Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day Off

SO I'm having a relaxed day off. I still need to get my paycheck which I should of had last week but I don't think Jenny checked her mail. ANyways enough about that, I'm so bored, I'm on Mike's laptop, and Im wanting to do choreo but I can't seem to get started haha. Um we started out Body Rock set. Just formations which are ridics already. I'm lost and confused as hell but I know Ellis knows what he doinnnnn. Oh he knowwww what he dooooin.

I'm teaching Hifi next Thursday. Debating between M.I.A & Shiny Toy Guns. Both sick songs! Goodness I hate choosing songs. WHy did I have to hear that song on the radio! Damnit.

Ummm! I have nothing else to really type about. Ok I"m out!! Mike is going to kill me. HAHAHAH

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hollywood Vibe

So this weekend was HV Las Vegas. I was just going to assist my Uncle in his classes but I ended up taking class for the full 5 hours each day. I brought EJ with me just cuz he's never been to a dance convention. Poor baby sat there just watching a jazillion dancers dance away. But I took Tania's mini's jazz class. Easy haha. Then stayed to assist Kevin Maher, which is ridics! I feel so honored I assisted him, cuz he is so dope. Collabed with Jillian Meyers, subs at Debbie Reynolds and teaches at The Edge. Works with nappytabs. Geezez. IDK! I looked his stuff up, and I love it a lot. He told me I should go down to LA and experience that. Thank you for inspiring me in two days. Anyways, I also took Jen's Junior contemp class, taught to M.I.A. - Sunshowers. Dope! Futchin EJ stuck a damn sticker on my back before that class, and I went to assist Kevin in the senior room and it was still on my back, but I didn't know! Until Jesse told me there was a sticker on my back. I was like Oh hell, for like 2 hours that thing has been on my back. HAHA. Yeah. OH we met Daniel and Britney from Mississippi. They stayed at my Uncle's house. Sweet kids =) Miss them already. OK thennnn! 

Sunday I woke up herra late! Missed the last half of Kevin's piece for seniors, I liked it though! I tried to catch on, kind of did, but didn't succeed. Took his teachers class, taught to Tierra Marie Stay in Your Lane. Dope. Then I rested and watched the Senior's audition for their scholarships. Tania taught them. Then it was lunch. Baby came and I went to go take Robert's contemporary. He taught to John Legend-I Love You Love. Sick. It felt good to dance like that again. Then off to assist my Uncle's class. Then back to the teacher room to experiment with jazz tricks I couldn't do for the life of me. But he taught a little bit of his piece. Always dope Rustin! You always amaze me. I don't know what song he taught to but I liked it a lot a lot a lot. THen after that was the faculty show. Then home with my baby =)

I love you babeeee! Gosh he sat there the whole weekend just watching me dance =) My number 1 supporter. It meant so much to me for him to come. Thank you hunny. Just driving home with me behind him, I can see him in his mirror looking at me =) With his cutesy smile that drives me crazy. Gosh I love him. He takes good care of me. 

SO my body is sore. It hurts when I move and bend down. It hurts when I get up from sitting down. Goodness. I hate it! It hurt to sleep last night haha. But it was so worth it. I can't wait for more conventions to attend =) I'll type more later I'm going to boyfriend's house in a bits!

this is the piece Mr. Kevin Maher taught to us. Play Me-Usher. Collab with Lee Daniel. If you go about half way it's more up close and he's in all black.

This is his choreography reel. He's dope.

Oh and this is Erika's class at Hypnotix Toy Drive =) Yall know which I am. Enjoyyyy

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Meccamee x Peerless tee 09

So this is our Meccamee x Peerless tee. Mico helped us out with that. I don't even think there's anymore left but umm they are $20! Yadada. Yay Meccamee, I love yall shoooooz. So yeah, umm yah! I really don't know what to type right now, but hello buy the shirt and rep Meccamee. Thank you bery bery mahtz!

Hello ABDC. Beat Freaks. OH MY LANTA. The EnD!

Update @ 11:40 am.

So I'm about to leave Ej's to go home and get ready for work. WHACK. I don't know who I'm closing with today. But whatevvs. Thank goodness I didn't have to wake up at 8 to get ready. Haha I am so not a morning person! & I can't find my damn socks. hmph. What to do today after work, probably go home and sreeep! Or IDK! Yadadaaaaaa.

