Friday, January 16, 2009

What's the plan?!

So yesterday, I woke up, got ready, went to Ej's, ate with his fam at Cheesecake and was scared to deaf, I don't know why, HAHA. We watched Serendipitydoodaa, CUTE MOVIE. Geezez caca. I loved it. Then we had practice at 9, Matt taught, loved his piece to black & gold. Then Mr. ERRRVIN, taught to circus. Both sick =) Wahhh my ervin i'm so froud of you babiesss!!! Let's seeeeeee!

I love you boyfriend. He turns me into a big gay when I'm with him. <3 His birthday is coming up !!!! Yay baby! Finally 18! =) Geesh haha. I don't know what to get youuuu! Hmph

I'm going out with him today, cuz I miss him. I guess movie and grab him some apps. Just a nice day to him and me since we never get to have outings together =) Gran torinooo! Shieet i wanna see that !

K gonna get ready now. Picking up my handsome boy soonsies.

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