Monday, March 16, 2009

Sweetest Love

So here is the video of Mr. Ej Barba doing Sweetest Love. With me by his side. He made this dance for me...and I love it. Thank yoooou babaaaay.

UPDATE @ 3:50 PM!

So I was talking to my ex-boyfriend just a Hello how are you cuz he IMed me. And I remember I was watching Apocalypto, and fuckin realized George looks like Jaguar Paw. HAHAAHHHAAHHA I can't stop laughing. Well that's my opinion let me show you hahaha. Sorry George don't take it personal! hahaha

that's Jaguar Paw on the left

HAHAHA. No seriously watch the movie. And you can see it! For those of you who know George, for real don't they look alike?! HAHA

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