Thursday, January 29, 2009

After the Fall

I can't seem to get that song out of my head! Metro Station is so dope yall please just listen to their album. Hmph. Finally got paid the boo boo money from The Killers video shoot. Ha whack. Moved most of my stuff to the new house! Everyone was home but Jen. Mike moved some of his stuff too. Haha I brought my laptop and put music on, and it's on shuffle, so Coheed came on. Ellis goes upstairs and yells "WHat's this satanic music?!" Hahah. Dumbs. SO I walk up stairs and he's in my room rocking out. Haha I love that fool. Love this house I gotta say, first month is hard on the money though. Stressed about that a bit. But it'll come together like it always does.

Bri you're sooo ill. She taught yesterday, and wow. =) Ummmm! Ileri teaches today, lesss go Miss Teen Nevada. I love Meccamee.

My boyfriend I mean excuse me, Ej is a futchin weirdo.

Yo what up man?! It's freezing cold right now. SO uncomfortable sleeping last night on the floor, tried to get comfortable so many times, didn't happen. HA

Need to go DMV soon. Registration fixed again & change my address. Damnit.

Need to start a new piece.

Ok going to get food and probably keep on coloring in my big coloring book. It keeps me occupied =)

Monday, January 26, 2009


So I had a good weekend with my boyfriend. Hung out with him like 4 days in a row. I feel so greaaaat. One of my New Years Resolutions was to enhance my relationship with him, and I feel like it's finally but slowly starting. I gotta say, ladies, be jealous. I have like the best guy as my boyfriend. Haha! I'm jk, but i'm serious. Shoot I'm so damn lucky. Let's see...

Thursday night, he slept over, Friday we hung out the whole day...slept in like lazies. Had our daughter in between us. Awww zoey. She would sleep between Ej & I, it was cutessss. I miss those dogs btw. hmm..Also Saturday, we went to that bboy jam on Highland Drive. It was dopeee. HELLA HOT IN THERE. THanx baby for paying for me. Hahahaha. Sorry I forgot to say Thank you =( Yeah, it was mad hot in there geezez. Baby and I couldn't see shit. Tall ass people in front of us. So we moved to the other side where AR was. Stood on some chairs. Watched the cute bboys do their thang. Haha jk babe =) You're my cutesy bboy. Then we went back to the house to pick up his car. Then he came to my old house with me and practically slept over again. Then Saturday, I slept in. Woke up around ummm IDK. But I know I got ready to go to his house so we can go to Ervin's 18th shindig at his house. We stayed there till about 10ish? Idk, but went back to his house, watched A Walk To Remember and talked about ish. A good conversation though =) We talked about things that bothered us, things that he didn't like that I do. Which I know I do, but I always deny it. But hey I gotta hear it sometime right? So I left to go back home, then I was gonna TRY to go to church with him that morning at 10, but I guess I didn't hear my alarm and I didn't hear him trying to call me. Weak, but I went to his house around 6 and we watched Taken & Sex and the City together. =)

Good weekend. But today! we were talking about back in the day how we used to talk, how gay we used to be, how we were vibing each other before Disneyland. Our sides of the story at Disneyland...haha it's so funny. It's so cutesy though! I didn't know he liked me that much, it made me happy when we talked about it again. Like how I was all upset when I saw those hickeys on his neck, and how he tried hiding it before he saw me. Haha! How he was only thinking of me, how I tried ignoring him cuz of Jay's picnic. HAAH. So twisted but i'm glad it all happened. =) I love my baby. He pays attention to all the little details about me. I left his house today feeling good. Smiling to myself while I was driving home like a gay. I'm gonna try to make this relationship the best it can be. He's the perfect guy. He has a loving and caring family that I enjoy being around, a good head on his shoulders, very wise for his age,he knows what he wants to do in the future, wants to go to school, an amazing dancer/bboy, he has a dope best friend who I heart dearly, man I can't say enough. You are so "SICK!" ahahaah! You love when I say that don't play boyyyy! Haha. Ok I'm going to get some sreeeeeep! Going to his house tomorrow, and I'm going to pick up apps at Town Square while he's at work. =) GOodnight.

