Sunday, March 1, 2009

DDO Agency LV

I was @ work on Saturday and I got a text from Jawkeen saying there were auditions @ 2 for DDO Agency LV. So I ask my manager if I can go and she said yeah, as long as I went back to work to close. So I hurry home and get dressed and head over to the studio. 2pm was jazz & 3 pm was hip hop. I didn't know what to expect. I was a bit intimidated when I first walked in, seeing all those dancers stretching with their amazing flexibility. So we learn a short across the floor combo, then did it 3 by 3. I did whatevvs. Then we learn a routine. Mainly lyrical to an evanescence song. I put my all into it since it was a rock pop song ya knoww?! Haa. We split it up into two groups, then 3 by 3 again. Doing it twice through. My group was sick, 2 amazing dancers with me, both ripped. We got signed for jazz =)I got many compliments after and I was proud of myself.

Then around 4pm, hip hop started with Jawkeen teaching. He taught to some new Missy ish. It was koo. Good job Jawkeen. Same audition process, 2 groups, then 3 by 3 running it twiceee. Got signed also for hip hop. =) So yay I have an agent now. I just need to get some head shots and what not. Here's some info about DDO

DDO Artists Agency was founded in 1969 by Dorothy Day Otis and focused on the representation of young stars.

Today, DDO Artists Agency, owned and operated by Bill Bohl, Abby Girvin and Marlene Sutton, is a full-service talent agency consisting of well-respected and highly successful Commercial, Dance, Choreography, Print, Theatre, Sports and Hosting Divisions.

DDO has expanded with offices located in Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas and Nashville. The agency provides representation across the country to performers in Commercials, TV, Film, Music Videos, Live Stage and Broadway.

Owners and agents are committed to offering superior artist representation while continually striving for the creation of greater opportunity for their clients.

I'm proud of myself. Yay me. One goal outta the way. =)

I'm happy I have the loving support of my boyfriend Emmanuel Mones Barba Junior. He's like the only one who is REALLY REALLY proud of me. I appreciate you babycakes.

I pray for your family hunny, I really do. I know what you're going through, kind of. You're strong so I have nothing to worry about =) Love you


  1. Ewww complaining about me? Hahahah whatevs. He was telling me "Ooh she wants to meet you," kind of BS, like WHAT THE FUCK sure more BS out of his mouth.

    But uhhh man, I still don't understand myself and why I still get depressed all over again about him. I really wish I didn't, but I start ballin' out of nowhere and I just don't feel good. And it really hurts... and I guess I"ll just go blog about it. K bye!

    Oh yeah, keeep up the good shit you're doing. Sounds like life's so much better for you.

  2. awww nephew! congrats!! i love you. im proud of you!