Sunday, June 28, 2009


so today we started rehearsal formthe video reel. learned 3 pieces. first was ditch that by joelle. girls and guys part to it. hate floor work damnit haha. then while the guys were learning their part, we learned our girly sassy piece...damn them girls get down on their freestyle lmao. me and guelia are nonghetto freestylers. its a cute dance :) ripped ha. jk. um then the audition piece by busta. g-summin? inntro some bboyish floor work in the beginning...then the dance then the partner part. i was supposed to be with matt but im too short haha so im stuck with tal. then girls piece return the favor by miss keri babyyyyyyy. yadada. our hair and make up gon be done did up diggity shizzz. haha. yay. k sleeeeeep

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

home alone

Blah it's so lonely. The whole day was a drag. Slept the whole day, then had work at Metro from 7-11:30 closing with steve. Went by pretty fast. Hmph...Oh I just wanted to show you guys this video by the Peaches. "Boys wanna be her" I've always loved the song but I never seen this music video. LOL I was at work and was like wtfack! You crazy bitz. She's still sick though..

INteresting huh? Haha. Today a work this guy was buying stuff for his daughters and son. It was really sweet. He even showed me pictures. Beautiful children by the way, on his way out, he shakes my hand and says "Thank you so much for helping me you are so kind for looking at my children. You are so sweet and kind." =) Made me feel good. Cuz I am a nice person. I am a nice person. I am a nice person.

Well I'm at home on Mike's laptop studying my denim. I wanna try to become a denim expert LOL. I just started Metro and I wanna get on that denim damnit. Ha..

I'm lonely without you.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

oldies but goodies

so man oh man. last night was too crazy for me. im an emotional wreck right now. (im on my phone so if there are any typos i apologize) ej and i are going through tough times right now. im too sad i dnt know what to do. i dont know when everything will be back to normal. i dont even wanna speak to him today :/ its not my fault i feel the way i do. u cant judge me...anyways enough about that drama.

i hung out with lo yesterday and we were just talkin about all of the good times we had. from meeting him in front of the house, to nights at jackies, to chillen at my unclez haha. man oh man. and jonathan called me today talkin bout some stuff. tellin me to go on saturday :) also mics haha. dude i think the old crew misses each other! we all wanna start chillen with each other again. even reggie was kickin it lol. but theres a bbq at mics on sat :) and we all goin. anyone can come!! off saturday too cuz my manager gave me the day off :) i need a relaxin day like that. im excited...

but on the bad side, i got work at 7 to close and im not gna go watch transformers tnite. first of all too crowded...and my boyfriend wanted to watch it with me but he cant wait lol. prolly gna watch it this weekend by myself cuz ive never done that before lol. i know im a loser but id like to do it once ha. ok my elbows are out :)

God bless :)

Monday, June 22, 2009


WEE havn't blogged in forever! I'm using Emma's laptop because someone spilled water on my laptopo! =( So I'm going to invest in a new one. Yay...What's been going on lately guys? Hmm well!! So far, I'm working two jobs. I just started Metropark about 3 week ago, going well =) Ppl are nice so far, hopefully it stays like that. Pea in the Pod is still going great. Love working with those ladies. Ummm I booked a gig doing a hip hop video reel. Pays $415. We start rehearsals next week. Matt, Dee, Kym, Jawkeen, & Tal also booked it. Along with about 3 others. All dope dancers =) It's a sick team we have ha. Everything financially is turning around for me. Money is just coming my way and I can't wait to start saving again.

I saw Reggie Darlene and Jonathan the other day at Fashion Show =) It was actually nice seeing them. Hope all is well for you two and Jonathan keep your head up. We are the same damnit. HAHA. LION KING MUTHA FUTCHAAAAS! lol.

UMM! EJ is well. Going on 7 months.

The Thackerville house is losing a member =( Our beloved Jane Kim is moving out! I'm so sad..but she'll be there all the time! Hehe. Love you and will miss you Jane!

Meccamee party is on wednesday and hopefully I can make it =) Miss the fam.

I'm drinking a red gummy beat smoothie right now and it's so bomb. But white is still better haha. AHHh i'm going crazy it taste so yummyful.

I'm going to have a fantastic day tomorrow!