Ej I love you, and I can't stop thinking of you =)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

It started with a low light

Shooooz I'm so sreeeeepy!!!! But I thaaaaank i'm going to get ready soonsies and go to church by myself at 5 =) hmph. I was supposed to go with EJ this morning but I didn't wake up. Dangit. I don't really feel like blogging right now gayyy. Right now I'm just on the phone with Ej? I don't know if he sreeeping, and talking to Nolan on aim. && wondering what to wear dangit. Oh well I will update laterrrrr. Oh

The killers video is up. Enjoy this i'm in this hot mess somewhere haha.

I had to post this, geez Nolan, you so crazy. Lmao...

ishlurxxxiyo (1:57:23 PM): do you know what you wanna do?
KINGERRZ (1:57:38 PM): Yea
KINGERRZ (1:57:47 PM): I wanna live a life of crime
KINGERRZ (1:57:53 PM): Rob banks
KINGERRZ (1:58:00 PM): Rob people
KINGERRZ (1:58:07 PM): Hustle drugs
KINGERRZ (1:58:14 PM): Prostitute women
KINGERRZ (1:58:22 PM): I wanna do all the bad things

HAHAHA. Oh hell. I heart that man dearly haha

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fried Rice

So I just got home from work, and made myself garlic fried rice with spam & egg mixed =) Yum! Well had work from 11-4, took Reggie home, then now i'm here resting before I go to Groove for Dee's class from Formality LV! My best friend from 8th grade is coming down right now and hopefully I get to see him ! Hm so YESTERDAY!

Um went to Red Rock for no damn reason cuz of a misunderstanding. Damnit. Well went to pick up Ej, drove baack to Egypt aka Red Rock, and watched Gran Torino. Gay movie -_- damnit. Haha! Whatevvs. Went to pick up Taco Hell, then to my house. Then took my fine ass boyfriend home, then chilled in the car for about an hour, talking about non sense and how damn tired I was to drive home. Weird ass, hahaha shining that damn blue light in my eyeballs. Damnit you were pissing me off with that blue light, haha. Shiz was hurting my eyeballs! Tried to see who will laugh first, and I owe you a quarter cuz I lost. Yeah...Luhhh yuhhh booboo.

THEN ON MY FREAKIN WAY HOME...oh my lanta. I was going about 65 on the freeway, tired as hell, like on auto pilot, then I see in my rearview that some dude was flying up next to me, so I'm just thinking to myself damn speedy....then he like cuts me off, and all of a sudden brakes all fast and shit, my eyes got all big, everything felt slow motion, i braked as fast as I can and tried to avoid hitting the car, that car starts spinning out, and I'm panicking that it's going to hit me and I for sure thought omgah, that's it for me i'm done...I closed my eyes and turned to my left to try avoid hitting the car, and I op en my eyes and Idk, it's like my hands knew what to do but my mind had no clue. I was in so much shock, I was like frozen driving home, starting ballin, I could hear my phone ringing and obviously it was Ej, but I didn't even want to pick up, I was so scared...Thank God... kdsfjldfj ughhh omgah.

I love life i love life i love life. Reality check?! I think so....

Friday, January 16, 2009

What's the plan?!

So yesterday, I woke up, got ready, went to Ej's, ate with his fam at Cheesecake and was scared to deaf, I don't know why, HAHA. We watched Serendipitydoodaa, CUTE MOVIE. Geezez caca. I loved it. Then we had practice at 9, Matt taught, loved his piece to black & gold. Then Mr. ERRRVIN, taught to circus. Both sick =) Wahhh my ervin i'm so froud of you babiesss!!! Let's seeeeeee!

I love you boyfriend. He turns me into a big gay when I'm with him. <3 His birthday is coming up !!!! Yay baby! Finally 18! =) Geesh haha. I don't know what to get youuuu! Hmph

I'm going out with him today, cuz I miss him. I guess movie and grab him some apps. Just a nice day to him and me since we never get to have outings together =) Gran torinooo! Shieet i wanna see that !

K gonna get ready now. Picking up my handsome boy soonsies.

Monday, January 12, 2009

1 dolla bills coming out her asshole.

Long time no blog ehh? Well quick update: Work is whatevs, dance um just did this gogo gig with Bria, it was some dude's 18th bday party at Chameleon Global, nice rich white boy, Killers music video shoot, freezing cold damnit, dope though, ummm Meccamee tomorrow again, family havn't really visited but I was there on Sunday, probably going to hang out tomorrow since I'm off tomorrow, um let's leave the rest yah?

