Friday, April 10, 2009

8 hour shift.

Freakin felt like forever today! I was alone from 4-9! Slowest day at work ever! I was laying down in the fitting room staring at the lights. I was attempting to draw lindsey lohan. LOL didn't turn out lookin at her AT ALL. Cuz in my Nylon magazine there's a page of her FACE. I tried to copy, but it doesn't look a thing like her. HAHA. I'll post a picture. Um my feet were hurting cuz I was just standing there. Geez i was so BORED. Daffi, Johne, & Eman visited me. I was all drawing and I hear thuds on the window. I look and there staring at me hahaha! Made my day though! =) I miss you best friend. I love you best friend. & I need to see you best friend. DAMNIT! Wtf who doesn't see their best friend?! That's just wrong! =)

I'm going to Reno tomorrow morning, or I should say this morning, we leaving around 9. I just started my laundry, I found my Meccamee shirt, and Um yeaaaah! I'm debating aboutthis Michael Jackson audition. It's experience man! I wanna see what it's like! I don't even mind if I don't make it. Just experiencing that would shit make my whole month. =) Christian offered to fly me out there cuz he wants me to do it. JANEL damnit offered to drive me out there! Roadtrip lookin ass. Awwww =) Almost made me cry! We havn't even hung out since like last year, or two years ago, and she still loves me. I really appreciate much. You have no idea. =) We shall see though!

Ok I'm getting sleeeeepy! I'm just listening to my old school music tryna stay awake. Ya diig?! SHIT. ok I'll update in a bit. or when I get back from RENO.


  1. i love you. i love you. i love you.
    why the heck have i not been seeing you best freennnnn! damn you! lol & i still have your $300 dresssss! lol!!!!

  2. of course i love you! stoop! who doesnt! lol