Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So I was at my boyfriends house last night, and he doesn't have anymore candles, so he's been burning paper. He put a lil too much paper, and the flame got kind of big, when he would blow on it, it would expand out all huge and go back to it's normal size. Hahahah. TOo damn funny. Then he wanted to put it out with a paper cup, which would catch on fire also, so I told him not to, so he went to the sink to get water, and I remember reading something that water doesn't help, but I wasn't sure, so I let him do his thang by putting it out with water...He pours the water, and the flame shoots up almost to the ceiling, and the fire alarm goes off. I cannot even explain how freakin hilarious that was. Good job babe. Hahahahaha.

Ummmm what else, I saw my best! Daffaderrrs! Had dinner with her at Mimi's Cafe! Caught up just a bit, she told me about her amazing weekend in SD. Lucky =) Herra training! I'm proud of her ass. She also picked up more girls for Hi-Fi =) Worze it out best! You are doing big thaaangs. Love yoooou!

Practice tonight at UNLV on the top floor of the parking garage. YADADA!

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  1. i love love love youuuuu! =]
    lets do that again.