Final decisions on my moving situation? I'm aiming to move to LA this summer before I freaking turn 19. Wthail I was supposed to move last year....none of my goals were accomplished cuz I got a stupid delay lasst year. Waist of my time fucker. But seriously, things need to get DONE. I need to get our of vegas where I'm comfortable and lazy and move back to LA where my friends have drifted and I can get more work done. ALso to meet new people =) But I know if I move to LA, I'll have my Grandma nagging at me, so that's a huge push to get started. I have a lot to think about though. My life is finally settling here =( It's hard. I have my family that I'm close, BUT not close to. Does that make sense? Whatevv I know what I'm talkin about and this is my blog haha. Meccamee has grown on me. I love them with a passion. My boyfriend is just everything wonderful. It's like my move 3 years ago, when I left my life behind and I was just UPSET. It's hard and depressing. I'm just confusing myself right now, all I know is I want to just blog what's on my mind. SO many memories out here in vegas, good & bad. It's gonna be hard to let go of it. If I was rich, I would travel back and forth all the damn time. But I don't have that kind of money. I'm going to miss my loving boyfriend =( We just got started too. WHatever happens happens though. Just gotta think positive. Even though I'm a negative person about 78% of the time. Haha. Da hail? I know everything is going to work out. Yasss I will update latuhhh cuz I'm going to get ready for work. Bye byeeeee =)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Body Rock 09

Meccamee is doing Body Rock, and I'm making a decision. That this will really be one of my last with Meccamee. Last huge one. I really want to get my dancing career started, but I think it will be great to finish off the year with Body Rock 09.

Update in a bit, I don't know what I'm doing tonight damnit. Probably lounge around the houseeeee.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Early Mornings

Hmmm!!! So I'm here at Ej's and I just decided to blog while he does his homework. I just got off work about 2 hours ago and man was it a drag. So sloww from 4-7. But I reached my sales goal today so good for me. Hopefully I'm not negative. Umm what to type about...Nothing interesting happened at work. When I got off, I went to visit Justin @ Mango. Miss that gay. Then I went to say hi to Chris Bueno @ Ed Hardy next door to my store. Then to Bebe to grab an app. That was my day at the Fashion Show Mall today.

Friday the 13th we watched Friday the 13th. Movie was dope. Baby & I went to South Point to watch it. His treat. Thanx hunny. Shit was scary my golly. Jumping in my seat and what not. So was EJ don't plaaaay. But yeah I liked the movie a lot. The ending was kind of a killer, but the suspense was great. Oh and at the movies, we were walking to our theater, and like there's these lil asian filipino whatever the hell they were girls whispering while we were walking by. I thought they were checkin Ej out hahah but then we hear one scream "Meccamee! I love Meccamee!" Haha wthaaaail. Random. So Ej goes to the bathroom and I'm standing there, and they ask me if I can take a picture with them. hahah. Cueeeeeez. Highlight of my day. Shoooooozzzzz. After the movie, we wanted to go somewhere random, then we drove around randomly to find "Dark places" and I chickened out and got scared haha. Seriously, the street had no lights. My pansy ass self.

Valentine's Day...Sorry no updates I just havn't had the time to blog. Or maybe it's cuz I don't have my laptop. Ha. Ummm I called off work that day, Ej slept over, Jay was in town, UMMMMM. Woke up, went downstairs, Jane & EJ cooked breakfast, (spam, eggs, & rice) I was outside with Ellis, Jay, Jen, & Mike playing HORSE. I suck. But it was fun. THen we all ate like one big happy family. I love my boyfriend. Then we decided to go watch He's Just Not That Into You. *Haha my boyfriend keeps smelling and kissing my hand right now. =)* Ok umm....That movie was herra cueeezzz! We watched it with Jay, Jen, Mike, Chris, & his girlfriend. I saw bro bro and Nikki there too they watched the same movie. Valentine's Day was chill. I was just happy I got to be with my boyfriend. Yadada. My boyfriend thinks I'm saying this stuff just cuz he's next to me. What a big gay. Anywhoo...great sex that day. THree times niggah. That's it. I love you babe. Hahaha

Sunday the 15th was our House Warming party!!! Good turn out. We all tried to match but I had no red on. But it was fun. It was a potluck. Saw ppl I havn't seen in awhile. It started at 12 and ended around ummm 10 or 11ish?! Whatevvvs. yadada pictures up later thanxx! Thank you everyone who came =) Sonnn! Ej left my house around 4 but while there we met Brea, Mike's uhh lady? Umm idk. Cutesy ass she is =) Yahh. Yeah ummm Yeahhh!!!

