Monday, January 12, 2009

1 dolla bills coming out her asshole.

Long time no blog ehh? Well quick update: Work is whatevs, dance um just did this gogo gig with Bria, it was some dude's 18th bday party at Chameleon Global, nice rich white boy, Killers music video shoot, freezing cold damnit, dope though, ummm Meccamee tomorrow again, family havn't really visited but I was there on Sunday, probably going to hang out tomorrow since I'm off tomorrow, um let's leave the rest yah?

KINGERRZ (9:34:26 PM): i wanna go to begas
KINGERRZ (9:34:39 PM): and watch you dance
KINGERRZ (9:34:43 PM): and all that fun stuff

^^i have the dopest cali friends. awwww how i miss you nolannn!!!!

I miss my best friend Daffodildo. Hello best friend, I miss you dearly, and we need a playdate soon please. We need to update on each others lives. Seriously I need you. =) Love you hoeskeeeebruhhh!

I'm bout to sleeps in tomorow idk bout yooous!

Sooooooo I am going to rest for the rest of the night. Yadadaaaa!

oh and conversation of the night with Mr. Justin Velasquez haha.
niggah always makes me laugh

ishlurxxxiyo (9:29:39 PM): like dude lexi isn't gf material
ishlurxxxiyo (9:29:43 PM): i'm a cool friend
ishlurxxxiyo (9:29:44 PM): hahaha
Flipmastajay (9:29:51 PM): yeah u arent...
Flipmastajay (9:29:53 PM): muahahaha
ishlurxxxiyo (9:30:04 PM): HAHAHA
ishlurxxxiyo (9:30:06 PM): i know i'm not
ishlurxxxiyo (9:30:09 PM): one day i will be though
Flipmastajay (9:30:13 PM): riiiiight
ishlurxxxiyo (9:30:16 PM): when i'm like 25
Flipmastajay (9:30:18 PM): that day will be the day i turn gay
ishlurxxxiyo (9:30:17 PM): HAHHA
Flipmastajay (9:30:24 PM): which is prolly like in 2 weeks
ishlurxxxiyo (9:30:24 PM): LMAO
ishlurxxxiyo (9:30:26 PM): that's going in my blog
ishlurxxxiyo (9:30:29 PM): HAHA
ishlurxxxiyo (9:30:40 PM): ewww you're gonna be gay in two weeks?! and i'm gonna be girlfriend material?!
Flipmastajay (9:31:06 PM): yeah thats never happening
Flipmastajay (9:31:07 PM): lmao
Flipmastajay (9:31:08 PM): ewww
Flipmastajay (9:31:11 PM): dont put that shit
Flipmastajay (9:31:15 PM): gay dudes might stalk me!!
ishlurxxxiyo (9:31:27 PM): shut up you know you're gay fool!
Flipmastajay (9:31:32 PM): ....
Flipmastajay (9:31:34 PM): -_____-
ishlurxxxiyo (9:32:42 PM): that's a yes
ishlurxxxiyo (9:32:43 PM): hahaha!
Flipmastajay (9:32:51 PM): NO
Flipmastajay (9:32:52 PM): ew
Flipmastajay (9:32:53 PM): lmao
ishlurxxxiyo (9:33:08 PM): haha
ishlurxxxiyo (9:33:25 PM): you've heard that song sliding down the pole right?
Flipmastajay (9:34:29 PM): hahahaah yeah
ishlurxxxiyo (9:35:07 PM): ewww that part... "1 dolla bills coming out her asshole"
ishlurxxxiyo (9:35:09 PM): made me laugh so hard
ishlurxxxiyo (9:35:10 PM): HAHAHAHAHAAH
Flipmastajay (9:35:14 PM): I KNOW!!
Flipmastajay (9:35:19 PM): i was like WTF and pictured it...
Flipmastajay (9:35:23 PM): and the asshole was black
Flipmastajay (9:35:24 PM): hahahaha
ishlurxxxiyo (9:35:29 PM): HAHAHH!
Flipmastajay (9:35:33 PM): and the dollar bills had stains...k thats enough
ishlurxxxiyo (9:35:37 PM): i pictured it toooo! AHAHAHAH my butt clenched and shit
ishlurxxxiyo (9:35:39 PM): HAHAHA
Flipmastajay (9:35:52 PM): LMFAO
Flipmastajay (9:35:53 PM): ewwwww
ishlurxxxiyo (9:36:06 PM): this shits going in my blog
Flipmastajay (9:36:10 PM): hahaha
Flipmastajay (9:36:11 PM): wthhh
Flipmastajay (9:36:14 PM): im randomly in ur blog
Flipmastajay (9:36:15 PM): haha

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  1. hi & i miss you oh soo mahtz. the night at gj's was a disgrace to our time together. i needssss more! wtf. can we get together..?? like soon?! i love you!