Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So my title is totally random, it's because I see two of El's toys here and they both Batman toys. Hahaha. Ileri is coming over right now so I can teach her my part of closer. OH good practice last night team! Really productive =) GO Mcme GO! We all jogged yesterday too! I walked lap number 5 futch that lol. HMPH! Today will be great aswell I feel it!

It's futchin hard to type on this keyboard holy caca. UMM I just baked cookies and I freakin burnt them. BOO! I jogged again today, this time in the freakin heat..never again. I'm waking up for reals when EJ wakes me up. DAMN it was hot out. I need to go to the gym. I actally want to go swimming. Hmph whatevvs.

I have nothing to type about today. Damnit...ok my NEXT blog entry will be something worth reading for reals this time! Ok back to doing nothing...since I don't have a car to drive =(

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  1. why dont you have a car?? why has it been SO long since i've seen or talked to you :[ like forreal talked..