Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lounging Around

So I woke up because Jane asked me if I needed to fix my closet door, but it was fine. But then the fixer upper dude asked if he could come inside my room. Half asleep I said "YEAA!" and he was all up in my closet. I was confused hahahah. But whatevv, weird morning wake up huh? Haha. OH! Also at like 7 in the freaking morning Jen calls me, I hear my ringtone all loud "99 Red luft balloons!!" then I answer haha. Once again half asleep, I'm talking to her, I believe she said she wanted me to go with her to get her oil changed. I said YEAH! But IDK what happened after that one.

SO I make myself a quesadilla and I go with Jen to Target, Ross, Styles, & Payless. We saw some cutesy things. Jen bought a cutesy Betsey Johnson purse. I might buy these cutesy heels that were 15 bux. Herra cutesy. =) But we shall see. I love my Jen! I work with her, I live with her, I freakin see her everyday. Almost everyday I should say. She's like my long lost sister. We like a lot of the same things, we always make fun of each, she always has my back, takes care of me, always asks if I need anything. What a nice girl =) I love her very much. & I'm thankful for her. I LOVE YOU FOOOOOOOL! =)

So today is 4 Months for Ej and I! Aww Happy Anniversary boo boo! You're the best! I wish we can go on a nice date or something, but he has work till 6 and I work at 5! Then tonight we have Meccamee 9-11. Boo! But whatever. I love you. Hopefully we can go out sometime next week. Idk! Yadada. Many more months to come for sure my handsome black boy. Yass! <3

Hmph. I have to get ready for work soonsies. BOOOO! & Tonight Jesse is teaching. I think. Geeesh. Ok I'm outs! Love you & God Bless!

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  1. "i don't even know that girl."
    (circa february 2008.)

    what a change huh.
    love you too fool!