Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Electric Feel

SO here is my Rebel Dance Company Class @ UNLV. Made this dance up an hour before and on the spot. Crappy but ehh. Groups 1, Groups 2, Boys, Girls, & SOlo. Enjoy =)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Crazy Weekend!

Oh my I have not updated this shizz in awhile! Damnit. I had so much to say and I don't remember everything! RENO was amazing of course. Had too much fun. Went clubbing with the fam. Buzzin. Ej's cutesy self dancing for me =) This black guy complimented him. Awww good job baby. I got pulled over driving up to Reno. Futchin shizz. Ellis drives fast. Matt drives slow. Jay is an idol to many. We ripped. Bonded. And just had fun! Damnit I love our fam. OK UM

We just recently performed with Super Crew on Friday =) It was a Fashion Expo thaaang. Non paid but it was fun! We danced on the runway and it was small. Hella laughing and shizz. Seeing Ellis DOING WORK while doing Make It Hurt hahaha. HAHA SMall note *Jane comes home and ELlis goes...why are you and lexi matching?! LOL. Sorry it was funny.* THen after the Fashion thang we went straight over to Pulse! TO support our Rascals! Also FormLV & Hi-Fi LV! Good job to everyone!!!! Greg you're sick damnit. Mike my roomie I'm so proud of you =) Rascals WTFUTCH. Hard work paid off for them for sure. Geeez. Surprised so many people =) Yay! Then after after party at the blue diamond house.

Then Saturday! Gogo gig at PH! For Hawaiian Tropic Fashion Something. IDK everything fashion this fashion that. There was 8 of us we danced up in front of the big tvs and it's all hella hot up there! Haha...Jane, Jen, & Emi came to support us =) Do work. It was hella fun though. =)

Um Ej! Thank you for being the best boyfriend a girl can have. I caught him worried cuz he couldn't find me =) Cutest thing. And it was the best feeling. Haha I LOVE YOU. He always wakes me up by kissing me and saying he loves me. Saying I'm so cutes and what not. I'm all grumpy in the morning but I do love it haha. He always opens my car door for me. He bought me my Reeboks =) Thank you again. I love em. Always does things for me. Like I'm a handicap person who can't do anything. haha =) I had a bladder infection the other night, and I tried sleeping and ended up crying and he held me in his arms saying it would be ok. I had to pee like every freakin 5 minutes =( so he stayed in the bathroom with me until I was ok. I know this is gross but this is my blog so gefff if you dont wanna read haha. It was like 3 in the morning, I was in pain, and he read me a story. A book I had when I was younger too called Love You Forever. =) He even took me home cuz I was in pain to drive. & I was sleepy. & he had school in the am. THat meant a lot to me =( I love you so much my Emmanuel Mones. I can't wait to see you tonight. You're my world.

Friday, April 10, 2009

8 hour shift.

Freakin felt like forever today! I was alone from 4-9! Slowest day at work ever! I was laying down in the fitting room staring at the lights. I was attempting to draw lindsey lohan. LOL didn't turn out lookin at her AT ALL. Cuz in my Nylon magazine there's a page of her FACE. I tried to copy, but it doesn't look a thing like her. HAHA. I'll post a picture. Um my feet were hurting cuz I was just standing there. Geez i was so BORED. Daffi, Johne, & Eman visited me. I was all drawing and I hear thuds on the window. I look and there staring at me hahaha! Made my day though! =) I miss you best friend. I love you best friend. & I need to see you best friend. DAMNIT! Wtf who doesn't see their best friend?! That's just wrong! =)

I'm going to Reno tomorrow morning, or I should say this morning, we leaving around 9. I just started my laundry, I found my Meccamee shirt, and Um yeaaaah! I'm debating aboutthis Michael Jackson audition. It's experience man! I wanna see what it's like! I don't even mind if I don't make it. Just experiencing that would shit make my whole month. =) Christian offered to fly me out there cuz he wants me to do it. JANEL damnit offered to drive me out there! Roadtrip lookin ass. Awwww =) Almost made me cry! We havn't even hung out since like last year, or two years ago, and she still loves me. I really appreciate it...so much. You have no idea. =) We shall see though!

Ok I'm getting sleeeeepy! I'm just listening to my old school music tryna stay awake. Ya diig?! SHIT. ok I'll update in a bit. or when I get back from RENO.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Michael Jackson

So um got an email about Michael Jackson auditions next week for his tour in EUROPE. They are in LA and I want to go. We have this Miss America pageant, and futch it's just so much. I don't have the money to drive down, I don't have the car to make it. Haha fuuuck. I want to live my dream, but I can't just yet. Fuckk Michael Jackson TOUR?! 2 year contract! +80,000 for a year. WTF?! hahahaha. Oh hell no! Damnit. I'm sitting here crying and I have no one to talk to. I'm waiting for Jen to get home damnit. OH ALSO, I got an email from some casting director saying he wants me to audition for something of his. Cuz he saw my pictures and dancing vids, ok wth...wants me to drive down to LA friday. I go to Reno though. && once again can't afford for myself to freakin make my way down there. Blaaaaah! Ok i'm done. I cried home like a fag. LOL! But I'm ok. =) Just had to let it out of my system!

