothing but ocean expanding miles and miles away. So lovely =) There's not enough words to explain this cruise trip...but all I know is we freakin ate more than half of the time. Damnit. I got fat again -_- Eating and sleeping was our daily routine. Went to the club first night too, whack. Lol. Old ppl everywhere. Filipino's eyeing us the whole time. And Ej going stooopid doooo dooo DAAAAMB was it for that night ha. OH did I tell you the dinners were freakini DELECIOUS?! Ok yeaaaah.

Then we were in Mexico and walked around down town. Sad to see those familys on the street selling bracelets and what not for money. They just wont leave you alone. But Ej & I got matching bracelets =) They cutes! Thanx babe! Chu chu battled in Mexico. Haha mad props to him. =) Emma took a video. Hmm, that's it...then back on the ship to sleep LOL. That night what did we do...hmm i don't remember. I think we just chilled in the room, then got ready for dinner. Another yummy dinner. HMM! THEN! back to go sleeeep lol.

I don't know it was just the good life with unlimited food, do whatever you want, people always at your service...Geeesh! Oh I got a freakin sunburn on my chest! Damnit. For falling asleep in the sun with my bathing suit on. Oh and Ej got even darker. Great. Hahahaha. I don't know but there are many pics and I will post some up for your pleasure. =)

Thursday, April 2, 2009


sooooo! im in the car with the barba fam and chu feelin like imma throw up. im so woozie...ughhh. but we are on our way to sd cuz thats where our cruise departs. hmph. theres four of us in the back seat freakin ridics. my lanterrr. kk ill blog later i cant concentrate. haha.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


ok so im havin a long day. i had mcme from 12 to 6 and now im at rehearsal for this gay event at forte cheyenne. some janky ghetto club. umm im prettt tired. we are currently blocking our mini set. looks great really fun to do. our call time is 1230 tonight. hmm tmrw i have prac for mcme at 10am to 4. blahhhh. i miss my boyfriend so mahtz! hmm. bri and i are so beat. idk what else to type. i really want to nap! damnit. i just reminded bri we had rehearsal tmrw morn an now she hates me haha. she totally forgot. wow

Friday, March 27, 2009

no title

So today is Friday! I'm off yassss! =) Feels great. I get to just lay back and enjoy the day. My Uncle is going to do my taxes because I don't know how. Don't make fun of me...=( I was supposed to do that today that's why. I'm going to pick up my one and go to Rascals for their rehearsal. They are getting ready for Pulse! I'm super excited for them! Then we are going to watch haunting of connecticut! I'm freakin scared. I hope it's not lame! But mkk, I'm going to lounge around for a bit then get ready! =) Good day!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


so im here at work and just wanted to see if ican blog from my phone...apparently i can! success! haha maria and i are so bored and have nothing to do my goodness. im off at three and i havean interview at metro park today. yadada boom bang. ok back to work ti be productive

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Late Upgrade

So I'm finally dunzo with that razor! Geezez, waste of my life phone, that's what I get for losing my blackberry. & for my mom paying before HAHA. But I'm now under Jen's plan. FAMILY PLAN! We are like sisters =) I bought a LG Vu. It's a touch screen phone and it's cutesy. I'm soooo satisfied with it. Anything would be better than a razor! OH AND EVEN BETTER NEWS! I'm not with SPRINT! Finally right?! At&t is my new carrier. Haha ok I gotta finish getting ready, going to go a lil job hunting and run some errands today.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


So this weekend I might be going to Cali for a day for my Auntie Teri's son's baptism! I really hope I go because we have a mandatory Meccamee rehearsal that day. My dad is going to be there and I honestly don't remember the last time I saw him. I havn't seen or really been in touch with that half of my family. I suck at remembering names though! Like I don't know anyone and it's really embarassing. Ej is coming with me I believe. This would be the first time that side of the family has seen me with a guy haha. Yay mexican pride! Ew..ha

I bought Twilight! I'm watching it right now as I type, I love it, and I'm watching it with commentary. =)Rob Pattinson has the cutest accent. Hahahha I'm so whack.

So conclude a wonderful night, here is an awesome video.

shut the futch up was not an April Fools joke. hahahahahaha niggah.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Disney Deja Vu!

So I came across this video, watch it! It's ridics! Hahah it amazed me. Shows that Disney just comes up with the same stuff over and over and over and over!

I Am Somebody Dj Mehdi Feat. Chromeo. I like this vid hahaha. Enjoy

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sweetest Love

So here is the video of Mr. Ej Barba doing Sweetest Love. With me by his side. He made this dance for me...and I love it. Thank yoooou babaaaay.

UPDATE @ 3:50 PM!