KINGERRZ (9:34:26 PM): i wanna go to begas
KINGERRZ (9:34:39 PM): and watch you dance
KINGERRZ (9:34:43 PM): and all that fun stuff

^^i have the dopest cali friends. awwww how i miss you nolannn!!!!

I miss my best friend Daffodildo. Hello best friend, I miss you dearly, and we need a playdate soon please. We need to update on each others lives. Seriously I need you. =) Love you hoeskeeeebruhhh!

I'm bout to sleeps in tomorow idk bout yooous!

Sooooooo I am going to rest for the rest of the night. Yadadaaaa!

oh and conversation of the night with Mr. Justin Velasquez haha.
niggah always makes me laugh

ishlurxxxiyo (9:29:39 PM): like dude lexi isn't gf material
ishlurxxxiyo (9:29:43 PM): i'm a cool friend
ishlurxxxiyo (9:29:44 PM): hahaha
Flipmastajay (9:29:51 PM): yeah u arent...
Flipmastajay (9:29:53 PM): muahahaha
ishlurxxxiyo (9:30:04 PM): HAHAHA
ishlurxxxiyo (9:30:06 PM): i know i'm not
ishlurxxxiyo (9:30:09 PM): one day i will be though
Flipmastajay (9:30:13 PM): riiiiight
ishlurxxxiyo (9:30:16 PM): when i'm like 25
Flipmastajay (9:30:18 PM): that day will be the day i turn gay
ishlurxxxiyo (9:30:17 PM): HAHHA
Flipmastajay (9:30:24 PM): which is prolly like in 2 weeks
ishlurxxxiyo (9:30:24 PM): LMAO
ishlurxxxiyo (9:30:26 PM): that's going in my blog
ishlurxxxiyo (9:30:29 PM): HAHA
ishlurxxxiyo (9:30:40 PM): ewww you're gonna be gay in two weeks?! and i'm gonna be girlfriend material?!
Flipmastajay (9:31:06 PM): yeah thats never happening
Flipmastajay (9:31:07 PM): lmao
Flipmastajay (9:31:08 PM): ewww
Flipmastajay (9:31:11 PM): dont put that shit
Flipmastajay (9:31:15 PM): gay dudes might stalk me!!
ishlurxxxiyo (9:31:27 PM): shut up you know you're gay fool!
Flipmastajay (9:31:32 PM): ....
Flipmastajay (9:31:34 PM): -_____-
ishlurxxxiyo (9:32:42 PM): that's a yes
ishlurxxxiyo (9:32:43 PM): hahaha!
Flipmastajay (9:32:51 PM): NO
Flipmastajay (9:32:52 PM): ew
Flipmastajay (9:32:53 PM): lmao
ishlurxxxiyo (9:33:08 PM): haha
ishlurxxxiyo (9:33:25 PM): you've heard that song sliding down the pole right?
Flipmastajay (9:34:29 PM): hahahaah yeah
ishlurxxxiyo (9:35:07 PM): ewww that part... "1 dolla bills coming out her asshole"
ishlurxxxiyo (9:35:09 PM): made me laugh so hard
ishlurxxxiyo (9:35:10 PM): HAHAHAHAHAAH
Flipmastajay (9:35:14 PM): I KNOW!!
Flipmastajay (9:35:19 PM): i was like WTF and pictured it...
Flipmastajay (9:35:23 PM): and the asshole was black
Flipmastajay (9:35:24 PM): hahahaha
ishlurxxxiyo (9:35:29 PM): HAHAHH!
Flipmastajay (9:35:33 PM): and the dollar bills had stains...k thats enough
ishlurxxxiyo (9:35:37 PM): i pictured it toooo! AHAHAHAH my butt clenched and shit
ishlurxxxiyo (9:35:39 PM): HAHAHA
Flipmastajay (9:35:52 PM): LMFAO
Flipmastajay (9:35:53 PM): ewwwww
ishlurxxxiyo (9:36:06 PM): this shits going in my blog
Flipmastajay (9:36:10 PM): hahaha
Flipmastajay (9:36:11 PM): wthhh
Flipmastajay (9:36:14 PM): im randomly in ur blog
Flipmastajay (9:36:15 PM): haha

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

On Set...

