Monday, February 9, 2009

You like it my way, & you know it...

So I havn't blogged in years. WAHHH! I've been spending time with my lovely boyfriend of mine =) Finished Season 2 of Grey's and WTHAAIL! WTHAILWTHAIL! I'm in need of season 3 already. I was so shocked. DAMNIT I wanna watch already but no one has Season 3. I love you my Emmanuel Mones Barba Junior. OH I'm going to Mexico with his family for Ellis's birthday in April. Shoot terrified but excited to go. I hate the ocean hahaha. =) Paid first month of rent and I feel like so much weight has came off my shoulders. Phewww! I miss dancing. House is cutesy. HOUSE WARMING PARTY ON SUNDAY @ NOON! Please come =) Work is boring as usual. Ok let's see.

OOOH The Sounds is going on tour with...wait for it...NO DOUBT! Holy shizaaaa No Doubt AND THe Sounds?! Siickning. THey will be going on tour in May, no set dates that I know of. But shit! I'm so going. Check how sick they are...

The Sounds - Painted By Numbers

I bought a pair of jeans from Zara, and I really like their clothes. A lot. I never bothered to go in, just cuz, but I just went in cuz it's right near my work, and I found a new place to shop. Yay haha.

Mike is the coolest right now cuz im about to help him carry his FUTON to his room!!! hell no he isnt....damnit mike. hold on. Ok can you say unsuccessful?! LMAO my weak ass couldn't even lift it. Mike was just laughing at me. HAHA. AND it was freezing outside! Putoooo.

Speaking of puto Tita Angel made us some =) & I forgot it at the house. Dumbo.

Oh yeah All Time Low, & Metro Station are coming out here in April I think. I really really really really really want to go! Someone inform me when and where I can get tickets. pweeeeez. Ok I'm going to leave soonsies to go to boyfriends. =)

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