So I was talking to my ex-boyfriend just a Hello how are you cuz he IMed me. And I remember I was watching Apocalypto, and fuckin realized George looks like Jaguar Paw. HAHAAHHHAAHHA I can't stop laughing. Well that's my opinion let me show you hahaha. Sorry George don't take it personal! hahaha

that's Jaguar Paw on the left

HAHAHA. No seriously watch the movie. And you can see it! For those of you who know George, for real don't they look alike?! HAHA

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Want To Hold Your Hand

So I can't sleep! I'm so wide awake! I havn't really like updated much about me. AWWW. Hm. I had a horrible weekend! Ej and I got into a wreck! I don't want to say why. We were supposed to teach *Groove together but he just taught cuz we weren't talking the whole day. He taught to Sweetest Love, the dance he made for me. && he made me do it with him. =) Aww good job hun. You're my sweetest love too. I miss you so much...

Anyways, it was Stacey & Cjay's babyshower Saturday! Cutesys! Awww she's almost due! I'm super excited. I can't wait cuz they don't know if it's a boy or a girl! Congrats you two!

Meccamee is still blaaaah. We should be starting choreo soonsies! Good I'm excited about that.

Work is still slow, nothing amazing. Inventory Wednesday and I'm not scheduled! YAY! Thank goodness. 6 in the morning, hell no. Shelley and Inesa are coming down, and I'm having the worse month ever. My ADS and UPT is ridiculously LOW. I'm kind of stressed about that. Not a good look at all and I'm terrified to go to work on Tuesday or Wednesday or whatever time I'm scheduled. I really don't want to go with our DM there. Geeezez. I'm gonna cry. Ha

Oh! Wednesday night I think it was, went to Artisen to meet up with Matt and everyone. Bri and I came herra late though, left the house at like 1:30. We had no idea what to expect, but we were all trying to find parking, so we ask the valet dude, and he's like there's only valet. Oh dang sorry! So we get inside and WOW. Can I say unique?! It was the scariest/coolest/creepiest place ever. Lights were dim. It looked cluttered. RED elevator doors. Paintings EVERYWHERE. Creepy bronze statues everywhere. We look for the lounge where Matt, Mac, Tal and them were, and we walk in, even DARKER. Paintings everywhere once again. Paintings on the ceiling. Picture frames with no pictures in it dangling from the ceiling with invisible wire so it looked like it was floating. It was amazing yet creepy. So It's like 3 something in the morn and we want to leave cuz Matt and I have work in the AM. So he calls Tal so he can get his stuff in the room, and we all go to the red elevator doors, go to the 4th floor, and the doors open. Creepy as hell. Black walls, paintings all over the walls, it was so lonely looking. But it was cool at the same time. All of us were soooooo scared hahaha. It was Mac, Bri, Matt & myself. Terrified. It was funny. Then it was time to go home. But anyways, that place is dope. I just can't get over how unique it was. That's a picture of the lobby. See the picture frames on the ceiling. Crazy weird.

Ok I'm too lazy to type anymore, so goodnight world.

OK SO I STILL CAN'T SLEEP. I just posted that like 5 minutes ago lookin ass. OK SO I was just you tubing old things, and I came across this video of Justin's drunk ass at Mico's. I swear good times at Mics we had! NOT THE BAD ONES. BUt we used to always be at Mico's. We used to always play kings cup, and get futched up, and I would always have to drive Jonathan home. I remember one night, Mico's bitch ass, cuz he was drunk, is always an ASSHOLE haha. Always makes you drink. SO I wanted to stop, cuz I didn't want to get tooo damn drunk, so I decide to lay on the couch, so I can sleep, and I wake up to Lo and Mico carrying me to the pool, I fight my hardest to get away, I lose since both of them are stronger than me, I can hear agatha tryna save me, and next thing you know, I hear them count to three. It's like WINTER time, FREEZING COLD AT NIGHT. And then SPLASH in the pool, half drunk, tryna swim to the surface, I felt like punching Mico in the face. LOL. Fucker. One time I will never forget at that house! But anyways here's the video at one of the nights at Mico's.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Edimfa Vasquez

So I had one of the best nights the other night. I havn't had that much fun in the longest time. I went out with the girls to Blue Martini & Moon. We went to Blue Martini cuz Matt was sessioning there with Tal and other ppl. It was fun, THey kept trying to make me dance. Bri & Jen kept calling me pussy. Hahaha. Bitz. Haha this guy was like I know you dance! I've seen you ! I'm like uhhh no I don't. He's like I see you grooving in your seat there. You look like a dancer lookin all good and what not. Ew. Haha but he was a really nice guy. FUn people to hang around with. That one chick who was DJ was ridics, she was so dope. Hella nice too. So we decided to go to Moon after. DIdn't get carded, walked right in cuz of Tal. was a good like 2 hours, stayed there till it closed. Random guys trying to dance and talk to us. Hahah guys are so lame. I got complimented for my dancing, like gogo style dancing not the choreo lookin ass type. Haha this girl said I was cutes =) Haha she was like a dancer in Jubilee or something. Really pretty blonde lady. AHhhh I'll explain later Bri & I are going to the Artisen to meet up with the folks. Yadadaaaa!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Update Update Update!

