Thursday, March 12, 2009

Edimfa Vasquez

So I had one of the best nights the other night. I havn't had that much fun in the longest time. I went out with the girls to Blue Martini & Moon. We went to Blue Martini cuz Matt was sessioning there with Tal and other ppl. It was fun, THey kept trying to make me dance. Bri & Jen kept calling me pussy. Hahaha. Bitz. Haha this guy was like I know you dance! I've seen you ! I'm like uhhh no I don't. He's like I see you grooving in your seat there. You look like a dancer lookin all good and what not. Ew. Haha but he was a really nice guy. FUn people to hang around with. That one chick who was DJ was ridics, she was so dope. Hella nice too. So we decided to go to Moon after. DIdn't get carded, walked right in cuz of Tal. was a good like 2 hours, stayed there till it closed. Random guys trying to dance and talk to us. Hahah guys are so lame. I got complimented for my dancing, like gogo style dancing not the choreo lookin ass type. Haha this girl said I was cutes =) Haha she was like a dancer in Jubilee or something. Really pretty blonde lady. AHhhh I'll explain later Bri & I are going to the Artisen to meet up with the folks. Yadadaaaa!

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