Monday, May 11, 2009

I miss blogging

So finally I blog again. Ughh today was rough. Didn't get to see my family for Mother's Day. But Happy Mother's day to all the mamas out there =) Umm my family knew how I felt, Chanelle even called me and totally knew what I was talking about. I started crying because it Ej was next to me wiping my tears away and cradling me like a baby and rocking me back and forth. My spoiled ass -_- I love him he takes care of me. I got upset with him before that cuz he was so demanding about taking the shit out of my car, and I just felt like that cuz it was hot out, just got home from work, and had some fam shiz on my mind. Sorry baby =( We're ok now. I miss him so much right now...OH he totally just came over too without telling me. I was all downstairs and someone doorbells and it's him =) He knew I was mad so he came over. He left around 10...Love you papa.

Body Rock is coming soooo damn fast...This week will be interesting without Master Ellis to guide us ha. But I know we will get shit done. Critique is what we need from each other. Honesty and Respect...YADADA. Love you MCME.

Um I can't sleep right now =( How is everyone doing? Hello to my new fellow blog members! I get to read yalls blogs now! Exciting..I'm a blog freak damnit. Umm I kind of met Ej's cousins this weekend. Hung out with Daff & Matt. Told ghost stories with Ellis downstairs lol. Too mahtz. Went to Shannel's lil shindig. Greg & TIm are too mahtz. Love them though. I'm hoping to get a 2nd job. I'm waiting for my dream of dancing my life away to come true. I want to be a postisve person. I want to run every morning until Body Rock. I feel fat and ugly so I'm motivated to run so I can look sexy for my boyfriend. Lol. I hate my hair right now. Work is whatever and my manager stuck a sticker on my butt today without me knowing haha. Ej & I are going on 6 months of happiness (exclude our fighting lol) Damn baby almost half a year =) yay! I'm going to marry him. Jen's guinea pig died today. Aww RIP Killer =( Ej's turtle died couple weeks ago. RIP Squirtle baby. Ej's graduating next month yay! So is Arvin & Chris =) Yay! I miss my Grandma even though she's mean to me lol. Damnit what the hell am I typing?! Just stuff that comes to my mind...Ok my next blog entry will be something worth reading I promise...Goodnight! Love you all!



  1. just really had to vent. i hope u felt better.

  2. lmao. that last paragraph was so funny! haha love you!

  3. almost 6 months! yaaay, get em! :)