Tuesday, January 6, 2009

On Set...

Can you say amazing?! Wthaaaail! It's like 3 stories with a huge skull on top. It's freezing though!!! It's in Boulder Highway like behind the mountain lookin ass. Like in a little town right near Big O Tires. Our costumes were in the airport hanger and the camera ppl and what not. Dang tomorrow our call time is 8:30 for only like 14 of us. The rest come in at 10am. Dope?! The names that were called were like all us hip hoppers haha pretty funny. But! Today was just the meeting like what the video was about and what not. It's pretty crazy, but I can say we aren't dancing in it. It's hard to explain but I hope it turns out sick. Whatever I'm in a Killers music video haha. Even if only my leg is seen I'm happy hahahaha. Ok we need to go back to Bri Bri's house since she lives closer we have to get up hella early! Ok goodnight world.

I love my boyfriend

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