Saturday, March 28, 2009


ok so im havin a long day. i had mcme from 12 to 6 and now im at rehearsal for this gay event at forte cheyenne. some janky ghetto club. umm im prettt tired. we are currently blocking our mini set. looks great really fun to do. our call time is 1230 tonight. hmm tmrw i have prac for mcme at 10am to 4. blahhhh. i miss my boyfriend so mahtz! hmm. bri and i are so beat. idk what else to type. i really want to nap! damnit. i just reminded bri we had rehearsal tmrw morn an now she hates me haha. she totally forgot. wow

Friday, March 27, 2009

no title

So today is Friday! I'm off yassss! =) Feels great. I get to just lay back and enjoy the day. My Uncle is going to do my taxes because I don't know how. Don't make fun of me...=( I was supposed to do that today that's why. I'm going to pick up my one and go to Rascals for their rehearsal. They are getting ready for Pulse! I'm super excited for them! Then we are going to watch haunting of connecticut! I'm freakin scared. I hope it's not lame! But mkk, I'm going to lounge around for a bit then get ready! =) Good day!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


so im here at work and just wanted to see if ican blog from my phone...apparently i can! success! haha maria and i are so bored and have nothing to do my goodness. im off at three and i havean interview at metro park today. yadada boom bang. ok back to work ti be productive

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Late Upgrade

So I'm finally dunzo with that razor! Geezez, waste of my life phone, that's what I get for losing my blackberry. & for my mom paying before HAHA. But I'm now under Jen's plan. FAMILY PLAN! We are like sisters =) I bought a LG Vu. It's a touch screen phone and it's cutesy. I'm soooo satisfied with it. Anything would be better than a razor! OH AND EVEN BETTER NEWS! I'm not with SPRINT! Finally right?! At&t is my new carrier. Haha ok I gotta finish getting ready, going to go a lil job hunting and run some errands today.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


So this weekend I might be going to Cali for a day for my Auntie Teri's son's baptism! I really hope I go because we have a mandatory Meccamee rehearsal that day. My dad is going to be there and I honestly don't remember the last time I saw him. I havn't seen or really been in touch with that half of my family. I suck at remembering names though! Like I don't know anyone and it's really embarassing. Ej is coming with me I believe. This would be the first time that side of the family has seen me with a guy haha. Yay mexican pride! Ew..ha

I bought Twilight! I'm watching it right now as I type, I love it, and I'm watching it with commentary. =)Rob Pattinson has the cutest accent. Hahahha I'm so whack.

So conclude a wonderful night, here is an awesome video.

shut the futch up was not an April Fools joke. hahahahahaha niggah.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Disney Deja Vu!

So I came across this video, watch it! It's ridics! Hahah it amazed me. Shows that Disney just comes up with the same stuff over and over and over and over!

I Am Somebody Dj Mehdi Feat. Chromeo. I like this vid hahaha. Enjoy

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sweetest Love

So here is the video of Mr. Ej Barba doing Sweetest Love. With me by his side. He made this dance for me...and I love it. Thank yoooou babaaaay.

UPDATE @ 3:50 PM!

So I was talking to my ex-boyfriend just a Hello how are you cuz he IMed me. And I remember I was watching Apocalypto, and fuckin realized George looks like Jaguar Paw. HAHAAHHHAAHHA I can't stop laughing. Well that's my opinion let me show you hahaha. Sorry George don't take it personal! hahaha

that's Jaguar Paw on the left

HAHAHA. No seriously watch the movie. And you can see it! For those of you who know George, for real don't they look alike?! HAHA

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Want To Hold Your Hand

So I can't sleep! I'm so wide awake! I havn't really like updated much about me. AWWW. Hm. I had a horrible weekend! Ej and I got into a wreck! I don't want to say why. We were supposed to teach *Groove together but he just taught cuz we weren't talking the whole day. He taught to Sweetest Love, the dance he made for me. && he made me do it with him. =) Aww good job hun. You're my sweetest love too. I miss you so much...

Anyways, it was Stacey & Cjay's babyshower Saturday! Cutesys! Awww she's almost due! I'm super excited. I can't wait cuz they don't know if it's a boy or a girl! Congrats you two!

Meccamee is still blaaaah. We should be starting choreo soonsies! Good I'm excited about that.

