Monday, April 6, 2009

Barba's Plus 1

So our cruise trip to Ensenada was really really fun! It was an escape from reality for sureeee. Got a lil sea sick but that's ok! Crazy how we were in the middle of the ocean most of the look out the window and sea nothing but ocean expanding miles and miles away. So lovely =) There's not enough words to explain this cruise trip...but all I know is we freakin ate more than half of the time. Damnit. I got fat again -_- Eating and sleeping was our daily routine. Went to the club first night too, whack. Lol. Old ppl everywhere. Filipino's eyeing us the whole time. And Ej going stooopid doooo dooo DAAAAMB was it for that night ha. OH did I tell you the dinners were freakini DELECIOUS?! Ok yeaaaah.

Then we were in Mexico and walked around down town. Sad to see those familys on the street selling bracelets and what not for money. They just wont leave you alone. But Ej & I got matching bracelets =) They cutes! Thanx babe! Chu chu battled in Mexico. Haha mad props to him. =) Emma took a video. Hmm, that's it...then back on the ship to sleep LOL. That night what did we do...hmm i don't remember. I think we just chilled in the room, then got ready for dinner. Another yummy dinner. HMM! THEN! back to go sleeeep lol.

I don't know it was just the good life with unlimited food, do whatever you want, people always at your service...Geeesh! Oh I got a freakin sunburn on my chest! Damnit. For falling asleep in the sun with my bathing suit on. Oh and Ej got even darker. Great. Hahahaha. I don't know but there are many pics and I will post some up for your pleasure. =)

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  1. Ooh looks like you had fun, betch! Can you take me one time?!