Geeez! Long time no freakin blog. I have a lot to say, I wish I can make them as detailed as possible! But I can try. So much has happened thats why. Ummm let's see. Ej and I had our "3 month" on the 7th. On Friday he took me to Shark Reef =) I have never been. I was super excited! SO happy. One of our like only DATE dates. It was niceee. Then ate at Cici's after. Bomb. THen back home =)

Saturday just lounged around, ate breakfast with the roomies.Tried to watch TV in the day time downstairs. Haha didn't accomplish that since our tv is poo poo. Then I had to get ready for work 5- close. Ej dropped me off, then he went to his friends bbq. Then he picked me up. Then back home we went =) Watched Tarzan with Duran & Jen and what not. Then went upstairs to sleeep.But we ended up talking for like 2 or 3 hours. Nice little talk =)

THen Sunday we had that performance for the veteran show at the library. FUn little performance. Hi-Fi, Future Shock, & Rascals also performed. GOod shit everyone. We did our ABDC set as always. After went to L&L. Had some laughs with everyone. Aww seeing Jem again too! Havn't hung out with her ass in the longest. Miss her WOmanizer lookin ass. & my bessst! THen went to Buffarooo! Then went home to sreep with emmanuel, then he left. I spent the whole weekend with him. It was gooooods.

Had rehearsal SUnday night for that Hip Hop festival in April with Kim's group he put together. We are a good little group =) It's fun though! We all crack jokes like no other. Hella laughing all the time. Making fun of me all the time cuz I'm so damn weird. Daffi and I acting alike. Adonis and I cracking up at stupid things cuz we are on the same side. Old memories back in the day with like PB and OG Hifi haha. It's so fun when I go to rehearsals with them. We all act the same and have the same sense of humor ha. I never laugh that hard with any other group of people. Well I do, but NVM. It's crazy with them. UPDATE LATER!

Jen cooked fooooood!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So I was at my boyfriends house last night, and he doesn't have anymore candles, so he's been burning paper. He put a lil too much paper, and the flame got kind of big, when he would blow on it, it would expand out all huge and go back to it's normal size. Hahahah. TOo damn funny. Then he wanted to put it out with a paper cup, which would catch on fire also, so I told him not to, so he went to the sink to get water, and I remember reading something that water doesn't help, but I wasn't sure, so I let him do his thang by putting it out with water...He pours the water, and the flame shoots up almost to the ceiling, and the fire alarm goes off. I cannot even explain how freakin hilarious that was. Good job babe. Hahahahaha.

Ummmm what else, I saw my best! Daffaderrrs! Had dinner with her at Mimi's Cafe! Caught up just a bit, she told me about her amazing weekend in SD. Lucky =) Herra training! I'm proud of her ass. She also picked up more girls for Hi-Fi =) Worze it out best! You are doing big thaaangs. Love yoooou!

Practice tonight at UNLV on the top floor of the parking garage. YADADA!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

DDO Agency LV

I was @ work on Saturday and I got a text from Jawkeen saying there were auditions @ 2 for DDO Agency LV. So I ask my manager if I can go and she said yeah, as long as I went back to work to close. So I hurry home and get dressed and head over to the studio. 2pm was jazz & 3 pm was hip hop. I didn't know what to expect. I was a bit intimidated when I first walked in, seeing all those dancers stretching with their amazing flexibility. So we learn a short across the floor combo, then did it 3 by 3. I did whatevvs. Then we learn a routine. Mainly lyrical to an evanescence song. I put my all into it since it was a rock pop song ya knoww?! Haa. We split it up into two groups, then 3 by 3 again. Doing it twice through. My group was sick, 2 amazing dancers with me, both ripped. We got signed for jazz =)I got many compliments after and I was proud of myself.

Then around 4pm, hip hop started with Jawkeen teaching. He taught to some new Missy ish. It was koo. Good job Jawkeen. Same audition process, 2 groups, then 3 by 3 running it twiceee. Got signed also for hip hop. =) So yay I have an agent now. I just need to get some head shots and what not. Here's some info about DDO

DDO Artists Agency was founded in 1969 by Dorothy Day Otis and focused on the representation of young stars.

Today, DDO Artists Agency, owned and operated by Bill Bohl, Abby Girvin and Marlene Sutton, is a full-service talent agency consisting of well-respected and highly successful Commercial, Dance, Choreography, Print, Theatre, Sports and Hosting Divisions.

DDO has expanded with offices located in Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas and Nashville. The agency provides representation across the country to performers in Commercials, TV, Film, Music Videos, Live Stage and Broadway.

Owners and agents are committed to offering superior artist representation while continually striving for the creation of greater opportunity for their clients.

I'm proud of myself. Yay me. One goal outta the way. =)

I'm happy I have the loving support of my boyfriend Emmanuel Mones Barba Junior. He's like the only one who is REALLY REALLY proud of me. I appreciate you babycakes.

I pray for your family hunny, I really do. I know what you're going through, kind of. You're strong so I have nothing to worry about =) Love you

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day Off

SO I'm having a relaxed day off. I still need to get my paycheck which I should of had last week but I don't think Jenny checked her mail. ANyways enough about that, I'm so bored, I'm on Mike's laptop, and Im wanting to do choreo but I can't seem to get started haha. Um we started out Body Rock set. Just formations which are ridics already. I'm lost and confused as hell but I know Ellis knows what he doinnnnn. Oh he knowwww what he dooooin.

