Saturday, May 2, 2009


Long time no blog!!! haha. well i'm at the barbas house cuz they were setting up the garage sale for tmrw. i had work from 330 to 730. im pretty tired cuz i was out running errands since 9am. didnt get to nap so i might knock out after this. umm

right now meccamee is all thats on my mind right now. we have a month left till body rock and a lot of stressing is taking place. i have my own opinions though...ill provably type about it on my laptop since im on my phone! im real tired :( i wanna sleep i got work at 9... boo!


  1. love you miss you! IM me sometime! hahah

  2. hey you. it's not your job to stress ;) you keep doing work like you always do. leave the stress to me and ellis. love you. nice song btw.