Can you say amazing?! Wthaaaail! It's like 3 stories with a huge skull on top. It's freezing though!!! It's in Boulder Highway like behind the mountain lookin ass. Like in a little town right near Big O Tires. Our costumes were in the airport hanger and the camera ppl and what not. Dang tomorrow our call time is 8:30 for only like 14 of us. The rest come in at 10am. Dope?! The names that were called were like all us hip hoppers haha pretty funny. But! Today was just the meeting like what the video was about and what not. It's pretty crazy, but I can say we aren't dancing in it. It's hard to explain but I hope it turns out sick. Whatever I'm in a Killers music video haha. Even if only my leg is seen I'm happy hahahaha. Ok we need to go back to Bri Bri's house since she lives closer we have to get up hella early! Ok goodnight world.

I love my boyfriend


So today is our meeting/rehearsal for the video shoot tomorrow with The Killers. We have to wear all black? Leggings? Leotards? Wth is that hahahaha. Idk I called Bri this morning and we were just talking how lost and confused we were. "I'm confused but I'm not"-shaunna smith everyone. HAHA. So funny. But Bri and I were trying to figure it out, if we should go buy shit or not, but fuck it. She was telling me about her night at XS @ the Encore last night. Crazy girl. Love you twinsy. Lito, yeah Lito...NO Li-to. Niggah...I swear we have the craziest times together haha.

UMM, right now I'm cooking breakfast about to start my confusing day. Shower, take my closet with me to Bri's, or pick up Jonathan I'm not sure, off to Boulder City lookin ass to Big O Tires, then to the airport hanger. It's gonna be so cold!!!! Oh and I'm going to a cirque audition on Feb 7th! It's gonna be very interesting, no high hopes on that one though hahaha. But I will update when I get home tonight about my day =)

I got into a little argument with my Uncle last night, and I just started crying a lil bit. But I think we understood each other, we both know where we are coming from, he feels my pain, and I understand what he sees. I'm gonna keep this on private but everything is fine now. This morning woke up with a text from my mom, finally taking action. I guess my family had a talk with her, told her how I felt. I know I have things to deal with too but yahhhh, everythings fine now.

OH and they finally switched registration. I can drive now =) Wahahha.

I'm sorry but I like to brag about my boyfriend and how wonderful he is. Geezez. He's one of the reasons why I stay positive, or at least TRY to, everytime I get a simple sweet text from him, it brightens my day/night. It feels so good to have a boyfriend that supports your dreams. He's my one. I love him..

Just to start my day off nice, I would like to share this with you...

"Babe I'm sorry to hear that you are stressed..Life does suck and you have to make the best of it..Once you try to do that then it won't suck that bad..Hang in there my babycakes and pretty soon you won't have to wory anymore about anything. Dreams don't get forgotten unless you let them, so fulfill it with a smile on your face and know that you have a loving boyfriend that is BY URSIDE..Love you wifey..Hang in there.."

-Ej Barba

I love you babies =)

It's freezing cold, I can't even imagine how cold it is outside. Damnit.

Random picture. But for sure my favorite Manuel, and I love this kid =) We've been through some shit together haha. Hanging out with him is like an escape from all the bullshit surrounding me ha. Love you pothead!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


I'm excited for this week. Tomorrow I got work 3-8. THen Tuesday is our "rehearsal" for the video. Then Wednesday is the shooting. Wahh wtf. Let's see if this is everything I expected.

The 7th is me & babycakes 1 month together =) One month of confusion lookin ass for me. HAHA. But so what! What matters is that we are TOGETHER. He is my sweetest love too =) He made a dance for me to that song. Sweetest Love-Robin Thicke. I felt like crying. When he showed me, I was melting inside. I wanted to cry, it was a great dance too. Good job baby. He met my family last week too cuz he went to church with me. It was interesting. He would have odd answers whenever they asked them something. Hahahaha. Too damn funny. =) But man, I love that boy. He's my main supporter in my life. He completes me. Like black girl from fanny pak. Hahaha. That...was crazy? Haha. Oh babe you make me laugh, but you are so damn weird. Haha. He's my prince charming. Cheesy I know but he isssss. I love you Ej Barba! I'm sad I can't see you on our one month together. It's ottttayyyy though. You swept me off my feet and I still get those butterflies when I see you =) You are so amazing and you are going to be a ridiccc dancer yourself. THen we can dance together and everyone can be jealous how cute we are. Haha. I love you babe.