I'm teaching Hifi next Thursday. Debating between M.I.A & Shiny Toy Guns. Both sick songs! Goodness I hate choosing songs. WHy did I have to hear that song on the radio! Damnit.

Ummm! I have nothing else to really type about. Ok I"m out!! Mike is going to kill me. HAHAHAH

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hollywood Vibe

So this weekend was HV Las Vegas. I was just going to assist my Uncle in his classes but I ended up taking class for the full 5 hours each day. I brought EJ with me just cuz he's never been to a dance convention. Poor baby sat there just watching a jazillion dancers dance away. But I took Tania's mini's jazz class. Easy haha. Then stayed to assist Kevin Maher, which is ridics! I feel so honored I assisted him, cuz he is so dope. Collabed with Jillian Meyers, subs at Debbie Reynolds and teaches at The Edge. Works with nappytabs. Geezez. IDK! I looked his stuff up, and I love it a lot. He told me I should go down to LA and experience that. Thank you for inspiring me in two days. Anyways, I also took Jen's Junior contemp class, taught to M.I.A. - Sunshowers. Dope! Futchin EJ stuck a damn sticker on my back before that class, and I went to assist Kevin in the senior room and it was still on my back, but I didn't know! Until Jesse told me there was a sticker on my back. I was like Oh hell, for like 2 hours that thing has been on my back. HAHA. Yeah. OH we met Daniel and Britney from Mississippi. They stayed at my Uncle's house. Sweet kids =) Miss them already. OK thennnn! 

Sunday I woke up herra late! Missed the last half of Kevin's piece for seniors, I liked it though! I tried to catch on, kind of did, but didn't succeed. Took his teachers class, taught to Tierra Marie Stay in Your Lane. Dope. Then I rested and watched the Senior's audition for their scholarships. Tania taught them. Then it was lunch. Baby came and I went to go take Robert's contemporary. He taught to John Legend-I Love You Love. Sick. It felt good to dance like that again. Then off to assist my Uncle's class. Then back to the teacher room to experiment with jazz tricks I couldn't do for the life of me. But he taught a little bit of his piece. Always dope Rustin! You always amaze me. I don't know what song he taught to but I liked it a lot a lot a lot. THen after that was the faculty show. Then home with my baby =)

I love you babeeee! Gosh he sat there the whole weekend just watching me dance =) My number 1 supporter. It meant so much to me for him to come. Thank you hunny. Just driving home with me behind him, I can see him in his mirror looking at me =) With his cutesy smile that drives me crazy. Gosh I love him. He takes good care of me. 

SO my body is sore. It hurts when I move and bend down. It hurts when I get up from sitting down. Goodness. I hate it! It hurt to sleep last night haha. But it was so worth it. I can't wait for more conventions to attend =) I'll type more later I'm going to boyfriend's house in a bits!

this is the piece Mr. Kevin Maher taught to us. Play Me-Usher. Collab with Lee Daniel. If you go about half way it's more up close and he's in all black.

This is his choreography reel. He's dope.

Oh and this is Erika's class at Hypnotix Toy Drive =) Yall know which I am. Enjoyyyy

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Meccamee x Peerless tee 09

So this is our Meccamee x Peerless tee. Mico helped us out with that. I don't even think there's anymore left but umm they are $20! Yadada. Yay Meccamee, I love yall shoooooz. So yeah, umm yah! I really don't know what to type right now, but hello buy the shirt and rep Meccamee. Thank you bery bery mahtz!

Hello ABDC. Beat Freaks. OH MY LANTA. The EnD!

Update @ 11:40 am.

So I'm about to leave Ej's to go home and get ready for work. WHACK. I don't know who I'm closing with today. But whatevvs. Thank goodness I didn't have to wake up at 8 to get ready. Haha I am so not a morning person! & I can't find my damn socks. hmph. What to do today after work, probably go home and sreeep! Or IDK! Yadadaaaaaa.

Final decisions on my moving situation? I'm aiming to move to LA this summer before I freaking turn 19. Wthail I was supposed to move last year....none of my goals were accomplished cuz I got a stupid delay lasst year. Waist of my time fucker. But seriously, things need to get DONE. I need to get our of vegas where I'm comfortable and lazy and move back to LA where my friends have drifted and I can get more work done. ALso to meet new people =) But I know if I move to LA, I'll have my Grandma nagging at me, so that's a huge push to get started. I have a lot to think about though. My life is finally settling here =( It's hard. I have my family that I'm close, BUT not close to. Does that make sense? Whatevv I know what I'm talkin about and this is my blog haha. Meccamee has grown on me. I love them with a passion. My boyfriend is just everything wonderful. It's like my move 3 years ago, when I left my life behind and I was just UPSET. It's hard and depressing. I'm just confusing myself right now, all I know is I want to just blog what's on my mind. SO many memories out here in vegas, good & bad. It's gonna be hard to let go of it. If I was rich, I would travel back and forth all the damn time. But I don't have that kind of money. I'm going to miss my loving boyfriend =( We just got started too. WHatever happens happens though. Just gotta think positive. Even though I'm a negative person about 78% of the time. Haha. Da hail? I know everything is going to work out. Yasss I will update latuhhh cuz I'm going to get ready for work. Bye byeeeee =)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Body Rock 09

Meccamee is doing Body Rock, and I'm making a decision. That this will really be one of my last with Meccamee. Last huge one. I really want to get my dancing career started, but I think it will be great to finish off the year with Body Rock 09.