Work is still slow, nothing amazing. Inventory Wednesday and I'm not scheduled! YAY! Thank goodness. 6 in the morning, hell no. Shelley and Inesa are coming down, and I'm having the worse month ever. My ADS and UPT is ridiculously LOW. I'm kind of stressed about that. Not a good look at all and I'm terrified to go to work on Tuesday or Wednesday or whatever time I'm scheduled. I really don't want to go with our DM there. Geeezez. I'm gonna cry. Ha

Oh! Wednesday night I think it was, went to Artisen to meet up with Matt and everyone. Bri and I came herra late though, left the house at like 1:30. We had no idea what to expect, but we were all trying to find parking, so we ask the valet dude, and he's like there's only valet. Oh dang sorry! So we get inside and WOW. Can I say unique?! It was the scariest/coolest/creepiest place ever. Lights were dim. It looked cluttered. RED elevator doors. Paintings EVERYWHERE. Creepy bronze statues everywhere. We look for the lounge where Matt, Mac, Tal and them were, and we walk in, even DARKER. Paintings everywhere once again. Paintings on the ceiling. Picture frames with no pictures in it dangling from the ceiling with invisible wire so it looked like it was floating. It was amazing yet creepy. So It's like 3 something in the morn and we want to leave cuz Matt and I have work in the AM. So he calls Tal so he can get his stuff in the room, and we all go to the red elevator doors, go to the 4th floor, and the doors open. Creepy as hell. Black walls, paintings all over the walls, it was so lonely looking. But it was cool at the same time. All of us were soooooo scared hahaha. It was Mac, Bri, Matt & myself. Terrified. It was funny. Then it was time to go home. But anyways, that place is dope. I just can't get over how unique it was. That's a picture of the lobby. See the picture frames on the ceiling. Crazy weird.

Ok I'm too lazy to type anymore, so goodnight world.

OK SO I STILL CAN'T SLEEP. I just posted that like 5 minutes ago lookin ass. OK SO I was just you tubing old things, and I came across this video of Justin's drunk ass at Mico's. I swear good times at Mics we had! NOT THE BAD ONES. BUt we used to always be at Mico's. We used to always play kings cup, and get futched up, and I would always have to drive Jonathan home. I remember one night, Mico's bitch ass, cuz he was drunk, is always an ASSHOLE haha. Always makes you drink. SO I wanted to stop, cuz I didn't want to get tooo damn drunk, so I decide to lay on the couch, so I can sleep, and I wake up to Lo and Mico carrying me to the pool, I fight my hardest to get away, I lose since both of them are stronger than me, I can hear agatha tryna save me, and next thing you know, I hear them count to three. It's like WINTER time, FREEZING COLD AT NIGHT. And then SPLASH in the pool, half drunk, tryna swim to the surface, I felt like punching Mico in the face. LOL. Fucker. One time I will never forget at that house! But anyways here's the video at one of the nights at Mico's.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Edimfa Vasquez

So I had one of the best nights the other night. I havn't had that much fun in the longest time. I went out with the girls to Blue Martini & Moon. We went to Blue Martini cuz Matt was sessioning there with Tal and other ppl. It was fun, THey kept trying to make me dance. Bri & Jen kept calling me pussy. Hahaha. Bitz. Haha this guy was like I know you dance! I've seen you ! I'm like uhhh no I don't. He's like I see you grooving in your seat there. You look like a dancer lookin all good and what not. Ew. Haha but he was a really nice guy. FUn people to hang around with. That one chick who was DJ was ridics, she was so dope. Hella nice too. So we decided to go to Moon after. DIdn't get carded, walked right in cuz of Tal. was a good like 2 hours, stayed there till it closed. Random guys trying to dance and talk to us. Hahah guys are so lame. I got complimented for my dancing, like gogo style dancing not the choreo lookin ass type. Haha this girl said I was cutes =) Haha she was like a dancer in Jubilee or something. Really pretty blonde lady. AHhhh I'll explain later Bri & I are going to the Artisen to meet up with the folks. Yadadaaaa!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Update Update Update!

