Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fried Rice

So I just got home from work, and made myself garlic fried rice with spam & egg mixed =) Yum! Well had work from 11-4, took Reggie home, then now i'm here resting before I go to Groove for Dee's class from Formality LV! My best friend from 8th grade is coming down right now and hopefully I get to see him ! Hm so YESTERDAY!

Um went to Red Rock for no damn reason cuz of a misunderstanding. Damnit. Well went to pick up Ej, drove baack to Egypt aka Red Rock, and watched Gran Torino. Gay movie -_- damnit. Haha! Whatevvs. Went to pick up Taco Hell, then to my house. Then took my fine ass boyfriend home, then chilled in the car for about an hour, talking about non sense and how damn tired I was to drive home. Weird ass, hahaha shining that damn blue light in my eyeballs. Damnit you were pissing me off with that blue light, haha. Shiz was hurting my eyeballs! Tried to see who will laugh first, and I owe you a quarter cuz I lost. Yeah...Luhhh yuhhh booboo.

THEN ON MY FREAKIN WAY HOME...oh my lanta. I was going about 65 on the freeway, tired as hell, like on auto pilot, then I see in my rearview that some dude was flying up next to me, so I'm just thinking to myself damn speedy....then he like cuts me off, and all of a sudden brakes all fast and shit, my eyes got all big, everything felt slow motion, i braked as fast as I can and tried to avoid hitting the car, that car starts spinning out, and I'm panicking that it's going to hit me and I for sure thought omgah, that's it for me i'm done...I closed my eyes and turned to my left to try avoid hitting the car, and I op en my eyes and Idk, it's like my hands knew what to do but my mind had no clue. I was in so much shock, I was like frozen driving home, starting ballin, I could hear my phone ringing and obviously it was Ej, but I didn't even want to pick up, I was so scared...Thank God... kdsfjldfj ughhh omgah.

I love life i love life i love life. Reality check?! I think so....

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  1. omg thats so crazyl. i love you best friend & my world will not be the same without you. =]