I swear I've been sleeping at Ej's house like almost every night for the past week and a half. Haha. My 2nd home I guess I can say. =) Waking up next to him in the mornings and what not. So cutessss. I love yooooou once again.

2 HOB concerts I want to go to next month. Cute Is What We Aim For & Cut Copy. The same mofutchiin weekend son! Hopefully boyfriend can go cuz I really want to go. So stoked about it. Yadadaaaaaaa. Both like 20 bux so it's koooooo.

I don't get to see Metro Station cuz that's the same weekend i'll be in my hometown. Mexico pendejo! jfsldkfjslfj

Ok this blog is getting pretty damn long. If anything else comes to mind I will update. Goodnight world.

Take care & God Bless <3

Sunday, February 15, 2009

House Warming Party

So today is our house warming party! Us roomies are trying to match wearing grey and red. I will update later!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Vexed & Glorious

Holy crap. THat's all I'm going to say. I THINK we are teaching Meccamee today our piece. We love it. I love it. He loves it. I hope people love it?! Sickning. We've been seeing each other a lot this past week. Spending time with each other. Sleeping over. Waiting for him to come home from school. =) Staying with him till he goes to work. I love him! My mom was all "OMG Are you guys married?!" Haha that's after I told her I was going on the cruise with him and his family. We watched The Uninivited on our 2 months. Ok that shit scared me..haha. But whatevvv. Today, when he came home from school, he came to sleep next to me, and I kept hearing him laugh. Hahahahahah. He was like laughing in his dream and he kept catching himself. It was so damn cute lol. Haha so funny. Ok I'm going to go run some errands before I see eeeejes so we can finish our collabo and then Meccamee practice. Update laterrrr.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No time to reflect.

What a gay time. I close today too so I get off around ummm 9:15?! Hopefully if no one comes in the store at like 8:55. Let's seeeeee!!!!!

I have nothing to really type about at the moment, maybe more interesting moments will come at work and at practice. Babe and I started our first ever collabo piece. It's looking pretty dope =) Can't wait to showww & tell. I really really really like it. Yeeeeee!

Cut Copy w/ special guests Matt & Kim. THey pretty sick toooo
I wanna goooooooo.
We're going babe. YADADA

Ok time to get ready soonsies

Monday, February 9, 2009

You like it my way, & you know it...

So I havn't blogged in years. WAHHH! I've been spending time with my lovely boyfriend of mine =) Finished Season 2 of Grey's and WTHAAIL! WTHAILWTHAIL! I'm in need of season 3 already. I was so shocked. DAMNIT I wanna watch already but no one has Season 3. I love you my Emmanuel Mones Barba Junior. OH I'm going to Mexico with his family for Ellis's birthday in April. Shoot terrified but excited to go. I hate the ocean hahaha. =) Paid first month of rent and I feel like so much weight has came off my shoulders. Phewww! I miss dancing. House is cutesy. HOUSE WARMING PARTY ON SUNDAY @ NOON! Please come =) Work is boring as usual. Ok let's see.

OOOH The Sounds is going on tour with...wait for it...NO DOUBT! Holy shizaaaa No Doubt AND THe Sounds?! Siickning. THey will be going on tour in May, no set dates that I know of. But shit! I'm so going. Check how sick they are...

The Sounds - Painted By Numbers

I bought a pair of jeans from Zara, and I really like their clothes. A lot. I never bothered to go in, just cuz, but I just went in cuz it's right near my work, and I found a new place to shop. Yay haha.

Mike is the coolest right now cuz im about to help him carry his FUTON to his room!!! hell no he isnt....damnit mike. hold on. Ok can you say unsuccessful?! LMAO my weak ass couldn't even lift it. Mike was just laughing at me. HAHA. AND it was freezing outside! Putoooo.

Speaking of puto Tita Angel made us some =) & I forgot it at the house. Dumbo.

Oh yeah All Time Low, & Metro Station are coming out here in April I think. I really really really really really want to go! Someone inform me when and where I can get tickets. pweeeeez. Ok I'm going to leave soonsies to go to boyfriends. =)