Monday, April 20, 2009

Crazy Weekend!

Oh my I have not updated this shizz in awhile! Damnit. I had so much to say and I don't remember everything! RENO was amazing of course. Had too much fun. Went clubbing with the fam. Buzzin. Ej's cutesy self dancing for me =) This black guy complimented him. Awww good job baby. I got pulled over driving up to Reno. Futchin shizz. Ellis drives fast. Matt drives slow. Jay is an idol to many. We ripped. Bonded. And just had fun! Damnit I love our fam. OK UM

We just recently performed with Super Crew on Friday =) It was a Fashion Expo thaaang. Non paid but it was fun! We danced on the runway and it was small. Hella laughing and shizz. Seeing Ellis DOING WORK while doing Make It Hurt hahaha. HAHA SMall note *Jane comes home and ELlis goes...why are you and lexi matching?! LOL. Sorry it was funny.* THen after the Fashion thang we went straight over to Pulse! TO support our Rascals! Also FormLV & Hi-Fi LV! Good job to everyone!!!! Greg you're sick damnit. Mike my roomie I'm so proud of you =) Rascals WTFUTCH. Hard work paid off for them for sure. Geeez. Surprised so many people =) Yay! Then after after party at the blue diamond house.

Then Saturday! Gogo gig at PH! For Hawaiian Tropic Fashion Something. IDK everything fashion this fashion that. There was 8 of us we danced up in front of the big tvs and it's all hella hot up there! Haha...Jane, Jen, & Emi came to support us =) Do work. It was hella fun though. =)

Um Ej! Thank you for being the best boyfriend a girl can have. I caught him worried cuz he couldn't find me =) Cutest thing. And it was the best feeling. Haha I LOVE YOU. He always wakes me up by kissing me and saying he loves me. Saying I'm so cutes and what not. I'm all grumpy in the morning but I do love it haha. He always opens my car door for me. He bought me my Reeboks =) Thank you again. I love em. Always does things for me. Like I'm a handicap person who can't do anything. haha =) I had a bladder infection the other night, and I tried sleeping and ended up crying and he held me in his arms saying it would be ok. I had to pee like every freakin 5 minutes =( so he stayed in the bathroom with me until I was ok. I know this is gross but this is my blog so gefff if you dont wanna read haha. It was like 3 in the morning, I was in pain, and he read me a story. A book I had when I was younger too called Love You Forever. =) He even took me home cuz I was in pain to drive. & I was sleepy. & he had school in the am. THat meant a lot to me =( I love you so much my Emmanuel Mones. I can't wait to see you tonight. You're my world.


  1. i love reading blogs about you and ej. u guys are friggen cute together. :)

  2. wwhhaaat you got a tatt?