Monday, February 23, 2009

Hollywood Vibe

So this weekend was HV Las Vegas. I was just going to assist my Uncle in his classes but I ended up taking class for the full 5 hours each day. I brought EJ with me just cuz he's never been to a dance convention. Poor baby sat there just watching a jazillion dancers dance away. But I took Tania's mini's jazz class. Easy haha. Then stayed to assist Kevin Maher, which is ridics! I feel so honored I assisted him, cuz he is so dope. Collabed with Jillian Meyers, subs at Debbie Reynolds and teaches at The Edge. Works with nappytabs. Geezez. IDK! I looked his stuff up, and I love it a lot. He told me I should go down to LA and experience that. Thank you for inspiring me in two days. Anyways, I also took Jen's Junior contemp class, taught to M.I.A. - Sunshowers. Dope! Futchin EJ stuck a damn sticker on my back before that class, and I went to assist Kevin in the senior room and it was still on my back, but I didn't know! Until Jesse told me there was a sticker on my back. I was like Oh hell, for like 2 hours that thing has been on my back. HAHA. Yeah. OH we met Daniel and Britney from Mississippi. They stayed at my Uncle's house. Sweet kids =) Miss them already. OK thennnn! 

Sunday I woke up herra late! Missed the last half of Kevin's piece for seniors, I liked it though! I tried to catch on, kind of did, but didn't succeed. Took his teachers class, taught to Tierra Marie Stay in Your Lane. Dope. Then I rested and watched the Senior's audition for their scholarships. Tania taught them. Then it was lunch. Baby came and I went to go take Robert's contemporary. He taught to John Legend-I Love You Love. Sick. It felt good to dance like that again. Then off to assist my Uncle's class. Then back to the teacher room to experiment with jazz tricks I couldn't do for the life of me. But he taught a little bit of his piece. Always dope Rustin! You always amaze me. I don't know what song he taught to but I liked it a lot a lot a lot. THen after that was the faculty show. Then home with my baby =)

I love you babeeee! Gosh he sat there the whole weekend just watching me dance =) My number 1 supporter. It meant so much to me for him to come. Thank you hunny. Just driving home with me behind him, I can see him in his mirror looking at me =) With his cutesy smile that drives me crazy. Gosh I love him. He takes good care of me. 

SO my body is sore. It hurts when I move and bend down. It hurts when I get up from sitting down. Goodness. I hate it! It hurt to sleep last night haha. But it was so worth it. I can't wait for more conventions to attend =) I'll type more later I'm going to boyfriend's house in a bits!

this is the piece Mr. Kevin Maher taught to us. Play Me-Usher. Collab with Lee Daniel. If you go about half way it's more up close and he's in all black.

This is his choreography reel. He's dope.

Oh and this is Erika's class at Hypnotix Toy Drive =) Yall know which I am. Enjoyyyy

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