I made my goal today at work, my UPT is almost a 3.0. So work is fine I guess what a good start for the month. UMM. I picked up my hours too =) I think 4 more hours than I usually had. I'm currently listening to Daft Punk. I'm sitting in my room. I was seriously sitting here in my room just staring at my Rebel Without A Cause poster since I got home before I started typing this madness. I almost started crying again -_- until Jen called me and told me she was on her way home. Yay. Ok I need to get up and do something before I lose my mind.

thaa: I just never been treated like that before ha and it still hurts not gonna lie
urxxiyo: I know =\
thaa: yes out of anyone I know u know ha

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Be Positive

woopseez : lex.
ishlurxxxiyo : jay.
woopseez : you love me right?
ishlurxxxiyo : i do love you
woopseez : how long have we known each other?
ishlurxxxiyo : 2 years already dude
woopseez : exactly...

2 years geez what the. Haha thank you for always listening to me. & I'm here to listen to you too =) Hehe.

Anyways, just trying to be positive through this whole thing. If it works out, then it was meant to be. Right? Correct! I'm just sitting in my room, listening to my 80s music, about to get ready for work. Booooo work! But yay, relaxing day. Yesterday like NO ONE came in. Piece of poo. Whatever. Then I have practice tonight, geez yesterday jesse taught a girls piece. Kicked my no ass. Couldn't even breathe damnit. Haha! Out of shape for sure my fat ass damn that cruise! LOL.

Oh I talked to my bro this morning! I miss you athanator! =) Next weekend we have a play date I believe. THis is his words of wisdom to me haha.."Don't cry over any guy.." Haha thanx fool. "I'm your boyfriend for the week!" Lol this niggah. I heart you man. Finally gonna hang out soonsies.

Ok time to get ready for work. PAYCEEEEE

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lounging Around

So I woke up because Jane asked me if I needed to fix my closet door, but it was fine. But then the fixer upper dude asked if he could come inside my room. Half asleep I said "YEAA!" and he was all up in my closet. I was confused hahahah. But whatevv, weird morning wake up huh? Haha. OH! Also at like 7 in the freaking morning Jen calls me, I hear my ringtone all loud "99 Red luft balloons!!" then I answer haha. Once again half asleep, I'm talking to her, I believe she said she wanted me to go with her to get her oil changed. I said YEAH! But IDK what happened after that one.

SO I make myself a quesadilla and I go with Jen to Target, Ross, Styles, & Payless. We saw some cutesy things. Jen bought a cutesy Betsey Johnson purse. I might buy these cutesy heels that were 15 bux. Herra cutesy. =) But we shall see. I love my Jen! I work with her, I live with her, I freakin see her everyday. Almost everyday I should say. She's like my long lost sister. We like a lot of the same things, we always make fun of each, she always has my back, takes care of me, always asks if I need anything. What a nice girl =) I love her very much. & I'm thankful for her. I LOVE YOU FOOOOOOOL! =)

So today is 4 Months for Ej and I! Aww Happy Anniversary boo boo! You're the best! I wish we can go on a nice date or something, but he has work till 6 and I work at 5! Then tonight we have Meccamee 9-11. Boo! But whatever. I love you. Hopefully we can go out sometime next week. Idk! Yadada. Many more months to come for sure my handsome black boy. Yass! <3

Hmph. I have to get ready for work soonsies. BOOOO! & Tonight Jesse is teaching. I think. Geeesh. Ok I'm outs! Love you & God Bless!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Barba's Plus 1

So our cruise trip to Ensenada was really really fun! It was an escape from reality for sureeee. Got a lil sea sick but that's ok! Crazy how we were in the middle of the ocean most of the time...to look out the window and sea nothing but ocean expanding miles and miles away. So lovely =) There's not enough words to explain this cruise trip...but all I know is we freakin ate more than half of the time. Damnit. I got fat again -_- Eating and sleeping was our daily routine. Went to the club first night too, whack. Lol. Old ppl everywhere. Filipino's eyeing us the whole time. And Ej going stooopid doooo dooo DAAAAMB was it for that night ha. OH did I tell you the dinners were freakini DELECIOUS?! Ok yeaaaah.

Then we were in Mexico and walked around down town. Sad to see those familys on the street selling bracelets and what not for money. They just wont leave you alone. But Ej & I got matching bracelets =) They cutes! Thanx babe! Chu chu battled in Mexico. Haha mad props to him. =) Emma took a video. Hmm, that's it...then back on the ship to sleep LOL. That night what did we do...hmm i don't remember. I think we just chilled in the room, then got ready for dinner. Another yummy dinner. HMM! THEN! back to go sleeeep lol.

I don't know it was just the good life with unlimited food, do whatever you want, people always at your service...Geeesh! Oh I got a freakin sunburn on my chest! Damnit. For falling asleep in the sun with my bathing suit on. Oh and Ej got even darker. Great. Hahahaha. I don't know but there are many pics and I will post some up for your pleasure. =)

Thursday, April 2, 2009


sooooo! im in the car with the barba fam and chu feelin like imma throw up. im so woozie...ughhh. but we are on our way to sd cuz thats where our cruise departs. hmph. theres four of us in the back seat freakin ridics. my lanterrr. kk ill blog later i cant concentrate. haha.