Update in a bit, I don't know what I'm doing tonight damnit. Probably lounge around the houseeeee.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Early Mornings

Hmmm!!! So I'm here at Ej's and I just decided to blog while he does his homework. I just got off work about 2 hours ago and man was it a drag. So sloww from 4-7. But I reached my sales goal today so good for me. Hopefully I'm not negative. Umm what to type about...Nothing interesting happened at work. When I got off, I went to visit Justin @ Mango. Miss that gay. Then I went to say hi to Chris Bueno @ Ed Hardy next door to my store. Then to Bebe to grab an app. That was my day at the Fashion Show Mall today.

Friday the 13th we watched Friday the 13th. Movie was dope. Baby & I went to South Point to watch it. His treat. Thanx hunny. Shit was scary my golly. Jumping in my seat and what not. So was EJ don't plaaaay. But yeah I liked the movie a lot. The ending was kind of a killer, but the suspense was great. Oh and at the movies, we were walking to our theater, and like there's these lil asian filipino whatever the hell they were girls whispering while we were walking by. I thought they were checkin Ej out hahah but then we hear one scream "Meccamee! I love Meccamee!" Haha wthaaaail. Random. So Ej goes to the bathroom and I'm standing there, and they ask me if I can take a picture with them. hahah. Cueeeeeez. Highlight of my day. Shoooooozzzzz. After the movie, we wanted to go somewhere random, then we drove around randomly to find "Dark places" and I chickened out and got scared haha. Seriously, the street had no lights. My pansy ass self.

Valentine's Day...Sorry no updates I just havn't had the time to blog. Or maybe it's cuz I don't have my laptop. Ha. Ummm I called off work that day, Ej slept over, Jay was in town, UMMMMM. Woke up, went downstairs, Jane & EJ cooked breakfast, (spam, eggs, & rice) I was outside with Ellis, Jay, Jen, & Mike playing HORSE. I suck. But it was fun. THen we all ate like one big happy family. I love my boyfriend. Then we decided to go watch He's Just Not That Into You. *Haha my boyfriend keeps smelling and kissing my hand right now. =)* Ok umm....That movie was herra cueeezzz! We watched it with Jay, Jen, Mike, Chris, & his girlfriend. I saw bro bro and Nikki there too they watched the same movie. Valentine's Day was chill. I was just happy I got to be with my boyfriend. Yadada. My boyfriend thinks I'm saying this stuff just cuz he's next to me. What a big gay. Anywhoo...great sex that day. THree times niggah. That's it. I love you babe. Hahaha

Sunday the 15th was our House Warming party!!! Good turn out. We all tried to match but I had no red on. But it was fun. It was a potluck. Saw ppl I havn't seen in awhile. It started at 12 and ended around ummm 10 or 11ish?! Whatevvvs. yadada pictures up later thanxx! Thank you everyone who came =) Sonnn! Ej left my house around 4 but while there we met Brea, Mike's uhh lady? Umm idk. Cutesy ass she is =) Yahh. Yeah ummm Yeahhh!!!

I swear I've been sleeping at Ej's house like almost every night for the past week and a half. Haha. My 2nd home I guess I can say. =) Waking up next to him in the mornings and what not. So cutessss. I love yooooou once again.

2 HOB concerts I want to go to next month. Cute Is What We Aim For & Cut Copy. The same mofutchiin weekend son! Hopefully boyfriend can go cuz I really want to go. So stoked about it. Yadadaaaaaaa. Both like 20 bux so it's koooooo.

I don't get to see Metro Station cuz that's the same weekend i'll be in my hometown. Mexico pendejo! jfsldkfjslfj

Ok this blog is getting pretty damn long. If anything else comes to mind I will update. Goodnight world.

Take care & God Bless <3

Sunday, February 15, 2009

House Warming Party

So today is our house warming party! Us roomies are trying to match wearing grey and red. I will update later!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Vexed & Glorious

Holy crap. THat's all I'm going to say. I THINK we are teaching Meccamee today our piece. We love it. I love it. He loves it. I hope people love it?! Sickning. We've been seeing each other a lot this past week. Spending time with each other. Sleeping over. Waiting for him to come home from school. =) Staying with him till he goes to work. I love him! My mom was all "OMG Are you guys married?!" Haha that's after I told her I was going on the cruise with him and his family. We watched The Uninivited on our 2 months. Ok that shit scared me..haha. But whatevvv. Today, when he came home from school, he came to sleep next to me, and I kept hearing him laugh. Hahahahahah. He was like laughing in his dream and he kept catching himself. It was so damn cute lol. Haha so funny. Ok I'm going to go run some errands before I see eeeejes so we can finish our collabo and then Meccamee practice. Update laterrrr.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No time to reflect.

