Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Early Mornings

Hmmm!!! So I'm here at Ej's and I just decided to blog while he does his homework. I just got off work about 2 hours ago and man was it a drag. So sloww from 4-7. But I reached my sales goal today so good for me. Hopefully I'm not negative. Umm what to type about...Nothing interesting happened at work. When I got off, I went to visit Justin @ Mango. Miss that gay. Then I went to say hi to Chris Bueno @ Ed Hardy next door to my store. Then to Bebe to grab an app. That was my day at the Fashion Show Mall today.

Friday the 13th we watched Friday the 13th. Movie was dope. Baby & I went to South Point to watch it. His treat. Thanx hunny. Shit was scary my golly. Jumping in my seat and what not. So was EJ don't plaaaay. But yeah I liked the movie a lot. The ending was kind of a killer, but the suspense was great. Oh and at the movies, we were walking to our theater, and like there's these lil asian filipino whatever the hell they were girls whispering while we were walking by. I thought they were checkin Ej out hahah but then we hear one scream "Meccamee! I love Meccamee!" Haha wthaaaail. Random. So Ej goes to the bathroom and I'm standing there, and they ask me if I can take a picture with them. hahah. Cueeeeeez. Highlight of my day. Shoooooozzzzz. After the movie, we wanted to go somewhere random, then we drove around randomly to find "Dark places" and I chickened out and got scared haha. Seriously, the street had no lights. My pansy ass self.

Valentine's Day...Sorry no updates I just havn't had the time to blog. Or maybe it's cuz I don't have my laptop. Ha. Ummm I called off work that day, Ej slept over, Jay was in town, UMMMMM. Woke up, went downstairs, Jane & EJ cooked breakfast, (spam, eggs, & rice) I was outside with Ellis, Jay, Jen, & Mike playing HORSE. I suck. But it was fun. THen we all ate like one big happy family. I love my boyfriend. Then we decided to go watch He's Just Not That Into You. *Haha my boyfriend keeps smelling and kissing my hand right now. =)* Ok umm....That movie was herra cueeezzz! We watched it with Jay, Jen, Mike, Chris, & his girlfriend. I saw bro bro and Nikki there too they watched the same movie. Valentine's Day was chill. I was just happy I got to be with my boyfriend. Yadada. My boyfriend thinks I'm saying this stuff just cuz he's next to me. What a big gay. Anywhoo...great sex that day. THree times niggah. That's it. I love you babe. Hahaha

Sunday the 15th was our House Warming party!!! Good turn out. We all tried to match but I had no red on. But it was fun. It was a potluck. Saw ppl I havn't seen in awhile. It started at 12 and ended around ummm 10 or 11ish?! Whatevvvs. yadada pictures up later thanxx! Thank you everyone who came =) Sonnn! Ej left my house around 4 but while there we met Brea, Mike's uhh lady? Umm idk. Cutesy ass she is =) Yahh. Yeah ummm Yeahhh!!!

I swear I've been sleeping at Ej's house like almost every night for the past week and a half. Haha. My 2nd home I guess I can say. =) Waking up next to him in the mornings and what not. So cutessss. I love yooooou once again.

2 HOB concerts I want to go to next month. Cute Is What We Aim For & Cut Copy. The same mofutchiin weekend son! Hopefully boyfriend can go cuz I really want to go. So stoked about it. Yadadaaaaaaa. Both like 20 bux so it's koooooo.

I don't get to see Metro Station cuz that's the same weekend i'll be in my hometown. Mexico pendejo! jfsldkfjslfj

Ok this blog is getting pretty damn long. If anything else comes to mind I will update. Goodnight world.

Take care & God Bless <3

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