Ummmmm! today I cooked rice and cornbeef for my roomies. I also made garlic fried rice with spam and egg mixed in it. It was goood. Haha. Umm I'm not sleepy. I'm trying to sleep. But I'm just so stoked about my week. If it really happens ya knowwwww.

Oh and look at this picture...

HAHAHAHAH! Oh babe, that's so....cute? LOL. That's my prince right there yall. Jealous much hahahahaha. Jk babe I love you =)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dance lifeeee

So Thursday night, I get a text from Jawkeen asking me to call his house phone cuz he doesn't use his phone past 9 haha, so I call him of course...then he asks me if I'm free on certain dates, and that night for rehearsal so I say yeah. Then he said it's cuz some casting director wants to see us dance to get a gig for THE KILLERS new music video to spaceman. I was all excited. So we had rehearsal, then the next day we had to be at this casting studio at 2. We get there at 2, rehearse till 2:30. Go in and the dude films us outside and what not, then we go back in and we had to freestyle. So we find out Monday!

Went to fashion show with Jawkeen, Jonathan, Bri, & Andrew. Crazies. I love them! Had so much fun with them just window shopping and doing stupid shit. I'll see them again when we shoot Jawkeen's reel.

I'll update later i'm about to go out with my bro =)

Update 1/04/09 @ 11:41 am

Ok sooo I watched seven pounds with bro, and it was sooooo gooooooooooood. Well to me, I like always love Will Smith movies. I was lost in the beginning, both of us were, we were just like WTF?! WHAT?! hahaha. It was funny. But it made me cry, and touched me in a weird way. Ha. Oh and speaking of movies, I watched Marley & Me with my boyfriend. It was so cutesy. Tell me why we were both tearing up in the end haha. I seen him sniffing and wiping his eye don't plaaaay. haha. But yeah, that was the day of The Killers audition. I decided to "take him out." I didn't even take him out we just went to a movie but my treat this time. Then we went to the smallest dog park and I ripped my jeans on the damn fence. Then back to my Uncle's to drop off my car, then to my house. Mike came home, we talked about dance for like an hour and a half. Just about random things and what not. Made cookies blah blah blah. But yeah it was a good conversation with Ej's math skills. Hahahaa.

I love laying with him, and looking into his eyes. All smiling like gays and shit. Haha =) I swear you can't find guys like this anywhere. I'm so damnnn lucky. But I still need to think about my flaws and why I am the way I am in this relationship. It's unhealthy. I almost broke up with him =( I'm sooooo sorrrrrrrry. Fakkk. I'm not even gonna try to explain myself on here cuz I shooo don't make sense right now haha.

Nothing much hmm, did my laundry, didn't put my clothes back yet, Ej starts school tomorrow, Jen & I bought febreeze thangs and the house smells lovely now, Jen & I cooked for us and Jay and we cooked parmesean chicken, YUM, ummm yeah! Idk, Mike & Jen went to wal mart I think. I'm just here on the phone talking to boyfriend. Hm just got off the phone with my boyfriend haha. UMMMMMMMMMM!

I don't know what to say. NEW YEARS 2009 say whattt?!


-Get my name in the dance world.
-Book gigs out here in Vegas
-Go to the gym every night or after work
-Enhance my relationship with my boyfriend
-Visit my family more often
-Teach at local studios
-Inspire more people <3>UPDATE @ 2:53 pm

So The Killers video Spaceman, we booked it =) Jawkeen called me and was like "lex..we booked it!" Hahahaha. Shocked as hell. So umm rehearsal on the 6th and a 14 hour shoot on the 7th =) We get paid for rehearsal and the shoot. Yay I can finally build my resume! =)

And my boyfriend sent me a cutesy text. I'm sorry but I would like to type it out here..

"Congratulations once again..I'm really really happy and excited for u.. Do work lexis.. you are an extremely talented and gifted individual human being..I love u and I love what you do.. Keep being u and try not to forget me..Mucho luv hun..ttyl :)"

Thursday, January 1, 2009