Tuesday, June 23, 2009

oldies but goodies

so man oh man. last night was too crazy for me. im an emotional wreck right now. (im on my phone so if there are any typos i apologize) ej and i are going through tough times right now. im too sad i dnt know what to do. i dont know when everything will be back to normal. i dont even wanna speak to him today :/ its not my fault i feel the way i do. u cant judge me...anyways enough about that drama.

i hung out with lo yesterday and we were just talkin about all of the good times we had. from meeting him in front of the house, to nights at jackies, to chillen at my unclez haha. man oh man. and jonathan called me today talkin bout some stuff. tellin me to go on saturday :) also mics haha. dude i think the old crew misses each other! we all wanna start chillen with each other again. even reggie was kickin it lol. but theres a bbq at mics on sat :) and we all goin. anyone can come!! shoootz...im off saturday too cuz my manager gave me the day off :) i need a relaxin day like that. im excited...

but on the bad side, i got work at 7 to close and im not gna go watch transformers tnite. first of all too crowded...and my boyfriend wanted to watch it with me but he cant wait lol. whatevv...im prolly gna watch it this weekend by myself cuz ive never done that before lol. i know im a loser but id like to do it once ha. ok my elbows are hurting...im out :)

God bless :)

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