What a gay time. I close today too so I get off around ummm 9:15?! Hopefully if no one comes in the store at like 8:55. Let's seeeeee!!!!!

I have nothing to really type about at the moment, maybe more interesting moments will come at work and at practice. Babe and I started our first ever collabo piece. It's looking pretty dope =) Can't wait to showww & tell. I really really really like it. Yeeeeee!

Cut Copy w/ special guests Matt & Kim. THey pretty sick toooo
I wanna goooooooo.
We're going babe. YADADA

Ok time to get ready soonsies

Monday, February 9, 2009

You like it my way, & you know it...

So I havn't blogged in years. WAHHH! I've been spending time with my lovely boyfriend of mine =) Finished Season 2 of Grey's and WTHAAIL! WTHAILWTHAIL! I'm in need of season 3 already. I was so shocked. DAMNIT I wanna watch already but no one has Season 3. I love you my Emmanuel Mones Barba Junior. OH I'm going to Mexico with his family for Ellis's birthday in April. Shoot terrified but excited to go. I hate the ocean hahaha. =) Paid first month of rent and I feel like so much weight has came off my shoulders. Phewww! I miss dancing. House is cutesy. HOUSE WARMING PARTY ON SUNDAY @ NOON! Please come =) Work is boring as usual. Ok let's see.

OOOH The Sounds is going on tour with...wait for it...NO DOUBT! Holy shizaaaa No Doubt AND THe Sounds?! Siickning. THey will be going on tour in May, no set dates that I know of. But shit! I'm so going. Check how sick they are...

The Sounds - Painted By Numbers

I bought a pair of jeans from Zara, and I really like their clothes. A lot. I never bothered to go in, just cuz, but I just went in cuz it's right near my work, and I found a new place to shop. Yay haha.

Mike is the coolest right now cuz im about to help him carry his FUTON to his room!!! hell no he isnt....damnit mike. hold on. Ok can you say unsuccessful?! LMAO my weak ass couldn't even lift it. Mike was just laughing at me. HAHA. AND it was freezing outside! Putoooo.

Speaking of puto Tita Angel made us some =) & I forgot it at the house. Dumbo.

Oh yeah All Time Low, & Metro Station are coming out here in April I think. I really really really really really want to go! Someone inform me when and where I can get tickets. pweeeeez. Ok I'm going to leave soonsies to go to boyfriends. =)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

After the Fall

I can't seem to get that song out of my head! Metro Station is so dope yall please just listen to their album. Hmph. Finally got paid the boo boo money from The Killers video shoot. Ha whack. Moved most of my stuff to the new house! Everyone was home but Jen. Mike moved some of his stuff too. Haha I brought my laptop and put music on, and it's on shuffle, so Coheed came on. Ellis goes upstairs and yells "WHat's this satanic music?!" Hahah. Dumbs. SO I walk up stairs and he's in my room rocking out. Haha I love that fool. Love this house I gotta say, first month is hard on the money though. Stressed about that a bit. But it'll come together like it always does.

Bri you're sooo ill. She taught yesterday, and wow. =) Ummmm! Ileri teaches today, lesss go Miss Teen Nevada. I love Meccamee.

My boyfriend I mean excuse me, Ej is a futchin weirdo.

Yo what up man?! It's freezing cold right now. SO uncomfortable sleeping last night on the floor, tried to get comfortable so many times, didn't happen. HA

Need to go DMV soon. Registration fixed again & change my address. Damnit.

Need to start a new piece.

Ok going to get food and probably keep on coloring in my big coloring book. It keeps me occupied =)

Monday, January 26, 2009


So I had a good weekend with my boyfriend. Hung out with him like 4 days in a row. I feel so greaaaat. One of my New Years Resolutions was to enhance my relationship with him, and I feel like it's finally but slowly starting. I gotta say, ladies, be jealous. I have like the best guy as my boyfriend. Haha! I'm jk, but i'm serious. Shoot I'm so damn lucky. Let's see...

Thursday night, he slept over, Friday we hung out the whole day...slept in like lazies. Had our daughter in between us. Awww zoey. She would sleep between Ej & I, it was cutessss. I miss those dogs btw. hmm..Also Saturday, we went to that bboy jam on Highland Drive. It was dopeee. HELLA HOT IN THERE. THanx baby for paying for me. Hahahaha. Sorry I forgot to say Thank you =( Yeah, it was mad hot in there geezez. Baby and I couldn't see shit. Tall ass people in front of us. So we moved to the other side where AR was. Stood on some chairs. Watched the cute bboys do their thang. Haha jk babe =) You're my cutesy bboy. Then we went back to the house to pick up his car. Then he came to my old house with me and practically slept over again. Then Saturday, I slept in. Woke up around ummm IDK. But I know I got ready to go to his house so we can go to Ervin's 18th shindig at his house. We stayed there till about 10ish? Idk, but went back to his house, watched A Walk To Remember and talked about ish. A good conversation though =) We talked about things that bothered us, things that he didn't like that I do. Which I know I do, but I always deny it. But hey I gotta hear it sometime right? So I left to go back home, then I was gonna TRY to go to church with him that morning at 10, but I guess I didn't hear my alarm and I didn't hear him trying to call me. Weak, but I went to his house around 6 and we watched Taken & Sex and the City together. =)

