Wednesday, June 24, 2009

home alone

Blah it's so lonely. The whole day was a drag. Slept the whole day, then had work at Metro from 7-11:30 closing with steve. Went by pretty fast. Hmph...Oh I just wanted to show you guys this video by the Peaches. "Boys wanna be her" I've always loved the song but I never seen this music video. LOL I was at work and was like wtfack! You crazy bitz. She's still sick though..

INteresting huh? Haha. Today a work this guy was buying stuff for his daughters and son. It was really sweet. He even showed me pictures. Beautiful children by the way, on his way out, he shakes my hand and says "Thank you so much for helping me you are so kind for looking at my children. You are so sweet and kind." =) Made me feel good. Cuz I am a nice person. I am a nice person. I am a nice person.

Well I'm at home on Mike's laptop studying my denim. I wanna try to become a denim expert LOL. I just started Metro and I wanna get on that denim damnit. Ha..

I'm lonely without you.

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