Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Late Upgrade

So I'm finally dunzo with that razor! Geezez, waste of my life phone, that's what I get for losing my blackberry. & for my mom paying before HAHA. But I'm now under Jen's plan. FAMILY PLAN! We are like sisters =) I bought a LG Vu. It's a touch screen phone and it's cutesy. I'm soooo satisfied with it. Anything would be better than a razor! OH AND EVEN BETTER NEWS! I'm not with SPRINT! Finally right?! At&t is my new carrier. Haha ok I gotta finish getting ready, going to go a lil job hunting and run some errands today.


  1. yey! congrats! finally off sprint so now you have reception.. hahah i love you.

  2. wait, you don't wanna be at the mandatory practice?! haha rebel.