Good weekend. But today! we were talking about back in the day how we used to talk, how gay we used to be, how we were vibing each other before Disneyland. Our sides of the story at Disneyland...haha it's so funny. It's so cutesy though! I didn't know he liked me that much, it made me happy when we talked about it again. Like how I was all upset when I saw those hickeys on his neck, and how he tried hiding it before he saw me. Haha! How he was only thinking of me, how I tried ignoring him cuz of Jay's picnic. HAAH. So twisted but i'm glad it all happened. =) I love my baby. He pays attention to all the little details about me. I left his house today feeling good. Smiling to myself while I was driving home like a gay. I'm gonna try to make this relationship the best it can be. He's the perfect guy. He has a loving and caring family that I enjoy being around, a good head on his shoulders, very wise for his age,he knows what he wants to do in the future, wants to go to school, an amazing dancer/bboy, he has a dope best friend who I heart dearly, man I can't say enough. You are so "SICK!" ahahaah! You love when I say that don't play boyyyy! Haha. Ok I'm going to get some sreeeeeep! Going to his house tomorrow, and I'm going to pick up apps at Town Square while he's at work. =) GOodnight.

Ej I love you, and I can't stop thinking of you =)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

It started with a low light

Shooooz I'm so sreeeeepy!!!! But I thaaaaank i'm going to get ready soonsies and go to church by myself at 5 =) hmph. I was supposed to go with EJ this morning but I didn't wake up. Dangit. I don't really feel like blogging right now gayyy. Right now I'm just on the phone with Ej? I don't know if he sreeeping, and talking to Nolan on aim. && wondering what to wear dangit. Oh well I will update laterrrrr. Oh

The killers video is up. Enjoy this i'm in this hot mess somewhere haha.

I had to post this, geez Nolan, you so crazy. Lmao...

ishlurxxxiyo (1:57:23 PM): do you know what you wanna do?
KINGERRZ (1:57:38 PM): Yea
KINGERRZ (1:57:47 PM): I wanna live a life of crime
KINGERRZ (1:57:53 PM): Rob banks
KINGERRZ (1:58:00 PM): Rob people
KINGERRZ (1:58:07 PM): Hustle drugs
KINGERRZ (1:58:14 PM): Prostitute women
KINGERRZ (1:58:22 PM): I wanna do all the bad things

HAHAHA. Oh hell. I heart that man dearly haha

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fried Rice

So I just got home from work, and made myself garlic fried rice with spam & egg mixed =) Yum! Well had work from 11-4, took Reggie home, then now i'm here resting before I go to Groove for Dee's class from Formality LV! My best friend from 8th grade is coming down right now and hopefully I get to see him ! Hm so YESTERDAY!

Um went to Red Rock for no damn reason cuz of a misunderstanding. Damnit. Well went to pick up Ej, drove baack to Egypt aka Red Rock, and watched Gran Torino. Gay movie -_- damnit. Haha! Whatevvs. Went to pick up Taco Hell, then to my house. Then took my fine ass boyfriend home, then chilled in the car for about an hour, talking about non sense and how damn tired I was to drive home. Weird ass, hahaha shining that damn blue light in my eyeballs. Damnit you were pissing me off with that blue light, haha. Shiz was hurting my eyeballs! Tried to see who will laugh first, and I owe you a quarter cuz I lost. Yeah...Luhhh yuhhh booboo.

THEN ON MY FREAKIN WAY HOME...oh my lanta. I was going about 65 on the freeway, tired as hell, like on auto pilot, then I see in my rearview that some dude was flying up next to me, so I'm just thinking to myself damn speedy....then he like cuts me off, and all of a sudden brakes all fast and shit, my eyes got all big, everything felt slow motion, i braked as fast as I can and tried to avoid hitting the car, that car starts spinning out, and I'm panicking that it's going to hit me and I for sure thought omgah, that's it for me i'm done...I closed my eyes and turned to my left to try avoid hitting the car, and I op en my eyes and Idk, it's like my hands knew what to do but my mind had no clue. I was in so much shock, I was like frozen driving home, starting ballin, I could hear my phone ringing and obviously it was Ej, but I didn't even want to pick up, I was so scared...Thank God... kdsfjldfj ughhh omgah.

I love life i love life i love life. Reality check?! I think so....

Friday, January 16, 2009

What's the plan?!

So yesterday, I woke up, got ready, went to Ej's, ate with his fam at Cheesecake and was scared to deaf, I don't know why, HAHA. We watched Serendipitydoodaa, CUTE MOVIE. Geezez caca. I loved it. Then we had practice at 9, Matt taught, loved his piece to black & gold. Then Mr. ERRRVIN, taught to circus. Both sick =) Wahhh my ervin i'm so froud of you babiesss!!! Let's seeeeeee!

