Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Update Update Update!

Geeez! Long time no freakin blog. I have a lot to say, I wish I can make them as detailed as possible! But I can try. So much has happened thats why. Ummm let's see. Ej and I had our "3 month" on the 7th. On Friday he took me to Shark Reef =) I have never been. I was super excited! SO happy. One of our like only DATE dates. It was niceee. Then ate at Cici's after. Bomb. THen back home =)

Saturday just lounged around, ate breakfast with the roomies.Tried to watch TV in the day time downstairs. Haha didn't accomplish that since our tv is poo poo. Then I had to get ready for work 5- close. Ej dropped me off, then he went to his friends bbq. Then he picked me up. Then back home we went =) Watched Tarzan with Duran & Jen and what not. Then went upstairs to sleeep.But we ended up talking for like 2 or 3 hours. Nice little talk =)

THen Sunday we had that performance for the veteran show at the library. FUn little performance. Hi-Fi, Future Shock, & Rascals also performed. GOod shit everyone. We did our ABDC set as always. After went to L&L. Had some laughs with everyone. Aww seeing Jem again too! Havn't hung out with her ass in the longest. Miss her WOmanizer lookin ass. & my bessst! THen went to Buffarooo! Then went home to sreep with emmanuel, then he left. I spent the whole weekend with him. It was gooooods.

Had rehearsal SUnday night for that Hip Hop festival in April with Kim's group he put together. We are a good little group =) It's fun though! We all crack jokes like no other. Hella laughing all the time. Making fun of me all the time cuz I'm so damn weird. Daffi and I acting alike. Adonis and I cracking up at stupid things cuz we are on the same side. Old memories back in the day with like PB and OG Hifi haha. It's so fun when I go to rehearsals with them. We all act the same and have the same sense of humor ha. I never laugh that hard with any other group of people. Well I do, but NVM. It's crazy with them. UPDATE LATER!

Jen cooked fooooood!

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