Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day Off

SO I'm having a relaxed day off. I still need to get my paycheck which I should of had last week but I don't think Jenny checked her mail. ANyways enough about that, I'm so bored, I'm on Mike's laptop, and Im wanting to do choreo but I can't seem to get started haha. Um we started out Body Rock set. Just formations which are ridics already. I'm lost and confused as hell but I know Ellis knows what he doinnnnn. Oh he knowwww what he dooooin.

I'm teaching Hifi next Thursday. Debating between M.I.A & Shiny Toy Guns. Both sick songs! Goodness I hate choosing songs. WHy did I have to hear that song on the radio! Damnit.

Ummm! I have nothing else to really type about. Ok I"m out!! Mike is going to kill me. HAHAHAH

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