Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dance lifeeee

So Thursday night, I get a text from Jawkeen asking me to call his house phone cuz he doesn't use his phone past 9 haha, so I call him of course...then he asks me if I'm free on certain dates, and that night for rehearsal so I say yeah. Then he said it's cuz some casting director wants to see us dance to get a gig for THE KILLERS new music video to spaceman. I was all excited. So we had rehearsal, then the next day we had to be at this casting studio at 2. We get there at 2, rehearse till 2:30. Go in and the dude films us outside and what not, then we go back in and we had to freestyle. So we find out Monday!

Went to fashion show with Jawkeen, Jonathan, Bri, & Andrew. Crazies. I love them! Had so much fun with them just window shopping and doing stupid shit. I'll see them again when we shoot Jawkeen's reel.

I'll update later i'm about to go out with my bro =)

Update 1/04/09 @ 11:41 am

Ok sooo I watched seven pounds with bro, and it was sooooo gooooooooooood. Well to me, I like always love Will Smith movies. I was lost in the beginning, both of us were, we were just like WTF?! WHAT?! hahaha. It was funny. But it made me cry, and touched me in a weird way. Ha. Oh and speaking of movies, I watched Marley & Me with my boyfriend. It was so cutesy. Tell me why we were both tearing up in the end haha. I seen him sniffing and wiping his eye don't plaaaay. haha. But yeah, that was the day of The Killers audition. I decided to "take him out." I didn't even take him out we just went to a movie but my treat this time. Then we went to the smallest dog park and I ripped my jeans on the damn fence. Then back to my Uncle's to drop off my car, then to my house. Mike came home, we talked about dance for like an hour and a half. Just about random things and what not. Made cookies blah blah blah. But yeah it was a good conversation with Ej's math skills. Hahahaa.

I love laying with him, and looking into his eyes. All smiling like gays and shit. Haha =) I swear you can't find guys like this anywhere. I'm so damnnn lucky. But I still need to think about my flaws and why I am the way I am in this relationship. It's unhealthy. I almost broke up with him =( I'm sooooo sorrrrrrrry. Fakkk. I'm not even gonna try to explain myself on here cuz I shooo don't make sense right now haha.

Nothing much hmm, did my laundry, didn't put my clothes back yet, Ej starts school tomorrow, Jen & I bought febreeze thangs and the house smells lovely now, Jen & I cooked for us and Jay and we cooked parmesean chicken, YUM, ummm yeah! Idk, Mike & Jen went to wal mart I think. I'm just here on the phone talking to boyfriend. Hm just got off the phone with my boyfriend haha. UMMMMMMMMMM!

I don't know what to say. NEW YEARS 2009 say whattt?!


-Get my name in the dance world.
-Book gigs out here in Vegas
-Go to the gym every night or after work
-Enhance my relationship with my boyfriend
-Visit my family more often
-Teach at local studios
-Inspire more people <3>UPDATE @ 2:53 pm

So The Killers video Spaceman, we booked it =) Jawkeen called me and was like "lex..we booked it!" Hahahaha. Shocked as hell. So umm rehearsal on the 6th and a 14 hour shoot on the 7th =) We get paid for rehearsal and the shoot. Yay I can finally build my resume! =)

And my boyfriend sent me a cutesy text. I'm sorry but I would like to type it out here..

"Congratulations once again..I'm really really happy and excited for u.. Do work lexis.. you are an extremely talented and gifted individual human being..I love u and I love what you do.. Keep being u and try not to forget me..Mucho luv hun..ttyl :)"

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