Sunday, January 4, 2009


I'm excited for this week. Tomorrow I got work 3-8. THen Tuesday is our "rehearsal" for the video. Then Wednesday is the shooting. Wahh wtf. Let's see if this is everything I expected.

The 7th is me & babycakes 1 month together =) One month of confusion lookin ass for me. HAHA. But so what! What matters is that we are TOGETHER. He is my sweetest love too =) He made a dance for me to that song. Sweetest Love-Robin Thicke. I felt like crying. When he showed me, I was melting inside. I wanted to cry, it was a great dance too. Good job baby. He met my family last week too cuz he went to church with me. It was interesting. He would have odd answers whenever they asked them something. Hahahaha. Too damn funny. =) But man, I love that boy. He's my main supporter in my life. He completes me. Like black girl from fanny pak. Hahaha. That...was crazy? Haha. Oh babe you make me laugh, but you are so damn weird. Haha. He's my prince charming. Cheesy I know but he isssss. I love you Ej Barba! I'm sad I can't see you on our one month together. It's ottttayyyy though. You swept me off my feet and I still get those butterflies when I see you =) You are so amazing and you are going to be a ridiccc dancer yourself. THen we can dance together and everyone can be jealous how cute we are. Haha. I love you babe.

Ummmmm! today I cooked rice and cornbeef for my roomies. I also made garlic fried rice with spam and egg mixed in it. It was goood. Haha. Umm I'm not sleepy. I'm trying to sleep. But I'm just so stoked about my week. If it really happens ya knowwwww.

Oh and look at this picture...

HAHAHAHAH! Oh babe, that's so....cute? LOL. That's my prince right there yall. Jealous much hahahahaha. Jk babe I love you =)

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