Monday, January 26, 2009


So I had a good weekend with my boyfriend. Hung out with him like 4 days in a row. I feel so greaaaat. One of my New Years Resolutions was to enhance my relationship with him, and I feel like it's finally but slowly starting. I gotta say, ladies, be jealous. I have like the best guy as my boyfriend. Haha! I'm jk, but i'm serious. Shoot I'm so damn lucky. Let's see...

Thursday night, he slept over, Friday we hung out the whole day...slept in like lazies. Had our daughter in between us. Awww zoey. She would sleep between Ej & I, it was cutessss. I miss those dogs btw. hmm..Also Saturday, we went to that bboy jam on Highland Drive. It was dopeee. HELLA HOT IN THERE. THanx baby for paying for me. Hahahaha. Sorry I forgot to say Thank you =( Yeah, it was mad hot in there geezez. Baby and I couldn't see shit. Tall ass people in front of us. So we moved to the other side where AR was. Stood on some chairs. Watched the cute bboys do their thang. Haha jk babe =) You're my cutesy bboy. Then we went back to the house to pick up his car. Then he came to my old house with me and practically slept over again. Then Saturday, I slept in. Woke up around ummm IDK. But I know I got ready to go to his house so we can go to Ervin's 18th shindig at his house. We stayed there till about 10ish? Idk, but went back to his house, watched A Walk To Remember and talked about ish. A good conversation though =) We talked about things that bothered us, things that he didn't like that I do. Which I know I do, but I always deny it. But hey I gotta hear it sometime right? So I left to go back home, then I was gonna TRY to go to church with him that morning at 10, but I guess I didn't hear my alarm and I didn't hear him trying to call me. Weak, but I went to his house around 6 and we watched Taken & Sex and the City together. =)

Good weekend. But today! we were talking about back in the day how we used to talk, how gay we used to be, how we were vibing each other before Disneyland. Our sides of the story at Disneyland...haha it's so funny. It's so cutesy though! I didn't know he liked me that much, it made me happy when we talked about it again. Like how I was all upset when I saw those hickeys on his neck, and how he tried hiding it before he saw me. Haha! How he was only thinking of me, how I tried ignoring him cuz of Jay's picnic. HAAH. So twisted but i'm glad it all happened. =) I love my baby. He pays attention to all the little details about me. I left his house today feeling good. Smiling to myself while I was driving home like a gay. I'm gonna try to make this relationship the best it can be. He's the perfect guy. He has a loving and caring family that I enjoy being around, a good head on his shoulders, very wise for his age,he knows what he wants to do in the future, wants to go to school, an amazing dancer/bboy, he has a dope best friend who I heart dearly, man I can't say enough. You are so "SICK!" ahahaah! You love when I say that don't play boyyyy! Haha. Ok I'm going to get some sreeeeeep! Going to his house tomorrow, and I'm going to pick up apps at Town Square while he's at work. =) GOodnight.

Ej I love you, and I can't stop thinking of you =)

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