Thursday, February 19, 2009

Meccamee x Peerless tee 09

So this is our Meccamee x Peerless tee. Mico helped us out with that. I don't even think there's anymore left but umm they are $20! Yadada. Yay Meccamee, I love yall shoooooz. So yeah, umm yah! I really don't know what to type right now, but hello buy the shirt and rep Meccamee. Thank you bery bery mahtz!

Hello ABDC. Beat Freaks. OH MY LANTA. The EnD!

Update @ 11:40 am.

So I'm about to leave Ej's to go home and get ready for work. WHACK. I don't know who I'm closing with today. But whatevvs. Thank goodness I didn't have to wake up at 8 to get ready. Haha I am so not a morning person! & I can't find my damn socks. hmph. What to do today after work, probably go home and sreeep! Or IDK! Yadadaaaaaa.

Final decisions on my moving situation? I'm aiming to move to LA this summer before I freaking turn 19. Wthail I was supposed to move last year....none of my goals were accomplished cuz I got a stupid delay lasst year. Waist of my time fucker. But seriously, things need to get DONE. I need to get our of vegas where I'm comfortable and lazy and move back to LA where my friends have drifted and I can get more work done. ALso to meet new people =) But I know if I move to LA, I'll have my Grandma nagging at me, so that's a huge push to get started. I have a lot to think about though. My life is finally settling here =( It's hard. I have my family that I'm close, BUT not close to. Does that make sense? Whatevv I know what I'm talkin about and this is my blog haha. Meccamee has grown on me. I love them with a passion. My boyfriend is just everything wonderful. It's like my move 3 years ago, when I left my life behind and I was just UPSET. It's hard and depressing. I'm just confusing myself right now, all I know is I want to just blog what's on my mind. SO many memories out here in vegas, good & bad. It's gonna be hard to let go of it. If I was rich, I would travel back and forth all the damn time. But I don't have that kind of money. I'm going to miss my loving boyfriend =( We just got started too. WHatever happens happens though. Just gotta think positive. Even though I'm a negative person about 78% of the time. Haha. Da hail? I know everything is going to work out. Yasss I will update latuhhh cuz I'm going to get ready for work. Bye byeeeee =)

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