Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So today is our meeting/rehearsal for the video shoot tomorrow with The Killers. We have to wear all black? Leggings? Leotards? Wth is that hahahaha. Idk I called Bri this morning and we were just talking how lost and confused we were. "I'm confused but I'm not"-shaunna smith everyone. HAHA. So funny. But Bri and I were trying to figure it out, if we should go buy shit or not, but fuck it. She was telling me about her night at XS @ the Encore last night. Crazy girl. Love you twinsy. Lito, yeah Lito...NO Li-to. Niggah...I swear we have the craziest times together haha.

UMM, right now I'm cooking breakfast about to start my confusing day. Shower, take my closet with me to Bri's, or pick up Jonathan I'm not sure, off to Boulder City lookin ass to Big O Tires, then to the airport hanger. It's gonna be so cold!!!! Oh and I'm going to a cirque audition on Feb 7th! It's gonna be very interesting, no high hopes on that one though hahaha. But I will update when I get home tonight about my day =)

I got into a little argument with my Uncle last night, and I just started crying a lil bit. But I think we understood each other, we both know where we are coming from, he feels my pain, and I understand what he sees. I'm gonna keep this on private but everything is fine now. This morning woke up with a text from my mom, finally taking action. I guess my family had a talk with her, told her how I felt. I know I have things to deal with too but yahhhh, everythings fine now.

OH and they finally switched registration. I can drive now =) Wahahha.

I'm sorry but I like to brag about my boyfriend and how wonderful he is. Geezez. He's one of the reasons why I stay positive, or at least TRY to, everytime I get a simple sweet text from him, it brightens my day/night. It feels so good to have a boyfriend that supports your dreams. He's my one. I love him..

Just to start my day off nice, I would like to share this with you...

"Babe I'm sorry to hear that you are stressed..Life does suck and you have to make the best of it..Once you try to do that then it won't suck that bad..Hang in there my babycakes and pretty soon you won't have to wory anymore about anything. Dreams don't get forgotten unless you let them, so fulfill it with a smile on your face and know that you have a loving boyfriend that is BY URSIDE..Love you wifey..Hang in there.."

-Ej Barba

I love you babies =)

It's freezing cold, I can't even imagine how cold it is outside. Damnit.

Random picture. But for sure my favorite Manuel, and I love this kid =) We've been through some shit together haha. Hanging out with him is like an escape from all the bullshit surrounding me ha. Love you pothead!

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