Geeez! Long time no freakin blog. I have a lot to say, I wish I can make them as detailed as possible! But I can try. So much has happened thats why. Ummm let's see. Ej and I had our "3 month" on the 7th. On Friday he took me to Shark Reef =) I have never been. I was super excited! SO happy. One of our like only DATE dates. It was niceee. Then ate at Cici's after. Bomb. THen back home =)

Saturday just lounged around, ate breakfast with the roomies.Tried to watch TV in the day time downstairs. Haha didn't accomplish that since our tv is poo poo. Then I had to get ready for work 5- close. Ej dropped me off, then he went to his friends bbq. Then he picked me up. Then back home we went =) Watched Tarzan with Duran & Jen and what not. Then went upstairs to sleeep.But we ended up talking for like 2 or 3 hours. Nice little talk =)

THen Sunday we had that performance for the veteran show at the library. FUn little performance. Hi-Fi, Future Shock, & Rascals also performed. GOod shit everyone. We did our ABDC set as always. After went to L&L. Had some laughs with everyone. Aww seeing Jem again too! Havn't hung out with her ass in the longest. Miss her WOmanizer lookin ass. & my bessst! THen went to Buffarooo! Then went home to sreep with emmanuel, then he left. I spent the whole weekend with him. It was gooooods.

Had rehearsal SUnday night for that Hip Hop festival in April with Kim's group he put together. We are a good little group =) It's fun though! We all crack jokes like no other. Hella laughing all the time. Making fun of me all the time cuz I'm so damn weird. Daffi and I acting alike. Adonis and I cracking up at stupid things cuz we are on the same side. Old memories back in the day with like PB and OG Hifi haha. It's so fun when I go to rehearsals with them. We all act the same and have the same sense of humor ha. I never laugh that hard with any other group of people. Well I do, but NVM. It's crazy with them. UPDATE LATER!

Jen cooked fooooood!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So I was at my boyfriends house last night, and he doesn't have anymore candles, so he's been burning paper. He put a lil too much paper, and the flame got kind of big, when he would blow on it, it would expand out all huge and go back to it's normal size. Hahahah. TOo damn funny. Then he wanted to put it out with a paper cup, which would catch on fire also, so I told him not to, so he went to the sink to get water, and I remember reading something that water doesn't help, but I wasn't sure, so I let him do his thang by putting it out with water...He pours the water, and the flame shoots up almost to the ceiling, and the fire alarm goes off. I cannot even explain how freakin hilarious that was. Good job babe. Hahahahaha.

Ummmm what else, I saw my best! Daffaderrrs! Had dinner with her at Mimi's Cafe! Caught up just a bit, she told me about her amazing weekend in SD. Lucky =) Herra training! I'm proud of her ass. She also picked up more girls for Hi-Fi =) Worze it out best! You are doing big thaaangs. Love yoooou!

Practice tonight at UNLV on the top floor of the parking garage. YADADA!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

DDO Agency LV

I was @ work on Saturday and I got a text from Jawkeen saying there were auditions @ 2 for DDO Agency LV. So I ask my manager if I can go and she said yeah, as long as I went back to work to close. So I hurry home and get dressed and head over to the studio. 2pm was jazz & 3 pm was hip hop. I didn't know what to expect. I was a bit intimidated when I first walked in, seeing all those dancers stretching with their amazing flexibility. So we learn a short across the floor combo, then did it 3 by 3. I did whatevvs. Then we learn a routine. Mainly lyrical to an evanescence song. I put my all into it since it was a rock pop song ya knoww?! Haa. We split it up into two groups, then 3 by 3 again. Doing it twice through. My group was sick, 2 amazing dancers with me, both ripped. We got signed for jazz =)I got many compliments after and I was proud of myself.

Then around 4pm, hip hop started with Jawkeen teaching. He taught to some new Missy ish. It was koo. Good job Jawkeen. Same audition process, 2 groups, then 3 by 3 running it twiceee. Got signed also for hip hop. =) So yay I have an agent now. I just need to get some head shots and what not. Here's some info about DDO

DDO Artists Agency was founded in 1969 by Dorothy Day Otis and focused on the representation of young stars.

Today, DDO Artists Agency, owned and operated by Bill Bohl, Abby Girvin and Marlene Sutton, is a full-service talent agency consisting of well-respected and highly successful Commercial, Dance, Choreography, Print, Theatre, Sports and Hosting Divisions.

DDO has expanded with offices located in Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas and Nashville. The agency provides representation across the country to performers in Commercials, TV, Film, Music Videos, Live Stage and Broadway.

Owners and agents are committed to offering superior artist representation while continually striving for the creation of greater opportunity for their clients.

I'm proud of myself. Yay me. One goal outta the way. =)

I'm happy I have the loving support of my boyfriend Emmanuel Mones Barba Junior. He's like the only one who is REALLY REALLY proud of me. I appreciate you babycakes.

I pray for your family hunny, I really do. I know what you're going through, kind of. You're strong so I have nothing to worry about =) Love you