Thursday, January 29, 2009

After the Fall

I can't seem to get that song out of my head! Metro Station is so dope yall please just listen to their album. Hmph. Finally got paid the boo boo money from The Killers video shoot. Ha whack. Moved most of my stuff to the new house! Everyone was home but Jen. Mike moved some of his stuff too. Haha I brought my laptop and put music on, and it's on shuffle, so Coheed came on. Ellis goes upstairs and yells "WHat's this satanic music?!" Hahah. Dumbs. SO I walk up stairs and he's in my room rocking out. Haha I love that fool. Love this house I gotta say, first month is hard on the money though. Stressed about that a bit. But it'll come together like it always does.

Bri you're sooo ill. She taught yesterday, and wow. =) Ummmm! Ileri teaches today, lesss go Miss Teen Nevada. I love Meccamee.

My boyfriend I mean excuse me, Ej is a futchin weirdo.

Yo what up man?! It's freezing cold right now. SO uncomfortable sleeping last night on the floor, tried to get comfortable so many times, didn't happen. HA

Need to go DMV soon. Registration fixed again & change my address. Damnit.

Need to start a new piece.

Ok going to get food and probably keep on coloring in my big coloring book. It keeps me occupied =)

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