Thursday, April 9, 2009

Michael Jackson

So um got an email about Michael Jackson auditions next week for his tour in EUROPE. They are in LA and I want to go. We have this Miss America pageant, and futch it's just so much. I don't have the money to drive down, I don't have the car to make it. Haha fuuuck. I want to live my dream, but I can't just yet. Fuckk Michael Jackson TOUR?! 2 year contract! +80,000 for a year. WTF?! hahahaha. Oh hell no! Damnit. I'm sitting here crying and I have no one to talk to. I'm waiting for Jen to get home damnit. OH ALSO, I got an email from some casting director saying he wants me to audition for something of his. Cuz he saw my pictures and dancing vids, ok wth...wants me to drive down to LA friday. I go to Reno though. && once again can't afford for myself to freakin make my way down there. Blaaaaah! Ok i'm done. I cried home like a fag. LOL! But I'm ok. =) Just had to let it out of my system!

I made my goal today at work, my UPT is almost a 3.0. So work is fine I guess what a good start for the month. UMM. I picked up my hours too =) I think 4 more hours than I usually had. I'm currently listening to Daft Punk. I'm sitting in my room. I was seriously sitting here in my room just staring at my Rebel Without A Cause poster since I got home before I started typing this madness. I almost started crying again -_- until Jen called me and told me she was on her way home. Yay. Ok I need to get up and do something before I lose my mind.

thaa: I just never been treated like that before ha and it still hurts not gonna lie
urxxiyo: I know =\
thaa: yes out of anyone I know u know ha

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  1. lex. i love you. and i admire the shit you you know. if you want to go to that audition I will fucking take you with honor biatch! just say the word...we'll road trip out there.