Sunday, January 25, 2009

It started with a low light

Shooooz I'm so sreeeeepy!!!! But I thaaaaank i'm going to get ready soonsies and go to church by myself at 5 =) hmph. I was supposed to go with EJ this morning but I didn't wake up. Dangit. I don't really feel like blogging right now gayyy. Right now I'm just on the phone with Ej? I don't know if he sreeeping, and talking to Nolan on aim. && wondering what to wear dangit. Oh well I will update laterrrrr. Oh

The killers video is up. Enjoy this i'm in this hot mess somewhere haha.

I had to post this, geez Nolan, you so crazy. Lmao...

ishlurxxxiyo (1:57:23 PM): do you know what you wanna do?
KINGERRZ (1:57:38 PM): Yea
KINGERRZ (1:57:47 PM): I wanna live a life of crime
KINGERRZ (1:57:53 PM): Rob banks
KINGERRZ (1:58:00 PM): Rob people
KINGERRZ (1:58:07 PM): Hustle drugs
KINGERRZ (1:58:14 PM): Prostitute women
KINGERRZ (1:58:22 PM): I wanna do all the bad things

HAHAHA. Oh hell. I heart that man dearly haha

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