Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Be Positive

woopseez : lex.
ishlurxxxiyo : jay.
woopseez : you love me right?
ishlurxxxiyo : i do love you
woopseez : how long have we known each other?
ishlurxxxiyo : 2 years already dude
woopseez : exactly...

2 years geez what the. Haha thank you for always listening to me. & I'm here to listen to you too =) Hehe.

Anyways, just trying to be positive through this whole thing. If it works out, then it was meant to be. Right? Correct! I'm just sitting in my room, listening to my 80s music, about to get ready for work. Booooo work! But yay, relaxing day. Yesterday like NO ONE came in. Piece of poo. Whatever. Then I have practice tonight, geez yesterday jesse taught a girls piece. Kicked my no ass. Couldn't even breathe damnit. Haha! Out of shape for sure my fat ass damn that cruise! LOL.

Oh I talked to my bro this morning! I miss you athanator! =) Next weekend we have a play date I believe. THis is his words of wisdom to me haha.."Don't cry over any guy.." Haha thanx fool. "I'm your boyfriend for the week!" Lol this niggah. I heart you man. Finally gonna hang out soonsies.

Ok time to get ready for work. PAYCEEEEE

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