I love you boyfriend. He turns me into a big gay when I'm with him. <3 His birthday is coming up !!!! Yay baby! Finally 18! =) Geesh haha. I don't know what to get youuuu! Hmph

I'm going out with him today, cuz I miss him. I guess movie and grab him some apps. Just a nice day to him and me since we never get to have outings together =) Gran torinooo! Shieet i wanna see that !

K gonna get ready now. Picking up my handsome boy soonsies.

Monday, January 12, 2009

1 dolla bills coming out her asshole.

Long time no blog ehh? Well quick update: Work is whatevs, dance um just did this gogo gig with Bria, it was some dude's 18th bday party at Chameleon Global, nice rich white boy, Killers music video shoot, freezing cold damnit, dope though, ummm Meccamee tomorrow again, family havn't really visited but I was there on Sunday, probably going to hang out tomorrow since I'm off tomorrow, um let's leave the rest yah?

KINGERRZ (9:34:26 PM): i wanna go to begas
KINGERRZ (9:34:39 PM): and watch you dance
KINGERRZ (9:34:43 PM): and all that fun stuff

^^i have the dopest cali friends. awwww how i miss you nolannn!!!!

I miss my best friend Daffodildo. Hello best friend, I miss you dearly, and we need a playdate soon please. We need to update on each others lives. Seriously I need you. =) Love you hoeskeeeebruhhh!

I'm bout to sleeps in tomorow idk bout yooous!

Sooooooo I am going to rest for the rest of the night. Yadadaaaa!

oh and conversation of the night with Mr. Justin Velasquez haha.
niggah always makes me laugh

ishlurxxxiyo (9:29:39 PM): like dude lexi isn't gf material
ishlurxxxiyo (9:29:43 PM): i'm a cool friend
ishlurxxxiyo (9:29:44 PM): hahaha
Flipmastajay (9:29:51 PM): yeah u arent...
Flipmastajay (9:29:53 PM): muahahaha
ishlurxxxiyo (9:30:04 PM): HAHAHA
ishlurxxxiyo (9:30:06 PM): i know i'm not
ishlurxxxiyo (9:30:09 PM): one day i will be though
Flipmastajay (9:30:13 PM): riiiiight
ishlurxxxiyo (9:30:16 PM): when i'm like 25
Flipmastajay (9:30:18 PM): that day will be the day i turn gay
ishlurxxxiyo (9:30:17 PM): HAHHA
Flipmastajay (9:30:24 PM): which is prolly like in 2 weeks
ishlurxxxiyo (9:30:24 PM): LMAO
ishlurxxxiyo (9:30:26 PM): that's going in my blog
ishlurxxxiyo (9:30:29 PM): HAHA
ishlurxxxiyo (9:30:40 PM): ewww you're gonna be gay in two weeks?! and i'm gonna be girlfriend material?!
Flipmastajay (9:31:06 PM): yeah thats never happening
Flipmastajay (9:31:07 PM): lmao
Flipmastajay (9:31:08 PM): ewww
Flipmastajay (9:31:11 PM): dont put that shit
Flipmastajay (9:31:15 PM): gay dudes might stalk me!!
ishlurxxxiyo (9:31:27 PM): shut up you know you're gay fool!
Flipmastajay (9:31:32 PM): ....
Flipmastajay (9:31:34 PM): -_____-
ishlurxxxiyo (9:32:42 PM): that's a yes
ishlurxxxiyo (9:32:43 PM): hahaha!
Flipmastajay (9:32:51 PM): NO
Flipmastajay (9:32:52 PM): ew
Flipmastajay (9:32:53 PM): lmao
ishlurxxxiyo (9:33:08 PM): haha
ishlurxxxiyo (9:33:25 PM): you've heard that song sliding down the pole right?
Flipmastajay (9:34:29 PM): hahahaah yeah
ishlurxxxiyo (9:35:07 PM): ewww that part... "1 dolla bills coming out her asshole"
ishlurxxxiyo (9:35:09 PM): made me laugh so hard
ishlurxxxiyo (9:35:10 PM): HAHAHAHAHAAH
Flipmastajay (9:35:14 PM): I KNOW!!
Flipmastajay (9:35:19 PM): i was like WTF and pictured it...
Flipmastajay (9:35:23 PM): and the asshole was black
Flipmastajay (9:35:24 PM): hahahaha
ishlurxxxiyo (9:35:29 PM): HAHAHH!
Flipmastajay (9:35:33 PM): and the dollar bills had stains...k thats enough
ishlurxxxiyo (9:35:37 PM): i pictured it toooo! AHAHAHAH my butt clenched and shit
ishlurxxxiyo (9:35:39 PM): HAHAHA
Flipmastajay (9:35:52 PM): LMFAO
Flipmastajay (9:35:53 PM): ewwwww
ishlurxxxiyo (9:36:06 PM): this shits going in my blog
Flipmastajay (9:36:10 PM): hahaha
Flipmastajay (9:36:11 PM): wthhh
Flipmastajay (9:36:14 PM): im randomly in ur blog
Flipmastajay (9:36:15 PM): haha